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at the end, after Travis has gone nuts and kills the pimps and the other guys in the hotel to get to Iris, do the public and media accredit him as a hero cos he was trying to save iris or becuse iris said he was protecting her, this is the only bit of the movie i dont get.

Its been a while since I've seen it but I think he was dubbed a hero for saving her.

I have it on DVD right here but I watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico instead, Rodriguez fan what can I say?

The Redeemer
TAXI DRIVER was made in the mid '70s a little later than DEATH WISH when vigilantism was big in films...and the cops were getting bad press...Travis' act was seen by Mr Everyday Person as getting rid of the bad guys by shooting first and asking questions later...a very integral part of other films like DIRTY HARRY and it's two '70s sequels...

Travis Bickel is, like Harry Callahan and Paul Kersey, what you would call an anti-hero...he got the job done and screw the moral ethics...the modern day PC brigade probably wouldn't approve...but whatever floats their boat...

chilled monkey
I believe Myth is correct. Travis was declared a hero for saving Iris.

I freeze-framed the shots of the articles on Travis's wall, and what I could make out did suggest that Travis went in there with the intention of freeing the pre-teen from the scumbag pimps (which makes him a hero right off the bat). No spin was put on the articles to make him sound like any less of a hero (unless he just chose not to put those articles on his wall); plus, the only writing that was given in detail was the letter from Iris's parents.

Also, did you know that the picture of Iris's parents in the article were actually Martin Scorsese's parents? You may recognize his father as "Vinnie" from "Goodfellas", and his mother as Tommy's mother in "Goodfellas", Artie's mother in "Casino", and the woman who helps Teresa in "Mean Streets".

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