I, Robot and (non)similarities

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ok, ok, i know you aren't expecting this from me, because i know this is probably in the wrong forum, however, i wanted to set something straight for everyone reading this forum that says I, Robot is the Animatrix.


I, Robot is not, i repeat not, the Animatrix. there are so many dissimilarities between the two that comparison is like apples and oranges. However, as i was watching I, Robot, i was reminded of a similarity. The Butlerian Jihad. yes, the pre-prequels to the Dune series. Sonny reminded me of Erasmus in more ways than one, the gel-circuitry mind seperated from the original (VIKI) and evolved to become like human. VIKI, in turn, is very similar to Omnius. however, that is just about where the similarities end. yes, it is similar to the animatrix in that a robot killed its master, however, the way, the reasons, everything else is different.

sorry for the unusually impertinent post, but i thought i should point this out now before we have fifteen more "I, ROBOT is the animatrix" threads.

I made the First Orignal I-Robot and the Matrix Movies Thread, There i simplely said that it looks like somthing out of the first or second renaissance, I said to people you wanna see get a better idea how the machines took over the world watch the I-Robot Film

They both have nothing to do with each other but by watching the film i guess u can see and get a better idea how machines to over the world

Predator 89
Great commparison to the Dune novels Jedi HDM but i dont think Sonny is evil enough to be compared to Erasmus though. Maybe because he's unique to all the other robots but if i remember Eramus was in league with Omnius against Hummanity.

yeah, i know that Sonny isn't evil like Erasmus. I was just pointing out the fact that both Sonny and Erasmus were independant of the original creation, whether it be VIKI or Omnius. I was not trying to say that their ideas were the same, only that, if one could point to a movie or book that is similar to I, robot, it would have to be that comparison.

doewsnt come out here till next week so i have no idea no expression

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