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I can't believe there isn't a thread for this. This is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Martin Scorsese did a great job with it. It transitions so smoothly that I didn't even notice that it was 3 hours. At one point I really had to pee but I had to wait for a break. However, the movie is so smooth that the narration keeps the film going in between scenes so there was no good time to pause. It was also really violent which was a plus in my book but what really made the film excellent is how smoothly it flowed. Also, Deniro and Pesci gave terrific performances as usual.

When I first saw it (when it premiered), I was let down by the fact that it wasn't "as good" as "Goodfellas". Since then, of course, I've come to appreciate it a great deal more, and have watched it on DVD no less than 50 times.

I suppose that I was unhappy with the fact that Lester Diamond never gets his comeuppance, and that Ginger and Nicky get whacked (though I was gladder to see Nicky go than his "Goodfellas" counterpart, Tommy). Mostly, though, I was disappointed by the way Sam was basically screwed over by Ginger et al, since he was basically a nice guy.

Myth, what are some of your quotable lines from the film? One that comes to my mind immediately is the one Lester says to the little girl when she tells him she wants to go see "The Elephant Man";

"We're not goin' to see any f---in' elephants, okay? Let the adults talk!"

I loved Casino. I think it didn't appeal to a lot of people because they unfairly compared it to Goodfellas and it was automatically assumed that it wouldn't be as good. They're both masterpieces but I'd even go as far as to say that Casino edges it. The reason? It's longer. 3 hours plus of moviemaking genius to feast upon. Theres not one duff scene.

Jason Wyngarde
i love it

my favorite line from casino was the part when nicky was talking to he banker and he says.

I think I should explain to you what exactly it is i do. for instance ill wake up nice and early tommorow take a walk down to your bank, walk in and see you and and if you dont have my money, Ill crack your fu*cking head open right in front of everyone at the bank. and hopefully by the time im getting out of jail, youll be getting out of your coma and guess what, ill crack your fu*cking head open again cause im fu*cking stupid, i dont give a **** about jail thats my bussiness thats what i do

DeNiro, did you ever hear the "Joe Pesci prank calls"? They take that line (and others from "Casino"wink and play them to unsuspecting people. My favorite is "Joe Pesci calls big black Billy". Funny stuff! So are a lot of the other calls, especially "Al Pacino calls the limo guy".

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