Got A Favorite Bad Movie?

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scabby mcgee
Ok we all like some really bad movies for being so horrible. What are your favorite guilty pleasures? Spoof movies don't count.

here are mine...

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

scabby mcgee
I almost forgot about "Predator"

At the end of the does mud make you invisible to a heat seeking being?

either national lampoon's senior trip or bio - dome. i know i am soo lame. please don't hurt me

How the hell is Predator a "bad movie"? It's the favorite of PLENTY of people, myself included. A Sci Fi classic.

To answer your question, which I hope is not your reason for thinking the movie is bad, mud keeps your skin cool. Swine are best known for rolling in mud to keep cool. Same principle applies to Schwarzenegger in "Predator".

My vote goes to "UHF".

I think UHF would classify as a spoof. But I still love it as well.

Pootie Tang! Don't ask me why but I like it (I know I'm weird) My brotha...sepatown! Wa-da-tah!!

Meet Wally Sparks, though of course I don't think it's bad.

A spoof of what? A non-existant television station?

scabby mcgee
UHF was a spoof, but it was also a bad movie. I just said no spoofs because people would name off movies like Zoolander all day.

Ahahaha, so a layer of mud cools your body temperature down 30 degrees. Predator was a cheesy movie with or without that scene.

I also like every Pauly Shore movie ever made, it's a sickness.

Red Superfly
Bill and Ted is just freakin awesome. It was stupid, but I love it. The evil robot us's were great.

Califonia/Encino Man is also a fave bad movie of mine too.

Predator is never considerred a "bad" movie in any shape or form.

Major Knight
hate to tell yea but when cold mud is on warm things it takes awhile for the mud to warm up so for awhile the mud would make him invisable to the alien. but if he had it on for awhile then it would start to heat up and he would become visable.

Mr Zero
Streets of Fire.

Darth Revan
okay... about the mud... I haven't seen Predator myself. But rolling in cool mud would not make you invisible to heat-seeking devices/beings/whatever. Yes, pigs roll in mud to cool down. It doesn't lower their body temperature, because they're warm blooded. You would have to be hypothermic for your body temperature to actually lower, which doesn't happen because of a thin layer of mud.

Anyways, Bill and Ted is a kickass movie yes laughing

Off the top of my head..."Ernest Goes to Jail".

A spoof is the same as a parody, which "UHF" was neither. "Zoolander" is a take off of male model fashion, where as "UHF" was a comedy about a zany television station, which did not already exist.

There's a difference, trust me, I am probably one of the biggest spoof fans on this board.

The mud acted as camoflague as well. That's why Arnold stuck to tight to trees and hollow spots in the cliffs, as to blend in with the rest of the mud, so he couldn't be traced.

While UHF is not entirely a parody, it does spend enough of its 97 minutes in various vignettes that spoof other movies and TV shows. So, it should marginally fit the category.

Compare it with "Top Secret"; its plot is more or less original, despite the fact that it attacks every chestnut in conventional WWII and Elvis movies. But I regard it as much of a spoof as, well..."Airplane", which is one of the earliest of our era.

"UHF", I suppose I'll bite, if not for only the "parodies", being the commercials.

I bet very few people know that "Airplane!" was a spoof of 1957's Zero Hour!

Mr Zero

Predator was about an alien race who could make themselves invisible coming to earth to hunt humans - and facing AHNOLD, a normal man who could dodge bullets, jump 20-30 feet with no problems & overall take more of a beating than a truck and keep on going.

And you are arguing about whether the "Mud" plot device is realistic? Predator is a ridiculous Sci-Fi B movie, and a work of genius. Case closed.

The voice of reason has spoken.

Jason Wyngarde
the jason movies

That's EVERY Arnold movie, though! What singles out "Predator" as being particularly worse than the others? I would pick "Red Heat" or "Raw Deal" as bigger stinkbombs than "Predator".

Now "Predator 2"...THAT was lousy.

Mr Zero
Good point. What singles this out as being far better than most AHNOLD movies is that he doesn't have much in the way of dialog.

True. I do remember this one, though: "If it bleeds...we can kill it."

And this one: "Kill me, I'm here! Kill meeee!"

Also, I looked at the IMDB, and was reminded of another; one of those "Hasta la vista baby" taglines he spouts off in most of his movies:

"Stick around" (said after he sticks a guy to a cabin wall with his gigantic knife).

Also: "You are one ugly muthaf---er!"

And: "What the hell are you?" (asked by Arnold, then the Predator)

Anyway, back to the subject: just as I loathe all but one Ernest movies (that I've seen), I loathe all but one Pauly Shore movie: "In the Army Now".

Another guilty pleasure: the first "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie.

mine would have to be Dumb And Dumberer

MC Mike
Sweeeet. laughing out loud

Killer Klowns from Outher Space.

Darth Revan
Damn, I was about to say "Airplane", but it's a spoof...

Dumb and Dumber was funny Happy Dance

mr clough
I think that "the fast and furious" was one of the worst movies of all time. What was it about? it had no story or anything, it was just a bunch of stupid, dramatised, american bullshit.

Red Superfly
The Ninja Turtles Movie and Mario Brothers movie are also guilty pleasures of mine too.


ScarFace Clone
Well i was a big fan of the Jason series but when jasonX came out it wasent that good i was very diapointed. But they made up for it with Jv.F

..and you liked it?

Primitive Screwhead #1
If we're talking bad in terms of what film critics thought of them, then these are a few to which I differ in opinion:

Toxic Avenger
Deep Rising (I saw someone mentioned this movie on a different topic thread... it reminded me that I need to replace my Laserdisc version of this)

Mr Zero
DEEP RISING ! No guilt with this baby, it's top of my "most deserving of a sequel" list.

Primitive Screwhead #1
Ok, Zero. It must have been your posting then that reminded me about this. Yeah, I thought the movie was completely overlooked. Treat Williams and Kevin O'Connor good choices for their roles, and I have a hard time saying no to any movie that has Famke Janssen in it. Not sure why the critics didn't care for it.

Red Superfly
I loved Virtuousity! That film rocked.

Mr Zero
Nah, that list is still in my head.

I didnt care much for sommers mummy and mummy regurgitated but I bloody loved Deep Rising - I can't remember the last time any creature-feature came close to being this much fun. Keep hoping for a special edition DVD.



scabby mcgee
Two choice additions...

"The Last Starfighter" - A terribly corny 80's sci-fi movie

"The Last Dragon" - You remember the one with Bruce Leroy and the big black guy with all the hair that always had his entourage that answered anything he said with, "sho'nuff"

That's rather synonymous, don't you think? laughing

Lil' Backfire

Tired Hiker
Cannibal The Musical! eek!

Earnest Scared Stupid
Earnest Goes to Camp
Earnest Goes to Jail
Earnest Goes to Africa
Earnest Saves Christmas

Those movies are so bad, but at the same time so good

Going with Flash Gordon and Rad.

For some freakin' reason, I absolutely love Airheads. I watch it every time it's on.

Airheads is actually ok

Yeah, I think so, but when it's on my wife and friends give me all sorts of hell for watching such crap. So then I put something like Ginger Snaps or Sabretooth in to shut 'em up. LOL

The Bill & Ted movies
Jason X

Remo Williams.

Hey! The Bill and Ted movies arnt bad at all and UHF is good to. In fact I just watched Bill and Ted's excellent adventure last night

UHF had spoofs of a bunch of diffrent things the story wasnt a spoof of anything but their was still:

Indiana Jones
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

thats all i can think of right now...

Stanley Spadowski's "..not going to take it..." line was from "Network".

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. TERRIBLE B-movie, yet I love it. It's so ****ing funny laughing

Escape from that movie...although most people think it is pretty crappy.....especially compared to the first one........but I like it....

el barto_1
jay and silent bob strikes back stick out tongue

Originally posted by el barto_1
jay and silent bob strikes back stick out tongue

What are you talking aboot....that is an excellent movie

CAMP - I saw it with a friend when the planned movie wasn't showing. It was basically an excuse to eat minstrels but it turned out so bad that half of the audience was throwing popcorn at the screen by the end. I hated it but it was a lot of fun mocking it.

There was this movie once i saw on the sci fi channel, it had these giant things that closely resembled chicken nuggets with teeth floating around and eating the world. Yea, i know its terrible and there was this kid (typical sci fi movie style) who was blind and knew what was cominglike an hour before it happened.

Honestly,a waste of two hours but it was so bad it was good.


sultan kudarat
major payne. i just like looking at karyn parsons, i guess.

Originally posted by SnakeEyes
mine would have to be Dumb And Dumberer


Coneheads, While you were sleeping and all Star Trek Movies.


Originally posted by newmmz


King Arthur.
I thought it was a good movie.

Originally posted by LordSorgo

episode 1 and 2 were poor...

Actually more like total garbage.

Andrew McLeod
Encino Man
Super Mario Brothers
Street Fighters
Resident Evil Apocalypse

Resident Evil

The new pinocico! It was origanaly said in latin so when they made it into english. The words dont match the words in latin. Thier moths are moving but no words are coming out of thier mouth

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