After The Matrix Revolutions (May Contain Spoilers)

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Okay, so on May 15 you saw that Neo had been knocked out into another world in The Matrix Reloaded and then you waited to find out what the conclusion would be...And on November 5, Some were shocked, some were disapointed...after they had witnessed....Neo's Death. To some maybe a tragity, maybe happiness.....

Now that Zion is saved and Agents are permanantly gone...what could happen now?

Does anyone know what happened after Sophie had created "The Rainbow? Do we know that this is the end for "The One"? People figure that Morpheous would go on without Trinity and Neo. They would live life in Zion such as it was before.

Assuming that by the year 2219 Zion would've been rebuilt for all of the Population to settle. And by that time many minds could be freed, and everyone would live as Neo's Death as a Leagend/Myth or History.

Programs will go on and probably by the year 2399 The Matrix will be loaded with other "programs" such as a new "Agent-Type" program and The Matrix will be added on with many things to make it more..."Real".

Is this what will happen in Zion?

The Omega

The Agents aren't gone. They're still online, because they need to protect the Matrix from Exiles and stuff.

I know this, because the Agents are in the game, The Matrix Online, which takes place AFTER Revolutions.

i think that actually, the agents are no more than glorified police officers, keeping the humans from destroying the matrix.

No.....when Neo's mind was freed the date was probably 2170-2200

Someone forgets the other "Ones"...Remember, there is about 100 years from the rise of one anomoly to the next...

yeah...come on, theone...lets say the matrix was created in 2000. we are told the first two are complete failures, which, i would say, would allow them to last anywhere from a day to a couple years. so, at most, there is five years for Matrix-Heaven and Matrix-Hell (yeah, simplistic nomenclature, but it works, if just barely). then, we assume that each matrix thereafter lasted approxmately as long as the next, so they would all be ~100 years, however, it could be a little longer or shorter, we have no idea. so, for an average timing, the end of revolutions would be somewhere around 2605, not 2200.


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