The matrix has you......

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When they saw the first matrix movie for the first time, how many people actually believed that the matrix was real and they were not living in reality?

I didn't believe it but I thought it was possible

I thought the same as you venomVA

However... I believe that the matrix is a euphamism (is that the right word? I don't feel like looking it up) for most of our lives blah blah blah...

The Alpha
no It is not a place to start this thread.

Metamorphisis isn't real?

No. It is...the movie is just another system of control to disillusion us and defame the truth! The truth that the matrix has us. By hiding the truth out in the open in the form of a franchised movie trilogy, where upon millions would be exposed to it, it is expected that no matter how possible we determine it is, we would discard the truth as fiction because it's just a Hollywood dramatization. It's the brain-in-a-vat theory all over again! The idea that our minds cannot grasp a truth of a reality beyond our own because we cannot escape the one we are in! The movie "The Mothman Prophecies" is a perfect example of the matrix existing!! That movie is based on actual events, and things happen that would only be possible inside the matrix!! Right?!

It's all a part of the system! Can't you see?!? The matrix has you!!


go to n under toons pick the "free your mind" one...its the best...very typical reaction i believe...
caution: for the other toons be warned.


I thought that when I saw the film that they only made it so that they could claim PLAUSABLE DENIABILITY. (If anybody claims to be aware of the Matrix, they can point to the film and say that it isn't real) confused

I was quite surprised and shocked as the story unfolded, which is the mark of a good film. Shows how far down the sequels had fallen.

I did, actually I still do........

Although the matrix is not real, the real world is not real either.

How many of you have had a dream that you thought was real until you woke up and realised that it just a dream.

Question: If your brain could not tell the difference between a dream and the real world perhaps then NEITHER IS REAL. Every morning you are reminded that the world you think is real perhaps is not, what you do with it is upto you.

I didn't think it was real, but i really wanted it too be, i would love to be in it (as a free mind of course) so that i could do loads of cool stuff
But it does make one think about what is real and whats not

The Omega

Subconsciously the Matrix is real. It's a system of conformity to a social standard no matter how grotesque, disagreeable, or savage that standard may be. (Think Salem Witch Burnings, The Crusades, and the fall of the Knights of Templar). What are the crucification that are happening today? As much as I despise her - Martha Stewart was crucified - not because she was involved in insider trading, but because she purgered herself in a federal investigation. Now she faces upto 20 years in prison, while the guy who did the real illegal BS only got something like 5 years. But she was a woman with power playing ball in a mens world.

Who else is being crucified? The Pakistanis are metaphorically burning Jews at the steak, Jews are metaphorically drowning the Pakistanis, Bush is on a witch hunt, Middle eastern people are on a witch hunt for American blood... There are social systems behind everyone of these.

For a perfect example of this, read about North Korea's perversion of "The Diary of Anne Frank" here:

It's sickening how conformity has spread a disease of hate and stifled free thought within that country!

If you can't honestly look around and say that you are different, you stand out, you don't belong where you are - then there is some sort of system you belong to.

I've been working on a artistic-photographic project that focuses on just this aspect - anyone who's interested just PM me - I'd be happy to share my thoughts. big grin

As for the matrix being what's depicted in the movie? I will not say it's not possible, or even likely for that matter. What I will say is something that has been emphasized by philosophers for decades:

If the mind is trapped inside a false reality to hide it from the truth, the mind cannot possibly make any true connection or reference to things outside of the reality that it knows. In order to successfully refer when we use language, there must be an appropriate relationship between the speaker and the object referred to; words do not refer to objects "magically" or intrinsically: certain conditions must be met in the world in order for us to accept that a given written or spoken word has any meaning and whether it actually refers to anything at all.

A part of that last paragraph was taken from the matrix website - I suggest that anyone interested in the idea that the matrix is real read the philosophy section at - especially this one here:

Another suggested reading is Rene Descartes essay of "Meditations" in it's entirety.

Sorry about not using tags for my links - I kept getting errors. :/

i felt it was possible/evitablelaughing out loud

I honestly thought after watching the first movie in the theatre for the very first time, i had a sense that my life was similiar to neo's. I'm not a hacker or anything, but i often questioned life and why i existed, which i'm sure most people do everyday. But my life truly had become an assembly line of routines and common occurences. When i saw it, i was still a junior in highschool, so it was something that really related to myself as a person, i mean felt at times, that authority was suppressing me and my friends, (which i saw M1 with), so much that we felt we could breath wrong and they would throw us in jail! And this was in a very small town!! and of course i enjoyed reloaded as much as any other action junkie, as well as getting a mindf*** at the end with the architect!

and no... i haven't seen revolutions, and its driving me crazy!!!!!

The Omega
Hmmmm.... Nice entries. I'll get back to this when I have some more time. The system has me...


The mind accepts the reality it is presented with.

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