What movie sequals wud be good?

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What do you think the movie industry should make sequals of... or prequals.. i think:

space balls
super mario bros 2

um... im surprised i cant really think of nemore messed o well you guys can post some and ill think of other later.

Well to be honest, I'm not a fan of sequels at all. They tend to ruin the originals these days. A properly done remake of "The War of the Words" by HG Wells would be cool though.

Mr Zero
Howard the Duck 2

Thats not being made that i know of,
Kill Bill 3
Tomb Raaider

Kill Bill 3 would suck! they killed Bill!
so would tomb Raider!

Um Nikki needs revange and TR would be awsome

scabby mcgee
Waynes World 3

Reservoir Dogs 2

I'm not!!

Toy Story 3

what about the upcoming exorcist!? that loos soo cool.

Toy Story 3 is in the works sadly without Pixar, Disney may screw this up terribly because Pixar wrote & directed the 1st & 2nd films entirely without disney.

Pixar has 2 more co productions with Disney as the Distributer, the incredibles & Cars, affter that their 7 picture deal expires & pixar goes solo, I hope they will try to branch out from just the family entertainment sector. I love Pixar & how they always brings somehthing new & innovative to the CGI films sector.

Personally i would love to See Master & Commander get a sequel, have any of you read the books? I hear the 1st film was set in the middle of the series so presumably they could set another Master & Commander either before or after the origional.

heres hoping

I'd like to see them bring back Wayne's World. Especially now that Mike is big from the Austin Powers series.

Meat Wad34
Gigli 2! Hella Good!

Bad Boy
Super Mario Bros 2 with Hoskins and Leguizamo........... hellllllll yeah!!!!!!!!!

Xavier Draven
I don't know. I'd like to see a good Dungeons & Dragons Sequel you know WITHOUT Paris Hilton.

Or a good Final Fantasy movie

sequels need to be VERY VERY gud to make it ... gladiator 2 i heard .. but why the first one had enough plot to make one excllnt movie no need for a second ...

Hey another final fantasy movie is coming out it's called Final Fantasy7: Advent Children.. I think it's goin to be awsome!!!! it takes place 2 years after the final battle.... any way here's the link

www . square-enix . co . jp /dvd/ff7ac/
of coarse with out the spaces of coarse

i couldnt give a s..t cuz i dont like them

super troopers 2


Big Trouble in Little China 2
Tron 2
Waterboy 2
Conan 3

I think it would be cool to see a videogame version of 'They Live'


The Hobbit

The Week after Last wink
The Matrix: Relived
Van Helsing: The Awakening
The Founding of the Black Pearl (Prequal to Pirates of the Caribbean)

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