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I read that Pierce Brosnan aint doing any more Bond films who do u think should be the next Bond i think Johnny Depp will make a good Bond

try to bond thread theres pages and pages on this..
(by the way i like johnny a lot but he wouldnt cut it)

yeah it'll be fun, id like to see pierce bacak....but i was thinking...what about throwing a curve ball and having Don CHeadles be the next eh?? You know he could pull it off.

it would never happen.. although i do think he could pull off a character like that.. hes a very good actor i like him a lot.. by the way i heard a rumor that pierce may not actually be done


orlando bloom james bond :Lol: whew sorry

we have a bond section with quite some threads about it...

lemme say that Bloom was a terrible mistake to make a rumor from, Bana rejects, Jackman wants to and they don't want him, Clive Owen rejects, ... who is left now? stick out tongue

Hugh Jackman is left big grin

I hope not stick out tongue

NOT Eric Bana
NOT Clive Owens
NOT Orlando Bloom
NOT Hugh Grant
NOT Heath Ledger
NOT Pierce Brosman
? Hugh Jackman

Johnny Depp???????? oh to LAUGH. HE AINT even a brit or someone with that of accent. And isn't he a bit on the shinny side to be 007.

Of all the guys i've seen people talk about i think Hugh Jackman is perfect. Jude Law got the voice and behaviour to pull of 007 but not the look.

i could really care who they nxt bond is ill be quite hapy if they stopped filming them...

Hugh Jackman might actually do Bond really well but I havent seen enough of his acting besides X-men and Van Helsing to come to a final conclusion.

then watch ihm in his pornos laughing out loud ok bad joke er..he does a good tough guy act but is he as sslick as bond?

No hugh, but def Clive Owens! Clive would be great, imho.

I think it would be cool if Sean Connery did a Bond film now stick out tongue

lil bitchiness
Orlando Bloom MUSNT be expression he should stop even being rumoured to be one...

LOL was bad enough when he overacted his lines in Pirates of the Carribean, but then again the writing wasnt the best in the world...But I agree with Lady Grim the Bond films today have lost motivation and I dont really care especially after Die Another Day which was just plain horrible: Stupidest Bond flick iv seen

I reckon that Clive will probably end up doing it, but I know that Ioan Gruffudd wanted to do it.

no, Clive won't be doing it, he told in an interview of two that he really isn't interested

and bloom, his agent and mostly miramax created the rumor he would be one... well, he can have his dreams of course, but any sensible thinking would have let any person to knowing it was a lie

lil bitchiness
I thought most people wuld like to be's all cool and stuff, and he gets the girls stick out tongue

he a piamp eek!

george clooney big grin

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