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I just thought I would consolidate our rules so that everybody knows them...

1. There will be NO Actor-bashing. And I MEAN none.

2. Don't start RPs here, my lambs, ask Ush if you can put them in the Unhosted RP Forum

3. Don't start Pointless Threads. If you have a question, or want to introduce yourself, there are other forums for that.

4. Respect other people's opinions even if you don't agree.

5. Be polite and no member-bashing.

6. Please stop asking for the stars personal e-mail addresses. They have fan-mail addresses on the official website. It is very unlikely anybody knows their personal address, and Emma/Dan/etc would not appreciate an influx of identical messages saying "I love you"/"I hate you". Official fanmail addresses are also available at MuggleNet

7. Please, no more 'classes' threads. This is a discussion area, not an RPG. Ask Ushgarak if you can open your classes in the RP area.

8. Please no swearing or bad language on the boards. It is not acceptable to everyone and some people are offended by it.

9. Please remember that this is a PG-13 site. Please do not post graphic pictures of straight or gay pairings.

Try one of these before creating a similar one...

Prisoner of Azkaban

Goblet of Fire

Order of the Phoenix

Book Six: Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince

Official Shipping Thread - All Shippers and Shipping here

Sirius Black

Harry Potter Quiz

Fan Art

What's Your Favourite...




Common Threads will be updated periodically. If anyone has a Common Thread they wish to add to the list, PLEASE PM ME

If you wish to ask a simple, factual question about the HP series, or about magic and mythology, post in the Ask Hermione thread

If you have some fantabulous piccies from the books or movies, post them here in our HP Book and Movie Pictures Thread

Are you this year's Rita Skeeter? Post your gossip and rumours here, with all the latest from www.jkrowling.com

Want a chat? Come join us for a Butterbeer in The Three Broomsticks

~Air Angel~
If you are posting a topic in regards to characters, please use the search key in the right hand corner before starting a thread.

There is most likely a thread that already exists.

By doing this it helps us out, as well as helping you out.

You're going to want to know what's going on with your thread conversations, well if you can't find it, then it's been moved or closed, due to creating a duplicate topic in the forum.

Thanks! big grin


(*hugs* Glad to be back! I missed everyone! smile )

A Note From Your Mod ~ The uni computers are being RUBBISH once again, so it is taking me twice as long to Mod as it used to, and some days I can't even get on at all! PLEASE bear with me, I really am doing the best I can! big grin

Please PM me if you have any issues with the running of the forum, or have a contention with a thread I have closed. If you can explain to me why it should be open, I may consider re-opening it. DO NOT open a thread to complain about Modding, and please be civil in your PMs, rather than attacking.

Debate of the Month!

Here in the HP Forum we have a new debate each month.

Click the links below to visit previous or current debates.

APRIL 2005: Who will Harry get with?

MAY 2005: Snape: Why does Dumbledore trust him so much?

JUNE 2005: Will we ever see Sirius again?

JULY 2005: The Twins: Where will they go from here?

AUGUST 2005 Vote

Actor/Character Threads

Severus Snape/Alan Rickman

Dan, Rupert and Emma - OFFICIAL Thread

Daniel Radcliffe/Harry Potter

Hermione Granger/Emma Watson

Ronald Weasley/Rupert Grint

Fred and George Rock my World...



Sirius Black

Lily and Petunia

Sean Biggerstaff/Oliver Wood

Viktor Krum

Neville Longbottom: Official Thread

The Weasley's

Bonnie Wright/Ginny Weasley


Won't be on much just lately - have to write 3 1500 word essays and 2 3000 word essays by the end of april - thats nearly 12000 words, which is longer than a DISSERTATION!! In THREE WEEKS!!!

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Just so everyone knows, please be mindful of spoilers. I know Book 6 is coming out soon, but please don't write spoilers in the title. Those threads will be deleted on the spot. There is a handy little hack called the spoiler tag, please use it, or else write Spoiler Warning in the titles. Not everyone wants to know what's going to happen in Book 6.

Thankies! big grin

Ps -- in case you don't know how to use the spoiler tags, just surround whatever your saying with with no spaces.

Example: Sirius is going to come back to life and start romancing the beautiful Lady Phoenix of KMC!

Y'allrite my peeps? Major apologies for this week - I have just gone back to uni and it is freshers week! I am also a senior resident, which means I am in charge of/responsible for/drinking buddy of a corridor of freshers, so I wikll be inactive for a little bit, but then I hope to get internet going in my room and be on a bit more often! big grin Until then, play nicely and listen to uncle Rogue! stick out tongue

~Air Angel~
Please do not make a new thread everytime a new trailer is released. I am merging all threads for trailers and also threads for posters.

Thanks in advance! big grin


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