Christina vs. Britney

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I know that nobody really like these people but, who do u like better?
Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears? stick out tongue

Christina Aguilera all the way.Christina has a ton talent and I think she's prettier then Britney.


Christina's voice is AMAZING, but Britney'll always be the best!!!!(OMG I love her so much!!! AHHHHH!!!!)love

Forgive me. embarrasment

niether i wouldnt know im not into pop erm

Darth Revan
Christina is far superior in every way to Britney. I'm not into pop, but I don't mind Christina--she writes all her own songs (with the exception of "Beautiful), and, oh yeah, she has a really nice voice!

I'm a Christina fan since the very beginning, so mrs Bloom, you've got it wrong there smile
I used to like Britney, but lately she's just a fake smile so

neither there both crap ...

Okay...I love Britney. I really do. I bought her latest album. however....her actions of late have me questioning her sanity.

Christina has an amazing voice and she's sometimes very pretty. I dont' have her CD cuz I ran out of money at the CD store. I had it in hand but I really wanted Linkin Park....and I had to choose between Chris and Brit. I got Brit cuz I love Toxic and Everytime. Good songs in my opinion.

So...I think they both have talent and have both lost their minds, but I have to go with Britney....cuz she's a hometown girl...big grin

Ok let me refraise this. big grin Some people like them and some people don't. Who do u like better Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?

p.s. I like Christina better big grin

neither.... no expression

both...christina is amazingly talented..and britney is hott.........i luv them bot but i like brit a lil more

Yeah, me too!!!!! big grin

o god no. briney is an(i love saying this) overpayed hokker. christina aint much better but she has a beautiful strong voice

Britney wins no contest.

Britney all the way~~

britneys a whore. she was having sex in a bathroom with one of her dancers. she raunchy. and chiristina agulera is a white lil kim

golden moon
they are both hookers


can we just say they are only recognized for thei atrocious actions (whew big word) and not their talents so therefore this should be in the whose ur favorite feamle porn star thread

golden moon
I agree with bloombaby!!!!

stick out tongue they both have nice bodies...both have fake boobs,and well christina has talent in singing i think we all know,but britney is good at screwing around with guys..lOL id has to be CHRISTINA AGULERA innocent to the women she really is

britney for sure.. i like christina's music but thats about it.. christina comes off as such a skanky hoe and i know alot of people would say that britney does too but i think britney is that much more decent than christina.. plus her make-up is so gross most of the time.. plus i hate kevin federline so that minuses some points off britney but she still beats christina..

Princess Re
they're both tramps yes

there hot droolio

Princess Re
your sick..

lil bitchiness
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