Top five movies you wish you hadnt seen

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Any Pauly Shore movie

KEvin Costeners water world

Barabed Wire

the vilage

mad sick

Man, I have seen literally hundreds of movies, a solid 50% of which were horrid, IMO. I'll speak on the most recent, theatre visits, only.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
The Punisher
Taking Lives
King Arthur

Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever
Boat Trip
2001: A Space Odessy

The Village, Gladiator, Queen of the Damned, Underworld

yeah there are hundreds of those movies that just make you feel stupider, and wasted after you have seen them. There have been many occasions where i would have been better off looking at my ass_hole in the mirror for a mind blowing experience rather than sittting through what i just did

anything featuring Jaquene Phoenix(sp?)

1. Any Rob Schnieder movie, but especially "The Hot Chick" (durp-a-durp);

2. "Making Contact", a horrid movie about a haunted ventriloquist dummy or some such thing;

3. "Little Nicky";

4. "Blade" and "Blade II" (tie);

5. "Higher Learning"

Runner-up: "Black Sheep"

stepford wives
boat trip
napoleon dynamite
along came polly
freaky friday

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
anything with Pauly Shore
Batman and Robin

from justin to kelly
maid in manhattan
the pokemon movie
cheetah girls (dont ask)
confessions of a teenage drama queen

Those must have been some pretty bad movies.

So, what were they, anyway?

BTW, I've noticed a rather disturbing trend, in the mentioning of "Boat Trip". Do you people not like think before taking on movies such as this, or "From Justin to Kelly"? They are obvious disasters.

Well shit dude if you want to take me literal. You never felt the urge to watch every moive in the world because you admire the film universe, and maybe one day want to get involved in it. ON one of those late insomnia driven nights you decide to give in and watch what you know is ging to be utter bullshit but you know you have to, and even doing so you wish you hadnt ( guilty pleasure) I know you have done it, of course i think before i watch a movie, and hey man i even think during the movie isnt that amazing

Leonardo part 6
Battlefield Earth
Hercules in new york
House of the dead
it's pat
Santa clause conquers the monsters
doublle dragon
mario brothers
jean claude van dame movies PERIOD
manequen II on the move
stop or my mom will shoot
exit to Eden
Blues brothers 200
playing God
90% of carey haim and feldman movies
cool as ice
prayer of the roller boys
baby geniuses
bab'ys day out
smokey and the bandit 3
glimmer man
i mean just to name a few, and thats trying to stick to ones people will actually maybe have heard of

Sometimes a person will watch a movie like that out of morbid curiousity, hoping that it isn't as bad as everyone says. Of course, usually it ends up being worse.

Those are some pretty bad movies, but not deserving of 2 hours of staring at my ashole.

I want to add:
The Mexican
24 Hours in London

How could I forget about Matrix:Reloaded.

[shit i would gleefullystare at my ass_hole for two hours anyway, i have gotten lost up there laughing

Meet the Parents
Matrix 2 & 3
Spice World - What a joke!

Primitive Screwhead #1
The obvious ones:
Battlefield: Earth
Howard the Duck

And the ones that actually got decent reviews (not sure why in some instances):
American Beauty
Once Upon A Time in Mexico (WTF? Completely strayed away from what made Mariachi and Desperado so great)
Triplets of Belleville

28 days later
Matrix: Reloaded
Matrix: Revolutions
Indepence day
Godzilla (1998)
Happy Gilmore

1.) A.I. Artificial Intelligence -- The worst movie I have ever seen.

2.) The Blair Witch Project -- I don't know how this movie got any positive reviews. This would be hold the worst movie title, expect it only runs 88 minutes, while A.I. runs 140.

3.) Kill Bill -- Extremely disappointed me.

4.) Underworld -- Trailers looked great, movie was a big let down.

5.) Matrix: Reloaded -- I enjoyed Matrix, and Matrix: Revolutions wasn't that bad, but Reloaded was terrible.

I cant narrow it down to 5

King Arthur
Harry Potter and the prizoner of azkaban
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone
Bloody Murder
Jaws the Revenge
Darkness Falls
Lost in Space
Halloween 3
Halloween 4
Halloween 5
Halloween 6
Halloween 7
Halloween 8
Ghosts of Mars

1) Confessions of a teen age drama queen
2)from justin to kelly(wut were they thinking?!?!??!?!?)
3)IT!!!!!!(HELLA SCARY!)
4)Jurassic Park(GREAT MOVIE!but i have a fear or dinosaurs!im even affraid of the disney anima movie "Dinosaur"wink
5)the blair witch project!!(WTF?!?!was that suposed to be a horror film or a childrens film?)

In Random Order

The Village
Jason X

kevin and perry go large
shaun of the dead
cant think of anymore atm but they will come to me wink

instead of picking bad movies i wish id never seen a lot of good movies like sixth sense and stuff so i could watch them again and be suprised yet again

The Pokemon Movie
Batman and Robin
Mario Brothers
Baby's Day Out
Finding Nemo
She-Wolf of London

HELLBOY that is a big thumb down

the wrong turn
final destitation 2 ( for the fact it was ruddy vile)
8 mile
the martins
and that ruddy movie with britney bloody spears in ...

I'm lucky enough to say I didn't see it either, so it didn't make my list. I had to do a top 10, because it was too hard to cut to JUST 5.

10. The Pokemon Movie: This marked the death for one of America's favorite pasttimes. An extension to this will probably occur as soon as the Yu Gi Oh movie is released.

9. The Blair Witch Project: It wasn't scarry, it wasn't believeable, and I wanted my money back!

8. It: This is just the worst of a string of Stephen King books to movies. Few have ever captured the magic of his writing, and you would think they would stop trying already.

7. 28 Days Later: The hype on this movie was bigger than SW Episode 1, and it delivered even less! Resident Evil was a more exciting and entertaining zombie movie. This movie was banned from movie theaters to keep us from waisting our time, not for the content.

6. The Hulk: I was so disapointed in this movie, it made me want to cry. I thought Marvel had finally found the system to a good story and movie making (Blade series, Spiderman, X-2), but I guess it was just luck.

5. Daredevil: When a scene of a spoiled rich woman on a see-saw trying to outwit a blind man is the BEST SCENE IN A MOVIE, you KNOW it is a stinker!

4. Halloween 3: How do you follow up a successful movie franchise? By using the name and NOTHING ELSE OF THE FRANCHISE HISTORY! This stupid mask story made Friday the 13th Part 5 (In which there are NO VOORHEES FAMILY MEMBERS) seem like a masterpiece.

3. Spy Kids 3-D: After two good, exciting kids movies, this horrible FX farce killed the series. The best part is a rip-off from TRON.

2. Anchorman: After hearing all the critical acclaim and hype over this movie (which I believe was bigger than the hype for 28 days) this movie left a bad taste in my mouth and assured me that critics rate movies according to the tip size the exec producer provides. Outside of the funny street fight scene, this movie made Beavis and Butthead look like comedy for the connisseur in you.

1.The Punisher: This Dolph Lungren picture almost killed Marvel Comics. It was so bad a movie, even the execs knew they had to redo the movie to erase the original from our memories. It didn't work!

King Arthur
Ghosts of Mars
Halloween H2O
13 Ghosts
Batman & Robin

I can't sit through any of those, I can watch pretty much anything.

Dare Devil
Chrinicles of Riddick
King Arthur
the blair wich bullshit

Forgot about The Passion.

i liked the passion. why u always hatin on it

Solaris (the worst)
Jason X
Jay and Silent Bob anything
Shrek 2

Top 5 movies I wish I had not seen:

- Van Helsing
- Gigli
- New York Minute
- The Matrix Revolutions
- House Of The Dead

i knew it would be crap neway so i didnt bother watching it

cant really think of a list right now, but one film i wish i never saw was kevin & perry go large, or whatever the films called, possibly one of the worst films i've ever seen in my entire life.

alicia silverstone movies are mentally unsatisfying aswell

Godfather, Schindlers List, Castaway, Spiderman, Matrix trilogy

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