Who Would U Like To See Together

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I just wanted to know which 2 celebrities would u want to see together?
I would want Drew Barrymore, and Adam Sandler together. They look good together, and they look like they like each other.inlove

adam sandler is married erm

OH! I didn't know. embarrasment My mistake

eh its ok i agree they would look great together

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks...
Orlando Bloom and Scarlet Johanssen
Elijah Wood and Ashley Olsen
uhm....why can't I remember when I need to remember them....GGRRR!

i know that orlando is w/ kate, but him and kirsten would be cute...

Princess Re
no i would rather see him with kiera knightley yes

Hayden Christensen and me!!!!!!!!!
Na, that would never happen.....Probably Natalie Portman and him....

errr I like da one with Elijah and ashley!! That would be a good match!!

isnt there a thread like this ? AH WELL!

orlando n KK
johnny n KK
brad n KK
hayden n KK

no rerally
orlando and keira
britney and madonna
justin n christina for now...

Korri & Keanu love

meh...who am i kiddin sad

Princess Re
Lolololololololol HAHAHAH "britney and madonna" that could work out some how and yea i agree totally,kiera and orlio

George Clooney and Michelle Pfieffer!

Princess Re
yayy wutever

harry potter boy and emma

Tex & Backfire (they are celebs in their own right)

jackie b good
i really want ashton and brittany back 2gether but oh well.

sad i really want 2 c danny masterson and mila kunis 2gether i think they would b an amazing couple big grin

keanu and charlize would be absolute perfection but i'm not complaining about her and stuart.. they're fine and dandy as well..

I agree with da Britany & Christina laughing LMFAO

Princess Re
yeah...britney is a ****....she'll take anyone,but i wonder if she can stay with christina for more than 5 minutes? lol

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