In here!!!!

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Can some1 brave anough post links to webdocs please!!!!

Darth Sauron

Search bar, find you must.

^^ I very much agree

You can only find webdoc 8 out here. The rest dissapered with Corn's FTP.

Ghetto Goblin
agree i do, and search must you, if webdoc is what you want to find.

I could not give such sensitive intel to one so steeped in the dark side and remain a Jedi.

Ghetto Goblin
who me, ohhhhh *blushes*

why i ought'a

*snap* SLAM


*someone broke my neck*

The rest dissapered with Corn's FTP

what is FTP ??

file transfer protocol

-"Two worlds, one movie" - The script

Doc 1

would this be the 1st

besides if you need the rest on the rieght u must seek (oh god; im beginning to speak like a yoda)

Yup, thats the first one. But the problam wit that one is that u can't store it on your computer.

sorry thats as far as can do

When it's finished downloading, go to the bottom right hand corner of the quicktime window, click the arrow button and in the drop down menu choose save as quicktime movie.....

there are 6 already available for non-hyperspace members, that should keep you busy for a while, the rest will follow soon.....

if you are impatient, follow the advice other people have already given....

this is my first post to this or any other message board, despite being a serial lurker in many, so i hope it's worked for you....hi everyone....

oh, i just realised you might need quicktime pro installed for that....
it's freely available if you look around a bit....try peer2peer....
sorry, forgot my own dodgyness....

while i'm in here, if anyone has seen links to photoreceptor or any other original trilogy hyperspace stuff, could you please pm me, thanks.....maybe i have something you are interested in.....

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.