worst film to win an oscar

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i say any of the lord of the rings movies

Right away, "Shakespeare in Love" comes to mind.

Also, "Chicago" and "Titanic". "Titanic" was entertaining (especially the last half), and I enjoyed getting to see Kate Winslett naked, but best picture???

i only like the last half of the titanic!!!the first part is ZZZZzzzzzzz.......!!W/E screw it!!so ya!

Pointless thread, since everyone's opinion is going to differ.

Besides, Academy Awards are as worthless as the people who issue them.

Yes, everyone's opinions should be the same. Thanks, Debbie Downer.

cold mountain argh my god it pisses me off

Titanic, definately titanic

i only like the end of titanic where most of them die ... plus leo

Titanic, but for completely different reasons (first half was boring, etc....) than everyone else. That movie STOLE the 1998 Oscar for best Visual Effects from Starship Troopers.

That kind of larceny should have been prosecuted on a Federal Level!

Usually I would say Titanic (but I'm getting tired of mentioning as a worst movie) so This time I pick other films that didn't deserve an Oscar.

The English Patient
American Beauty

o god yes chicago .. C R A P

Lord of the Rings

Chicargo: I thought it was okay, but not that great...
Titanic: Over-rated erm

Shakespeare in Love
Lord of The Rings

OK, STexy has spoken we can close this now.

WHAT!!! Lord of the Rings is the best movie ever it totally earned to win The best movie oscar..plus there wasn't any other great movies nominated this year other than Lord of the rings..and Gladiator totally deserved it! but i don't think Chicago should have no

people dislike lotr cuz it bet all the other lil crap movies ... that arent even worth showing in cinemas

I wanted Mystic River to win.

Actually, I thought "Mystic River" was a bit overrated. It reminded me of chestnuts I've seen in too many other films, plus Sean Penn really chewed on it.

most movies made today are just based on the plots of old ones.....

Primitive Screwhead #1
Thank you, for calling out that god-awful American Beauty. So this is what society deems as must-see watching. I couldn't even begin to care for a single character on that screen... hell, I flat out hated them. Yes the performances were good, but this is not a movie that should have ever been made... just on the themes of the movie alone. Every character in that film pretty much represented everything bad about real life (maybe that was the point)... something I don't need to relive for two hours in a theatre when I can get it on CNN.

This is the same reason I won't watch any of Michael Moore's films, either. Capitalizing on problems and politics of the world... complete and utter bullshit.

Forrest Gump! Anyone who saw Shawshank's Redemption KNOWS Forrest Gump's FX did NOT make it a better movie!

LOL! I agree!

Gladiator. Mundain ripoff of Sparticus.

Titanic is such a load of [email protected]#$. Leo is overrated, his talent's nil.
And please, if any movie deserved an Oscar. Lord of the Rings did.


but i don't know why someone said 'american beauty'... i like this film much.

Mr Parker
Silence of the Lambs.Pretty sad when a horror movie wins an oscar. sick

Thriller, not horror.

monster was overated and shouldnt have won an oscar.(the film didnt but cherlize did for that crap movie).

Definatly Lord of the Rings Movie....

Especially the 3rd one, it wasn't even that good but it won 11 awards!!?!!

if i could agree anymore i would pass out ^^^^^^

Fan of LOTR
The Lord of the Rings is most likeley the movies most deserving oscars. But hey some people just dont like fantasy and I respect their opinions but I really love the LOTR movies.

Gladiator, Chicago, Titanic.

Darth Jello
silence of the lambs, anthony hopkins is the biggest f*cking ham

Actually recieving that awrd makes ones salary double and triple when signing contracts.

The original gladiator was made before the spartacus movie blink but historically and story wise they are totally different confused that movie in my mind deserved every award it recieved.

Titanic did not deserve the awards at all... it was crap.

Silence of the Lambs deserves it because the level of acting involved made it deserving... for God's sake there are countless allusions to this movie it defined scary during its time.

ROTK did not deserve best picture or best special effects at all. It was the worst one out of the whole trilogy, the first two deserved it more. The only reason it got it was the panel wanted to honor the trilogy and knew that the first two deserved more awards than they got.

god, i dont even know barely any of the movies that won oscars..

lord of the rings is the most overated pile ever. the judges are nothin but lotr fanboys

well i doubt a DBZ movie would be winning an oscar smile

i didnt say they would. but lotr isnt that good imo

i know smile i havent seen it anyways so i cant say.

Oh come on admit it!!! Titanic is way better than Pearl Harbor, it's imitator, but for Titanic, what do you expect from James Cameron the guy behind The Terminator 1 & 2 and Aliens?

Shawshank Redemption was not meant to be an oscar nominee or box-office hit, it was meant to be a CULT movie like The Rocky Horror Picture show.

"The original gladiator was made before the spartacus movie but historically and story wise they are totally different that movie in my mind deserved every award it recieved."

Original Gladiator? What the hell are you talking about? There was no original Gladitator, unless you count Sparticus.

And no, they are not different. The only thing different is Gladiator is bad, Sparticus is good. Lets look at the similarities, shall we?

Gladiator is about a gladiator who is a slave, then becomes powerful enough to over throw the king. He gets a band of other gladiators to help him do this.

Sparticus is about a gladiator who is a slave, then becomes powerful enough to overthrow the king. He gets a band of other gladiators to help him do this.

The only difference is that in Gladiator he actually fights the king one on one (which is blatantly stupid, my god, stupid I say.) At least Sparticus had him over throw a king by simply over powering him and getting more people on his side. Not challenging the king to a "match" and killing him.

Also, Kirk Douglas owns Russel Crowe hardcore.

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