Im In Vegas!!!!!!!!

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Vegas is great. I wont be back to my precious computer till monday, so im using the hotels TV internet. How week is that? stick out tongue so all around, i can post like one reply every 2 minutes. it sux, but then again, im in VEGAS eek!

Have fun in Vegasthumb up

Viva las Vegas!!

Yay go aliasneo15!!!

MAke sure you dance with all the showgirls, dace your ass off at studio54, and cruise sincity!

And remember honey bunny what happens in vegas stays in vegas wink smokin' evil face


I love Vegas! Go to NY,NY. I stayed there and its awsome!

OMG, i was just on the Fremont St. and i saw the light show. That is some weird crap. They were doing something about Led Zepplin and whoever made the thing had to be drunk.......or something. There were flowers everywhere, and mushroomsbig grin

I wanna go to Vegas...

My dad was in Vegas, and Cali not too long ago cool

it still would be a better place if i was 21eek!

AliasNeo! Come to my house!!! I live in Overton. Less than an hours drive away!

sorry, im leavin tomrrow morning at like 8. I wanna get home in time to be able to to do stuff with my friends. Sorry, if i was alone, i prolly wouldlaughing out loud

Dirty Vader
bah! Las Vegas!
The city that is made to ruin you!

yup, im not here anymore, so any mods out there who care, close itthumb up

I like vegas

Originally posted by Genesis-Soldier
I like vegas

I hate Vegas.

Seriously though, this past weekend was hell trying to drive through there with the Electric Daisy Carnival and the hundreds of thousands of people on the road for it.

Trying to leave the movie theater, we were stuck in traffic for an hour just to drive 5 miles.

I'm in Miami, b!tch!

Ms Chelle
Vegas is overrated.

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