Silent Hill Movie, any info?

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Hey there,

i was just wondering if anyone has any information on the film they could share with me. My buddy says he has found info on it and that it looks scary and stuff, but when i have tried to find any info i dig up nothing.

so if anyone has any info on it please share, is the film even comming out at all?

Konami (game creaters) announced it's intentions to make a movie based on the Silent Hill series about a year ago, but I havent heard anything since. I think it got shelved.

I hope cameron diaz is in it... almost every silent hill game has a chick that looks like her

Some info here :

also here, roger Avary's Web Site

Wow that's scary, I was just saying the other day that I'd love it if they made a Silent Hill movie.

I hope they use the storyline from Silent Hill 3.

That's funny. As I'm reading this thead "You're not Here" from Silent Hill 3 is randomly playing on my Media Player.

They have the director of Brotherhood of the Wolf, so I am there when they have finished, only onto pre production at the moment.

Andrew McLeod
Well...I thought I'd ressurrect this as they're starting shooting on Monday. How do I know? My town here has become Silent Hill. They've completely redesigned our downtown to look like Silent Hill, it's unnerving. Our downtown was so delapitated they thought it would be perfect for a Silent Hill. I always said that if I had to make a Silent Hill movie I'd do it in my downtown, I guess me and the filmmakers think a like.

nice i am looking for a date of when it will be finnished any one know?

i dunno, whats the movie gonna be, a woman walking around for a hour and a half shitting herself on her own. i dont think the movie has as much potential as some people do

yeah i heard a girl will play as harry! mad its really supposed to be scary evil face

Andrew McLeod
It shouldn't be ready until next year. it was shooting in May. The story is supposed to be exactly like the first just with tweakings like the characters and stuff.

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