What would you do for him?

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Okay...I have a simple question. What would you do? What would you change about yourself? Who would you become for the person of your dreams? What new things...good or bad... would you try for a chance with the person of your dreams?

Whether he/she is rich and famous or the boy/girl next door...

Would you change who you are for someone you like?

How far would you go to be with this person?

is this meant to be a serious thread or should i start on how many ways tere are to stalk orlando bloom?

laughing either one. You can take it seriously or you can show your inner-stalker....laughing

This idea actually came to me when I was trying to figure out how to get Manchester United football games on my TV....laughing

The only soccer I've ever experienced was, I went to one game one time and it was being played by 5 year olds...it was loads of fun, but I've never seen soccer in its true form. oops..sorry...football.

And I've also been sampling music I NEVER would have listened to before and I've started up some old habits that I thought had been long dead in me....ha ha...

Anyone who knows me knows who i'm silly about...big grin

Merry Lover
Hey, Kella, i wonder who your silly about... big grin

I'd do so much for him, really,I think i would kill (as long as a reward is waiting for me...if you know what i mean... shifty Here's a hint big grin )

laughing I wouldn't kill...but I would die...of course...i would die for anyone that I thought deserved it. hmm...

I still love him though...enough.

Merry Lover
Nah, of course I wouldn't kill, but i wouldn't die, either, because I'd rather live and never meet him than die and have him at my funeral.
Does that make sense? big grin

not to me. but then again..its me....i wouldnt kill for orli (inless it was kate :evilsmile

Merry Lover
evil face

ha ha...i know what you mean MerryLover. I have my thing for Dom, but it's not worth going all out on unless it's a real and lasting love on both parts.

I would rather be alive and watch him from afar than die and never even have the chance to know him for real. I think that made sense...

Merry Lover

this is my stalker side being revealed...I hunt down every single clip of picture, video, audio, and written word that i can get my hands on of my fav celeb and I study it till I can recite it.
I learn every detail about the parts of them they show the world and I write a story as acurately as I can.

If its just a guy next door... I become friends with all of his friends and his family and I make their hobbies my hobbies and their interests my interests and I step out of me and become what they want until I have them and then I start to add back elements of myself.
Only one guy ever worked out. We were too much alike. We were playing the same game and we will forever love each other for knowing each other so deeply.
However...circumstance has caused us to go seperate ways. When we see each other on the street my breath still catches in my throat and my heart pounds. I can see the same reaction in his face. True love...it sucks.

Merry Lover
A little of topic, but...does it? confused I've never experianced it... embarrasment

if it doesn't work out...yeah. Cuz then you see the person with their new wife and child....mad but you have to just walk away...and you see the look in that person's eyes that they miss you and want to be near you again.....cry

and it tears your heart out, but you know that you can't be with the person and that's why it ended eventhough there was never an issue about falling out of love...you parted still deeply in love...and life had to go on....cry

Merry Lover
There's only one word: f**k. That seriously sucks. I'm so sorry for you! sad
(Pardon my French.)

I lose myself in my new obsessions to cut the pain... Dom is a great painkiller...he's the perfect drug. ha ha..i love that song.


Merry Lover
I know, Dom is the perfect sedative. big grin I can hardly concentrate at school because of him... smile

my life is LOTR and Dom 24/7 ....its so sad. I need a life...sad

hmm...for a person a REALLLLLLLYYYY love?my family? i would die a thousand deaths for them,i have already died twice..a few more times can't hurt

I'd kill and/or die for the ones that I love

for a celeb? blink umm... nothing more than watching his movies and that's about it

I would try to be myself and look stunning for him if I can

if i even went with Gerard way id change him into a normal guy not in a band... what would i do for him? hmmm almost anything i wouldnt kill.. but id do alot of things stick out tongue

whoaa... messed this is so intense.. i feel sorry..
this could be a good movie tho... smile

Jackie Malfoy
No I would not change a guy should not go by looks they should go by what is in there heart.If a guy wants to chang you then leave him.He is not the one.JM

i certianly wouldnt change a guys looks or anything i just wouldnt want a famous boyfriends... i hate getting my pictures taken stick out tongue

Wow you and I do think alike Kella big grin

I would never do something which would make him hate me..that would kill me!
I love him too much to go all psycho over him..i wouldn't do anything so crazy to get arrested either..i just want to be myself!

I just want a normal chance to meet him and maybe get to know the real Dom big grin

well...for richard harris...i would cast a spell to bring him back to life...cry the new dumbledore will never take his place...NEVER!!!!

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