is there a rule about.

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is there rule agianst bring up old threads that have no pelvevance? confused

I have no idea what pelvevance means messed

but yes, it's an unwritten rule, don't bump it unless you were planning on making a thread about it...90% of the time, these bumped threads get closed

it was a typo

laughing out loud I rarely see a bumped thread get closed, Spear. take the prom, WSF, gents club etc... how many times have they come back and never been closed? stick out tongue

there is no rule about it... but it's kinda pointless when you bumb it just for... bumping so why do it? huh

I guess it's ok when you have a reason to bring it back confused

no no, I got the impression he meant like when someone goes to a forum, hit's "last page", chooses a random thread two years old, and then posts a smilie face messed

it really pretty much depends on who you are and your past relationship with the mods in charge, and, in some small degree, on the pelvevelvance on the thread or threads you show some interest in bumping.

I bumped the entire 5 pages of Unhosted RP games from the back to the front, simply to attempt to reinspire interest in some of those hundreds of other lost games, rather than to get the same old same old requests to start same or similar games all over again, and I was threatened with banning, because lazy people and posters got confused and didn't grasp the concept of saving their favorite posts to the User CP and using the CP to find their threads rather than surfing thru the forum itself...

people actually thought their games 'disappeared' because they are sooooooooooooooooooooooo lazy about clicking the Next or the Page #, because their active games were no longer on Page 1...

so because posters are lazy, and I am creative, I got threatened with banishment.

Moral of the story: Stir the pot, and watch the insanity!! BUT...
At the same time, don't be TOO creative, don't try to think you are one bit smarter than the dumbest, laziest poster here, especially the mod gods, or yeah, you get banned, or threatened, regardless of your intentions..

This of course, is all just my opinion, not malice or insult directed at any specific poster or mod, and as you can see, I am still here, so no offense or disrespect intended by this, just a real-life example of the dangers of being a wise-guy, a creative genius, here...

take it or leave it (and make not if you suddenly notice me becoming Restricted/Banned)

oh, and HAVE FUN!

give me an example, i've never ever seen that unless there's bashing or summat erm


but there's no rule about it.... not in the OTF at least no

Stormy Day
I was in panic the morning that happened.I thought the RPG's had dissapeared erm

some find it VERY annoying

certainly if it's a mindless bump

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