Planeshift MMORPG

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Planeshift main site

a game i stumbled across about a year back.
Brilliant graphics using crystal3d see scrennshots at website,
update coming soon including combat, magic and monsters.
i recommend this game to any rpg players with spare time! of course when not on kmc :P

very nice helpful community, lots of fun roleplaying and exploring to be done!

try it at least!

I forgot to add the fact the game is pre alpha and the developers decided to make it 100% absolutely


Free?! *ears open up*

completely big grin its not some half 3d crap either is full wack with 1st + 3rd person like a lot of shoot em ups

I'll check it out tomorrow night Meki_nade I haven't the time during the week

Im going to check it out... working on the download right now.

great to hear your all intersted happy you'll find me online as 'Demarthl' if you need help, but dont hesitate to ask someone like Agara, Moorlocke, Xenia, or any others that generally hang around the temple (big orange spiky thing)
good news too! Phaze testing is under way! phaze 1 is now complete and phaze 2 is about to start, which means that with any luck the next (long awaited and huge) update 'crystal blue' will be released to the public within a month!

I dont really like the game play... its kind of tough to figure out, and it takes a lot of effort moving the character around, not point and click with the mousie... i dont like that part of it really. Also I had a tough time figuring out where the monster things are and even how to attack... the instructions on the site were kind of not that helpful. And can you make it go full screen or is it always in the window? and you can talk to the npc's? how?

I guess I wouldnt mind playing some more of that game, but i need it explained to me better... i spent like an hour trying to figure it out and didnt figure out shit.

firstly : no monsters yet, weapons are just for display, showing you've been hunting a long time
Npc's : right click them to target and just chat.. but there not there at the moment, being updated for CB
full screen : start>all prog's > planeshift > ps setup
you may also want to run ps update in the same folder,
if you get stuck type /spawn
hunting crystals theyre bright red/green/blue (rubies/emeralds/diamonds) worth 1/10/100 in that order to pick up right click and click hand icon
press m to change the view, chat box can be resized by clicking and dragging its bottom right corner, you cant open doors or crouch
if you get enough crystals (500 for a mug) you can exchange it for a monumental weapon at
any other questions? happy


Looks cool when i get my broad band connection i will check it out

planeshift MB has shut down

This is due to the new version nearing completion of testing and bug fixing, due release within a few weeks, this contains magic, monsters combat and more!

Broadband isnt really necesary other then the installer download, when connected to ps server it uses aproximately 0.001kb/s of your bandwidth!

PlaneShift is still up and running and as free as ever - no hidden fees, no ways to buy in-game advantages for real money.
There will never a final version, because we will keep improving the game.
Right now we are working on the migration to Unreal Engine. This will fix quite a few problems, and improve the graphics.
If you love to RP, give it a try!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.