Jurasic 4

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I hear pros and cons for a Jurasic 4.
I personally like dinsosaurs, but what I didn't like about 2 and 3
was the lack of intensity. In 1 the raptors were smart and the movie
kept you on your seat.

Then in 2 & 3 the intensity dropped. The Raptors are now stupid.
We end up in a metrpolitan city, and we have a movie which takes
place mostly in the fog with a new dumby.

Spielberg scaled down the scare factor so more kids would go see it,
but kids see more today then they're supposed anyways, so he blew it.

If they make a 4, it best be hightech. Include as many dinosaurs as you need. Make the humans run for their freaking lives because they
would have anyways. Any one of us could have done a better job on
2 & 4 than they did. If they followed the book in the Lost World they would have had a hit.

I'm skeptical if there's a 4 also. Make it scary or don't make it.


man i used to love dinosaurs . i wanted to be a paleontologist ,. then i saw jurrasic park and ive never even looked at another dinosaur book laughing out loud i still wannn asee it tho

same here i luvved dinos till i saw jp2.3

Well Spielberg was only responsible for the first two, a Mr. Joe Johnston directed the third. The 2nd and 3rd were weak films, due largely to the lack of intensity but I'm getting tired of sequels altogether. Do someting original, we know in JP4 people are just going to run, get ate, and a minutely small number of people will survive.

umm isnt their already a thread on this.

yup but i cant be arsed to say

I actually prefered the 3rd to the 2nd.

the other jp 4 thread is on the first page targ are you that lazy to look.

yep theres another thread on it here


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