Upcoming Movie Sequals/Prequals...

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What are some sequals/Prequals to movies that are coming up? ones that you know are coming out for sure.
some i know are:

Blade: Trinity
Hellboy 2
X-Men 3
SpiderMan 3
Chuckie: Seed of Chuckie
Exorcist: The Begining
Austin Powers 4...I'm Pretty sure this is coming out
Meet the Fokkers

Post all the other ones you KNOW of.. im just curious and im sure you are too so posting doesnt just help me Happy Dance

the have a helllboy 2 raver

pirates o fthe carribean 2/3
van helding 2
DareDevil(called Elektra

I know theres and sequel to Romero's dead trilogy coming out called Land of the Dead. And there's also a Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel coming out

Didnt Elektra die?....

she gets brought back by The Hand

meet the fockers is defaintly unnescesary, ben stiller is killing his career with dumb ass comedies, Spiderman 3, i mean yeah it was fun while it lasted but damn we get the point already. spidey is the man ok, invest millions in another great movie project wont you please raimi?

Austin powers 3 ? OH God am ithe only one who was struck with the bordeom bug during the film, the entire movie was played out and tired. No more powers PLEASE

Blade BLOWS aSS how many more LAme ass sequals do we need to get the point across that wesley snipes carreer is washed up?

Van helsing2 ? If you paY TO SEE THIS, I will personally come to your house and stab you in the eye with a fork

Hellboy 2, Hell yeah ok, lets see some more hell ass kickin

Die hard 4!!!! Great Lets see some more all american ass rompin terrisot bruce willis bad ass destroyers

INDy 4, NO To oLD.

Exocorsict >> What ever you think will get the genre back from the near dead, i mean why not be original?

X-men 3. Wishful thinking. It will be dull without singer, maybe an aronofsky touch

Elekttra.. MOther *****ers...come on now

MAd MAx 4 ...Enough said no more idea's mad mad


Argh whats with these bloody sequels. Theyre destroying all the originals and giving actors a bad name. Why the hell dont they ever learn !!

(cos of the cash of course... if only they did it for the sake of entertaining people)

how can we have the excorsist (the beginning ) ... its shit

i think you guys are forgetting resident evil 2 as well....i'll be checking that out...

hellboy 2 will be awesome!

when is the xmen debut?

iono but its gonn abe great. hugh jackman is coming back rght?

o cmon van helsing was good. weak story but it wa good.

Darth Jello
Punisher 2
Hulk 2
X-Men 3
Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 4
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Exorcist: The Beginning
Batman Begins
Hellboy 2
Superman V

You forgot to add
Mission Impossible 3
Indiana Jones 4

ok am i the only person here who thinks that hellboy sucked i mean come on from the opening sequence to the end credits bored me so much and a 2nd one come on plzzz dont mad

i thought it sucked....then i watched it last night and i kinda like it now ....

what is it that is good about hellboy?

i dont know...i jst started liking it..i really cant tell you. but i dont think they should make another 1

They might make two Elektras

[email protected] o god . they gon lose alotta money

They're making a Cabin Fever 2

They're making Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3...........
I'm dying to see both of them.....

A "Punisher" sequel, for a movie that broke even at the box office? Lions Gate can't afford to be wasting money on sequels to non-grossing movies.

"Cabin Fever 2" was inevitable, just because it only cost $1.5 M to make, and raked in the dough. Horrible movie, IMO.

me too bout the potc sequels i just hope they reach the standard of the first one..

Depp said he is only doing one sequal. POTC was a terrible movie that was saved only because of a one mans performance


LOL @ RagesRemorse

How about Scary Movie 4, MIB 3, Batman vs. Superman, Jurassic Park 4, Harry Potter 4 and 5, James Bond 21,

They are also coming out with Flash Gordan and The Fantastic Four

again im just waiting for die hard 4 smile

o lord fantastic 4 is gonna suck cuz the invisible woman is ruined by jessica alba. also, they shouldnt make a POTC 3 if johnny depp isnt jack sparrow

I heard John Travolta is wanting to do another Pulp Fiction movie. Quentin Tarantino I heard is getting it together and it's gonna be more like a prequel about I think when Vincent Vega is in Amsterdam. I can't wait to see it since I'm a huge Pulp Fiction fan

Gory Game Lover
They are making a Red 4.

That would be awesome, could you provide a link where you got that from?

Chris Williams
I think Tobey will return for 4. I hope He does.Don't know about 5,6. Batman vs.SuperMan. I have only seen a couple of pictures.Batman Begins looks cool.When is X-men 3 comeing out? I heard 2005If not,what about 2006?

Chris Williams
Is there gonna be a SpiderMan-X-Men Movie?

Chris Williams
This is My gift,My curse.Who am I. I'm SpiderMan!

Chris Williams
Has anybody seen the Jett Li Previews of Hero?

Chris Williams
Are there going to be more Matrix Prequels?

Chris Williams
God forbid that Tobey ever leaves,but do You Guys think that the Guy who Plays SuperMan -Clark Kent on Smallville would make a good Peter Parker?


Sorry, that was harsh. What I meant to say is, calm down. Don't post so much. Especially dumb questions such as "Is there gonna be a SpiderMan-X-Men Movie?" and random unnecessary comments such as "This is My gift,My curse.Who am I. I'm SpiderMan!" and also, things that just don't belong here such as posting about Hero.

I second that.
ONE post is sufficient mate.

As for sequels, lets put a stop to them all !!
For the mostpart they only degrade the originals.

I saw on a site that X-men 3 was coming out in 2006. Summer time. In answer to Chris Williams first post. Nothing is in stone at this point because they do not have some of the actors signed. Notably Wolverine, Magneto, and Prof 'X'. They also said they would have to write a signifigantly larger role for Halle Barry because she is SUCH a big star now. I guess they didn't see Catwoman... wink Otherwise she might not be in the X3.

Underworld 2 is suppose to be coming out in 2005

what about saw 2

halloween time

Titanic 2........no expression

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