anyone adore less-publicized actors???

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i do... i like kristen stewartm she rox!!!!! also, max pirkis, and kevin clark are AWESOME!!!!!! (well, kevin's just hott!)

*stewart (no 'm'


sry, i keep messing up on stuff, lol

carmen argenziano

lil bitchiness
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yeah, i kinda figured that out after i posted, lol. silly me. embarrasment but yeah, i luv kristen stewart, max pirkis, and kevin clark, YEAH!!!!! why you ask? cuz they RAWK!!!!!!!

max pirkis isnt all that

hmmm....let me're another one of those stupid orlando/depp crazed fanatics who can't focus on anyone else bcuz, ur too way over obsessed as it prolly don't even know who max pirkis is....hmmm

hes from Master and Commander right?

i know who he is and M&C swas terible

Wood Harris & Maura Tierney are incredible.

i've someone in mind right now...

Hugh Dancy...hopefully soon he will be more 'publicized'.

whatever *scoffs*

Although John Patrick Amedori has been in 4 movies, many Indie films, many televion shows, has 3 upcoming movies, and a role on an upcoming episode of Joan of Arcadia, most people still don't know who he is. John is my favorite actor, even though he is less-publicized. I am almost positive that john won't be under-publicized for very long. His wonderful talent will soon be recognized!

he's been the hot ticket for a little while now. I think it's a bit unfair to call Amedori less publicized.

I know. He does have a lot of fans already. But, there are still people who have no idea who he is! He isn't as popular as Johnny and Orlando... yet. But, a lot of people don't know who he is, and that is the only reason I called him 'Less-Publicized'

Oh yeah. Lots of them, but here are 10 I can think of right off:

Catherine Bell
Julie Condra
Laura Harring
Hudson Leick
Rhada Mitchell
Rhona Mitra
Bobbie Phillips
Tiffany Shepis
Charlie Spradling
Keegan Connor Tracy

i think they deserve as much or more credit than big fans such as depp, bloom, jolie, lopez, etc. although all those guys are wonderful too...i just want everyone to be appreciated.

sharing the love,

what does it matter how famous or publicised they are.As long as they love what they do and do it well, they'll be appreciated by the people that really matter,there real fans the fans that appreciate them for there talent rather then just being famous.(if you get what i mean)

Jmaes Franco!!!!!

is Ewan McGregor over publisized (sp?)

I also like Michelle Rodriguez -ever since she did that Girl Fight movie.. and you dont hear a lot about her ...

i dont really care one way or another your very superficial if you do..

if they can act good i like them if not i dont thats about it other then that they are just a normal person and i only judge them on acting ability

^^ well said

and I loved the movie "Garden State"

I like Robert James Hoffman lll that boy's got skill's and he's kinda cute.

Happy birthday mornglory for 8 day's ago

I love Kevin Zegers wink


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