Movie Marathon

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Today was the last day of my unlimited rentals at Blockbuster sad My friend and I decided to take full advantage of it. A full day of doing nothing other than watching movies and the occasional break to eat or pick up more movies.

We rented:
Ichi the Killer
King of New York
The French Connection
Glengarry Glen Ross
Porky's 2

Quick thoughts on each:

Ichi the Killer - Very interesting. I like the idea of it and the gore was pretty cool. However, sometimes the gore brought it down just because of how corny it was, although even the corny scenes were entertaining in a humorous way. 6/10

King of New York - This f*cking ROCKED! It's like a New York version of Scarface (blacks rather than Cubans) and stars good ole Chris Walken (can't go wrong there). It starts off just mediocre but is great by the end. 9/10

The French Connection - I honestly was bored during this. Its suppose to be a classic but I wasn't impressed. I found myself not really caring during this and couldn't wait for it to end so I could start the next movie. I have never been a big fan of Gene Hackman and I was hoping this would be an exception... but nope. I think I don't like him because his acting is him constantly yelling and trying to be intense. He does it so much that it loses any effect to knock you back on your heels unexpectedly. 3/10

Glengarry Glen Ross - All star cast, all star acting. Only a cast of Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris and Alec Baldwin (briefly) can pull off a movie that has NO action. None, zero, zip. The movie is nothing but talking but the dialog is intriguing enough to make the movie enjoyable. 7/10

Porky's - Well, its Porky's. Not a work of art but fun. Personally, I like as far as comedies go and I think I like it more than the American Pie series. But since those movies aren't necessarily my genre, it is still only good enough to get 6/10

Shiner - I was starting to get tired by this time but it was still pretty good none the less. Michael Caine was right on as usual. 6/10

Porky's 2 - Well, its Porky's 2. Not a work of art... and not near as good as part 1. 4/10

rrrrit e the 2 marathon i have done is the star wars trilogoy and i watched finding nemo , pirates of the caribbean , league of extrodinary gentleman , jeepers creepers 2, the hulk on a school nite ... we started bout 8 at nite finished just in time to go to school

i had a johnny-depp-athon hee hee
we watched:
Benny and Joon
Whats eating gilbert grape
Don juan de Marco
From Hell
Edward Scissorhands
Sleepy Hollow
Nick of time
hee hee

i wish i was there

me 2 shifty

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