what do your friends say about you?

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well, what do your friends say are your best features? myne is

funny. (its the only thing im good at)

my eyes (they say i have perfect eyes!)
my eye colour eek! (theyre green and blue...no, not turquoise...but blue and green)
my eyebrows (i dunno why, but my friends love my eyebrows diva)
and my smile of course (specially sexy arthur here on kmc)

they say im mental

yeah id say that too stick out tongue

People really like my smile. Once a guy said to me that my smile saves the day big grin

oh yeah and that...i forgot! *sigh* arthur loves my smile....i save it just for him!

Personality - Funny, energetic... yet logical

Physically - "Don't let the 145-150lb fool you, he is stronger than he looks."

Lil' Backfire
Personality -> Sincere, sweet, and generally caring. A perfect shoulder to cry on... roll eyes (sarcastic) My highschool years sucked.

Physically -> Eyes (when you can see them), arms, and back. I was shocked and scared when I heard back too.

P.S. Back is my back, not my ass.

and hot eek!

Oh yeah, plus:

Personality - Nice and happy

Physically - Diseased

personality - weird

pysically - pale (honestly when i look it thr mirror i scare myself and i got dark patches around my eyes i look sorta gothic sometimes)

Personality: calm, funny, smart,weird stick out tongue ...and I've been said that I'm mysterious, which was fun stick out tongue

Physically: eyes, smile, hair

mentally unstable, aggresive, dangerous, brutal, sarcastic, cold as ice, too honest, intelligent, got big boobs, plays the piano, drinks too much vodka

characteristics by: pinsleepe

Suzie is: has big mouth, paranoid, histerical, somewhat attractive, learns too much, somewhat wise, miss-little-princess, obsessed with her hair, nice, helpful, good source of information, has moderately good taste.

characteristics by: Vampiree

Lil' Backfire
I get cute more then hot, but thank you. embarrasment


A good listener, courtious, well-mannered, good dresser, funny, smart, and (not sure if this is supposed to be a compliment, but) unique.

Also.. I have had girls tell me I have nice eyebrows. confused Um... thanks?

Samurai Girl
hmm cykey i always call u hott! dont i count.

my friends think im such a tease and they're SO right. but latley dana thinks im dreamy.

Justin my gay old roomie used to say i wud get any gay man to go straight. he says i have nice eyes the deepest blue he as seen.

Personality> Nice,Laid back, smart

Physically> umm...well my ex did say I had a good looking body (Does that count?) Otherwise nothing.

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