Things You Have Done, That You Now Regret

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Darth Sauron
Share them....
Give us the dirt

Blade Master
Telling my father that i hated him.
That's the last thing i ever said to him, he died in a car accident

Moo Cow
buying a huge stuffed pink flamingo, that was 24 dollars down the drain cry

lil bitchiness
I've done many things that were wrong, but something good came out of every bad thing ive, so i guess i dont regret it.

I cant really think of anything

Darth Sauron
Blade. hug cry Thats so sad sad Im sorry.

And the rest of you, dont lie no2

Blade Master
It's okay smile it was a long time ago

Darth Sauron
Its still a sad thing sad

Blade Master
yeah that's true sad

Darth Sauron
Well, im truly sorry to hear about that sad

But, maybe dwelling on it isnt the best idea yeah?

Blade Master
yeah you're probably right yes

Darth Sauron
As usual stick out tonguewink

Yeah Blade...that is really sad. Sorry to hear that. sad
My regret is quite opposite actually.
I told my father that i loved him and then he walked out of my life.
I should've known better than to trust that he would actually be any kind of father to me.

Royal Knight
I regret moving away for a week to Lake Havasu
it ended up not working out and someone really close to me lied to me

Darth Sauron

i regret telling a friend i never want to see her and her family ever again....

she was a good friend to me though i didnt appreciate it at the time . this was 10 years ago and i have no idea where she lives anymore .


i regret one tattoo, but i can cover it up so it's all good

why do i regret it???? i don't kno wat da hell it is

laughing idunno what i regret

I regret not breaking up with my fiancee sooner...

And then I regret not telling him something. When he found out I was dating someone afterwards, he asked me "what does he have that I don't?" I should have said; "do you want it alphabetically?"dev

laughing out loud

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.