Can headbanging make you stupider?

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Darth Revan
This is a really random question... Anyways... I was listening to some loud obnoxious music the other day and I was headbanging then my mom told me to do my math homework and I turned off the music, cracked open my math book, and just stared at the page for like 2 minutes before I remembered how to do it... So am I like hurting my brain or something by making it bounce around? confused

it just gives you a headache, thats all i know smile

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I think it actually does kill braincells, not to mention the fact that it's not good for your neck...

It doesn't hurt your braincells if you don't have a brain.

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Lets hope not! smart

Darth Revan

Darth Revan
that last post was to [email protected]

I wasn't talking only to you; it's for me also.

Darth Revan
That's ok I didn't really take it seriously

As lil said, let's hope not...its kind of a bad habit of mine wacko

Well anyway who cares about the brain; I mean It's nothing you really have to use right? big grin

of course not nimrod stick out tongue

Darth Revan
roll eyes (sarcastic)

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I know that their has been a couple deaths involved with headbanging. your brain is not made for that thing, but what the hell i'll still do it.

hmmmm.....Let me try and see........

when my brother headbangs sometimes he does it so hard he throws his head into a wall or the groundlaughing out loudlaughing out loudlaughing out loud

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i never head bang anyways no2


One time this person i shall not say! headbanged me with their knee (but not hard) cuz we were playing around and i started crying so if it doesnt make you stupider it sure makes pain!.... he felt really bad after cuz he made me cry and all the other guys were making fun of him

it absolutley does! I sometimes headband on a wall when I'm exasperated, and I sometimes have short-term memory loss and a split personality!

headbanging is fun tho...especially if ur hair is longer...
headbangin in the rain is the best! especially when ur rockin out at a concert.

headbanging in the middle of the park when it thunder and lightning is also verry good

I personally like headbanging on really strong winds.

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