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There are two files in my quarantine folder that won't delete and are growing by the second in filesize... Windows won't let me touch them, and every time I click out of the Norton dialogue about having a virus, it just keeps coming back... filenames AP0.htm and AP1.htm in directory CermProgram Files\Norton SystemWorks\Norton Antivirus\Quarantine\Incoming... how do I make it stop? It's gobbling all my disk space!

I can't find a single file with AP, htm or AP0, APO, or AP1 that corresponds with this.

but since they are in quarantine, shouldn't they stop doing what they do?
and can't you just delete them? not sure about norton but there are in others the option to delete the files in your quarantine

Jedi Priestess
Try AVG anti virus its free and a good one..I have Norton as well and it sucked....

Darth Sauron
Hmm, i have AVG and its done something it shouldnt

It says no viruses detected
so i go onto test results to a test i did the other night, and theres on trojan, and the status says its still infected.

Jedi Priestess
really? I have never ever had a prob with usually picked up the ones Norton missed messed

use something besides norton

They should stop, but they're not. The files keep getting bigger and bigger, and at one point I had 2 MB left on my HD. Not good. And every time Norton says "Norton AntiVirus has detected and removed a virus from your computer. The file was automatically deleted..." it comes back, and larger than before messed

A screen of the alert... I hit "OK" and these keep coming up, each time saying it was deleted... so obviously it wasn't.

go to the microsoft update and get all the security patches

Darth Sauron
Well to to start
type in the name
And then delete it manualy

(for further reference, that AP0 and AP1 thing is not the name of the virus, so that's not needed to tell it, the name of the virus is important and that's MHTMLRedir.Exploit .)

You are diagnosed with:


this contains HTML code that can download and execute programs without prompting you.

What to do?

Download this fix by microsoft
It addresses this problem, it makes sure the vulnerability in IE is covered so it will not happen again.

Because this is an exploit only, there are no removal instructions, since there is nothing to remove. This is a detection for the exploit, preventing the execution of malicious content on your computer. By detecting the exploit, it is prevented from running.

I asked around and pajoker (other forum) said that Cermwindows\web\desktop.html was the source when he had it. Though do mind that if you delete it, you'll have big problems with your desktop obviously (or so he says)

secondly, SirRocky told me:
In safe mode for all of it:

Ran HackThis, restarted (still in safe mode).... Than ran CWShredder.

Deleted all temporary internet files, cookies, and cleared history.

Still had the problem.... while still in safe mode.... ran Ad-aware.

Then everything was fixed.... had to restore Windows Media Player afterwards though.

So final solution that worked for me was running all 3, HackThis, CWShredder, and Ad-aware.


So, I would say that you definitly need to get that microsoft update to be safe and try CWShredder in safe mode or something.

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