Freak Accident!

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lil bitchiness
NISHINOMIYA, Hyogo -- A man died Sunday as another man who had leaped to his death from the top of a high-rise building landed on top of him, police said.

The 20-year-old part-timer died instantly when the 30-year-old man who jumped from a twelfth story landing fell on top of him.

The man who jumped also died instantly, but a friend who had been talking to the part-timer when the tragedy occurred was not harmed at all.

Police said the 30-year-old unemployed man leaped from the local government-run housing estate building, landing on the victim and killing them both shortly before 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police are looking into why the 30-year-old man had decided to commit suicide. (Mainichi and wire reports, Aug. 8, 2004)

Can you imagine talking to your work mate untill some guy suddenly falls on him and flattens him?
I know this is horrible, but I cant help but be amused embarrasment laughing out loud

What are the chances!?

cry milla i thought something had happened to you

no expression

thats insane...what are the chances of that...

lil bitchiness
Im ok Spencella happy Thanks for the consern! cry

Darth Sauron
fear Im scared to leave the house now!

not that i do anyway blink

spencella? i thought he was a expression

sex change?

lil bitchiness
oh FFS rolleyes1

ill go kill myself no expression

2 birds with one stone!

I guess so. no expression That would be really random... sad, but random.


I luv ur SIG DAVE123!!! sorry OTF embarrasment

merci beacoup happy

thank you Silver123.... i mean Silver_Tears, well at the moment wink

laughing out loud hinting at something luv? stick out tongue

And talk about God hating someone, poor guy no

lil bitchiness
im sorry but like...what are the chances, i cannot believe he didnt see it /hear it coming. Big fat guy going ''AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH' *splat*

I know I shouldn't laugh laughing out loud but I can't help it embarrasment

boy, that's gotta suck messed

lil bitchiness
I laughed too Spear embarrasment

It was murder suicide! detective

lil bitchiness
Yeah, if you landed on that guy, you'd probably live and kill that poor soul underneath you.

No pun intended naughty

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