question for bass players

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i've got some questions for you bass players out their. i'm thinking of getting one, but i need your opinion on something first

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What else (apart from how to play it) do you need an advice for?

well, i tried guitar, and i got really frusturated because i couldn't move from chords fast enough and i couldn't even get my fingers situated in some chords. do u think i will get frusturated with bass?? it isn't chords, is it?? i can read bass tab, and if i had to, i can read bass clef too. i'm playing the drums right now too, but that's getting a little frusturating. do u think i should by a bass??? will i get frusturated, or do u think i would be able to stick with it?? i don't wanna waste my money like i did on tha guitar

lil bitchiness
Bass is hard to learn! And it requiers a lot of practice.

I've been playing bass for 3 years now, and im still not excellent at it.

You need to practice moving your fingers, try playing anything by Chillies or by Tool.

In fact, try playing ''Schism'' by Tool. Then you'll see how hard it is to play bass well.

If you want to be really good at it, you need to know to play following peope's songs well

- Tool
- Rage against the Machine

For rytham and speed

- Glassjaw droolio
- Bjork
- System of a Down

those are good examples for beginners , but i think later you'd want to develop technic over speed

an Ibanez is a good bass for beginners...


1)Carl Thompson 4-string with a tremolo( my favorite bass)
2)Ibanez Gsr100 4-string
3)Warwick Rockbass Corvette 4-string
4)Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass 4-string
5)O.L.P. MM3 4-string
6)Cort JPS5 5-string
7)Carlo Robelli USB-896 6-string(prety cool bass)
8)Spector NS2000/5 5-string
9)Carlo Robelli SSBFL 4-string fretless

for amplification I use:

1)SWR Megoliath 8x10 cabinet
2)SWRSM-900 bass amplifier
3)SWR Power 750 power amp
4Gallien-Krueger G-K 700-RB

I also have lots of effect pedals and stuff but I dont like them, I prefer to plug my bass directly to the amp
(yeah i know... i'm a bass player freak)

for bass player i look up to Steve Harris(Iron Maiden), John Myung(Dream Theater) , Cliff Burton(Metallica) , Les Claypool(Primus), Geddy Lee(Rush),Chuck Schuldiner(Death--not a bass player but very influential on me--), Billy Sheehan(Mr. Big), Tony Levin( Peter Gabriel , King Crimson)

but dont get caught with the technical part of playing... what you'll need is to develop your own style and sound and have fun playing! that's what is all about

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Don't get too carried away folks... He posted this in the music forum, too. In other words, I'm trying to get him to go back to guitar wink ninja

Seriously though dude you can't expect to be good right away. Bass is going to be like anything else, and if you approach it the same way you apparently have with guitar and drums ("I can't shift between the chords fast enough," "I can't hit the high hat and the bass at the same time"wink, you're never going to play anything well. It's not that you can't, because almost everybody is physically capable of doing those things. You just need to work on it.. Start slowly, don't rush in and expect to be great the next day. Relax. You have plenty of time to learn an instrument.

That being said, I think bass is a really cool instrument, and it's not any easier than guitar and drums. If you want to play it, go ahead, but if you're just wanting to do it because you think it's easy, you won't succeed at it.

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