um, i need help with clovie and fallen jedi

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does anyone know her name?? i dont know it embarrasment
and also fallen jedi's!?

clovie is Klaudia

Yeah, it's clovie and FJ wink

coool name eek! klaudia!!!! thanx pin!

omg corran thanx so much!!!! eek!

You are the undisputed queen of useless threads, Misha.

Samurai Girl
yes but her threads are fun!

is there a difference between fun and useless? messed

Well, theres useless fun...

why thankyou sweety diva

well al i gotta go now proli b bback m,ayb 30 mins
luv yall,
xxoo misha!

my day is made, half the question is answered happy

your mean and grumpy!!!

but this one actually had a point eek!

Oi Misha, can I join your Gossip Club?

I can talk and talk and talk and talk about crap, lots. happy

of course! i was thinking of adding you but since i hadnt seen you in ages weep

ur real names michelle right....or am i just imagining things again eek!


big grin

It's actually Kerry, but you can call me MiniMisha if you want to happy

Ah, you might have gotten confused coz of Saucybird, you remember her? She was called Chelle and she was my Sexeh Sista in Crime and Seduction yes

MC Mike
SHe's almost in the Top 25 Thread Starters. messed

Oh dear god....

there must be a plot.. an evil plot behind this all! ninja

Who is? Misha?

Ya, not really a surprise roll eyes (sarcastic)

Clovie is gone. She questioned Razs authority.........All hail raz! *chants mindlessly*

MC Mike
Didn't she come back. blink

yeah, she's back. i just haven't seen her post much

sorry for bumping..

BUT WHAT THE F. IS THIS??????????????????????????????

what? clovie, misha needed your name for the sig, that's all.

i know she needed, she asked me, but i wasn't here at the moement..

but i really don't see a reason either to make a thread about it.. or to reveal personal info about me grr

ooo sum1 is p!ssed

Mighty Yoda

excuse me..
but is it so suprising that i didn't like the idea of ploting against me? What the f**k?

Mighty Yoda
i knew that

I know this girl called "may" she is a bit like that no expression




be happy

btw, i know fj's name, but i cant tell

go with it

i wanted it for that sig i made for you baby cry im sowwi cry

i know what did you want it for... confused

but making thread on that messed

it was back in the day when i made pointless threads .... im over it now erm
im sorry baby sad

if it helps, he told me he loved me eek!

Sun Ce
misha i will protect u, and suz too happy

but you could have asked someone... like in pm, you know? erm

eek! he did???? love

i know ... i wasnt thinking ... im sorry hug

and yes he did in_love
on camp, i called him every day, and he said stuff like
"i love you baby"
"i miss you baby"
"i cant wait till you come home!"

then today when i got home, he called me, and he said
"i was talking about you every day!"
"i love you sweety"
"i cant wait till monday"
oh hes so sweet clovie!

oh and i aksed to close this thread for you babe smile

ok, you're forgiven smile
and thanks happy closed

he did?? eek!
that was sooo sweet happy love

he is so sweet!

the day i left for camp, we were at school, and it was form period, and we were just about to go, but i couldnt leave without saying by to him, so i called him up and asked him to come meet me before i left wink
it was the toughest 4 days of my life cry being without him for that long was horrible weep

that's soooooo romantic cry

ive never been in love before. and the moment he told me he loved me, i knew i was in love!

so you are in love with him, or do you love him? confused

im having trouble deciding what the difference is!? embarrasment
i once knew, but my loss of memory got the better of me messed
please re-explain to me baby!

for me it is simple..
do you know any disadventages of him?

um ... i was thinking about it the other day, and i think the only thing i would change about him is his english erm he's pretty new to australia, and he's still learning his english, i mean he's really good ... its not really the language, but sometimes i cant understand what he's saying ... not because its bad english, but because of his accent!
but every day i can understand him more and more, and now i can understand 99% of what he says, on and off the phone stick out tongue
anyway, thats imroving every day, and im getting more used to it every day, so its not that big of a problem!?

so you are in love.
becouse the understanding problem is not his fault messed

in my opinion it looks like that.
when you're in love the other person is just perfect, and everything he does is great and so on..
when you really love someone you know what are weak sides about the person, but you as if don't care about it, coz he is too important to you despite of everything confused

yes, which is why i dont care about that problem erm

oh, so love is stronger!?
well maybe one day i will love him?
i mean, weve only been going out two or three months, and im surprised at how much we like each other.
maybe it's because, even though its such little time, we've been through so much! messed maybe?

good for you stick out tongue

yeah.. at least imho big grin
maybe, dunno... confused
that's very good happy

yhm... how much? messed

how much have we been through? confused

yeah... confused

well i guess ... its not really that we've been though heaps ... its that i totally trust him, and i respect him because of what we've been through confused let me try explain!

ok, theres been a suspicion of him cheating on me, and yeah i got really angry at him, until i heard the full and true story.
and as a result of that, once he called me on this phone and i was like 'oh its not his but ill put it in my phone book incase i need to call him, or incase he calls me from there again' so i did, and yesterday it came to use!
i called his mobile, but someone (i think his mum probly?) answered it, and said he wasnt there. so i decided to call the other phone, and this girl who sounded about my age(ish) answered and i said "uh is saadu there?" and i was really suspicious. anyway, i knew she was white by her voice, and the girl he "cheated" on me with was white, and i knew it was her! so i was really angry and all, but then i just knew not to be angry, you know!? because i trust him!
oh i cant explain it erm but thats one of the things.

another is what ive probly told you about 50 times, and its that he waited for me when i wasnt ready ... he was patient, and thats how i gained my respect for him!


how can you know if the person is white by their voice? messed
good you trust him happy (but i don't blink cry i'm sorry.. i'm worried about you)

yeah, you did stick out tongue

its not only that baby ... you have to know him, and the full story, but that would take about a whole month to explain, and i could never remember it all, and you know how bad i am at explaining things erm

how can i tell? oh its so easy messed i dont know how to explain it, but you can ... easilly!

okay... maybe you right... most probably you are..
i don't trust ppl confused generally.

i've never been thinking about it messed

anyway, he doesnt beleive in cheating ... or going out with more than one girl ... even if the other(s) know ...
i know i can trust him on that because
a) i would anyway, because of the way he says it
b) he's said it to my friends
c) i trust him anyway
d) this is the main reason, that should have anyone in doubt, out of doubt ... because he says it to his friends ... and a black guy that's a "playa" tells his friends! and if he tells his friends he's not then it HAS to be true smart

ok. a and c are the same laughing
b could be a lie confused
d i have no idea, but it sounds logical big grin

no no, i can tell when he's lying!
a is the way he said it
c is that i trust him overall
d its the ways of a black man wink

good for you smile
but it is still the same, you trust him overall, and the way he said it only makes you more sure about it stick out tongue
d no idea i don't know any messed

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