Why did Anakin switch sides?

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I know he turned into Dark Vader but why did he turn into the dark side?

Ghetto Goblin
please, don't be such a fool.

alright AAAAAAALRIGHT...this is a joke right? yes? please say yes...please?

i think this gets the "Usless Thread of the Year" award.
besides, when you got GG calling you a fool, its time to run home cryin laughing

Ghetto Goblin
don't be a fool PVS!

This is what happens when you are getting closer to the release of the film. You get Newbies galore!

"don't be a fool PVS!"


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yaaaaaaa, ummmmm, i'm gonna need to see you on saturday, annnnd uhhh, sunday too if your not too busyyyy. mmmm'kaaaay.

messed please...i love office space.....dont kill it for me messed

Dont always knock newbies, they come in many shapes and sizes, you have people like the person who posted this thread who I have no idea why they are even here if they know so little
Then there are people like myself that although new to this forum I've been 'around star wars' since I 1st saw it in 1977.
So it depends whether you mean newbie as in knows sod all or newbie as in new to the forum...
just my views for what they are worth.


BW I hope that reads as it's meant.......
It wasn't meant in in way to be nasty.


hopefully the creator of the thread returns to tell if he was serious or not

look, its not an elitist SW geek thing.
its just that it could have been a post to the many many MANY threads
focusing on anakin/vader...im even willing to forgive him saying "dark vader".

waynerobsonuk i hear ya.
newbie shouldn't be a derogatory term, as many people use it.
there are "newbies" and there are "stupid newbies"
most stupid people here are newbies, but most newbies here are not stupid people.

Ghetto Goblin
OMG he did, HA, he did.

pshh, what a foo-ell.

look who's calling the kettle black laughing

Ghetto Goblin
i didn't say anything about a kettle, literally.

we're making this newb's thread look good because of all of the posts.

signing out........... for now.

Jedi Priestess
now see that depends......for me the following are definitions

New peep: an intelligent person new to KMC that follows the rules and posts intelligently


Newbie: an intellectually challenged new person to the boards that opens tons of new and stupid threads

posts stupid replys in existing threads (usually their own comic stylings that are funny only to themselves)

opens a new thread on material already found in a existing thread but they were too lazy to scroll down or throughout the pages or heaven forbid eek! use the search button on the upper right hand corner,

and last but certainly not least.....
types their entire posts in web or teenspeak.....ie; wuts goin 2 hapin 2 vadur? messed English people.......ever hear of it? blink


"i didn't say anything about a kettle, literally."

no...its an old saying...you know...the pot calling the...aaaa forget it roll eyes (sarcastic)

Ghetto Goblin
well so far i haven't seen anyone type like that, oh, oops i am supposed to be gone.

well JP, i hope you are incorrect,
or i have some s*** to dish out to people who have referred to me
as a newbie.

Jedi Priestess
those are MY definitions PVS hun......and to me you are NEVER a newbie smile

love awwww shucks

i bet the mental giant that started this thread is going to check it soon,
and see all the replies.... eek! he'll probably think he sparked some huge debate and be all proud, patting himself on the back.

Ghetto Goblin
hence what i said, something similar that is.

why did he turn INTO the darkside?

well, you see...anakin forgot to make that right on "light side ave.", so he figured he could take the next right and make a u-turn on "dark side blvd"...but it was a one-way street...so there ya go.

Sith Master X

what about ghetto goblin??


god he needs stabbed with a fork.

ooh.. did i say that outloud??

Ghetto Goblin
i have been.

shut your retarted mouth.

seriously though..

you guys should ease up on this Tormentor 2004. the only thing worse than a newbie are arrogant condesending adults that get no greater joy than to rip on the new guy.

i mean this "Tormentor 2004" is quite possibly not from america and i'd wager is probably near the age of ten... i could be wrong

ghetto goblin, eat me you annoying puss.

Ghetto Goblin
that;s exactly what PVS does.

Ghetto Goblin


hmm.. and you contributed to at least 50% of the thread..

Ghetto Goblin
and i was talking to PVS for about 40% of my posts in this thread then about 7% to you and then 2% just stating something and then 1% to the thread maker person.

besides he pretty much does it to all newbs, and this is only my first time doing it to someone if you could even say that.

Darth Sauron
1- leave the guy alone.
2- your not exactly the oldest most experienced member here

Whats worse, a newbie, who doesnt know much about star wars but WANTS to learn

Or sombody who knows alot about it, and wont share.

Thats just arrogance

Ok, let's focus this back on topic, regardless of intent.

Besides which, this is a topic which bears exploration. Anakin falls to the Dark Side because of his fear. This is caused by a weakness from Anakin- he creates attachments. Now, as a weakess this seems unfair, because he forms attachments because he is a caring person.

But Anakin has little control over his emotion- furthermore, Jedi cannot afford such things, because emotion like that can be very dangerous for them. Anakin had great attachment to his mother, and when she died that was transferred to Padme, but he also has attachment to all sorts of things. He wants the Galaxy to be a better place, for a start.

When you have attachments, you fear to lose them. Anakin does not want to lose anything ever again, after the pain of his mother's passing. Fear is the path to the Dark Side. His need to protect his attachments will slowly erode his reason. Before long, his duty of care as a Jedi will become a forcible protection- and he is slipping to the Dark Side without seeing it. It will only take one catalyst to push him all the way- and we can lay odds that this will be in the new film.

Remember, when they forbid Jedi to love, it's not them being draconian. It's just that having a single person you focus your love on... it is too dangerous for a Jedi. It can take you down, and Anakin's love WILL take him down. Sad, but that is the Jedi life. Anakin, putting himself above others, has broken that rule; the Galaxy will pay.

Sith Master X
That was well said Ush.


Ghetto Goblin
yep, ya, yo, ya verilly, totally, the one Oh Oh percent, any of those.

or in other word(s)...


LOL ush big grin

you pretty much explained anakins fall to a tee...not really room for debate there.

and i must apologise in advanced for swaying back off topic for this, but i have to say it:

now for you GG, i wish i could say i took offense to your comment on me "eating" another person posting here, but i dont care...i really don't.

the only time you managed to get a rise out of me was when you commented that i probably copied someone elses artwork. now you must understand that telling that to an artist is like calling them an absolute fraud in everything they stand for. but that doesnt matter. you said what you said, and you won't admit it, let alone apologise...but this is just a forum, people like you are going to take advantage of the anonymous nature of these sites, and i have accepted this.

but now you choose to answer EVERY single post i put up like you are my f'n shadow, and i find it irritating. that is the reason for less than favorable replies to you.
i don't seek out your posts to squash them, i just want you to stop pretending to be my 'amigo'.

and whoever would choose to get 'high and mighty' and point the finger of blame at me, just check my posts and you will see that 99% rest neatly atop GG's post.

sorry if that makes you feel bad GG, but you could have been a man and apologised, but you chose to play stupid. therefore, i have nothing to say to you...besides the usual "please leave me alone" that is.

sorry, i had to say it...hope i didnt ruffle any feathers here.

LOL.. i seriously thought you two were buddies too...

coz the dark side paid a better wage stick out tongue

Ghetto Goblin
ok, i said sorry but i'll say it again. sorry.

can we pleaz stop all of the hating and mature.

and i really didn't mean to call you a fraud, your great at what ever you do.

all the bad is now in the past.

and you just happen to post before me, i post after a munch of people, but if you don't want me to, i just won't say anything related to what you say, and stay away, every time i see that you post, i say to myself, "don't post after him, he'll say SOMETHING what ever it is, i won't like it." but i do anyways, and when i do, i try to comment you or say something nice so you don't hate me or anything anymore.


dude, there is no hating, and no need for a "truce". i don't care enough to hate anyone on a forum. i just want you to stop being my tagalong. that doesnt mean i will be irritated if your post HAPPENS to be after mine or if you have something intelligent or remotely amusing to say in response to my post.

and no, you never did say sorry...but whatever...a lukewarm apology is better than none at all i guess.


as far as the statement on how we should not be so mean as to bash threads such as this, i must agree. there is no need for flat out insults. but i do feel some ribbing is in order.

see, it is true that those who would ridicule others for having no knowledge of star wars are being morons. everyone has a right to be here, and thats that.

but in the case of creating threads, this philosophy does not apply.

when someone just comes to this forum for the first time and just slaps a thread on asking a question or making a statement which has been explored on many other threads, on the same page no less, it exhibits a total lack of interest in the forum. and they just turn it into a personal "dear abby" forum on star wars. the knowledge of simple facts and theories, along with juicy images are here for the taking. one just has to take a slight interest and look for it. otherwise, what is the purpose of this forum? it may as well be an irc q&a session.

and as far as the age of the poster validating the meaningless nature of this thread, don't go there. i have a 4 year old neice who thinks yoda is just adorable, which means she has a valid interest in star wars. so, according to that phylosophy, she can just come here and make a thread called "kjkjdhfkgjhfh...etc" and you would all just have to put up with it, because she's only 4 and doesnt know any better.

Ok, ok, geez, can we stick to on-topic statements now? Else I shall have to close.

jus bcuz u giz watched it didnt meen i did my cuzzin jus told me ogsh


Ghetto Goblin
wo wo wo, type normal please, i understand what you say but, ya.

ok ok allow me...

tormentor, i hope our ribbing didn't get you turned off to this forum.
just be mindful of the threads you post, and their usefulness, thats all.
the many answers and theories to help you understand anakin's downfall
are within these threads, you just have to browse and find them, and when
you do, then that particular thread is the place to post a question such as the one you are asking. you should only create a new thread to present a new topic/idea/theory/survey/contest...etc

also, most people here prefer that you type in regular english, so that the
old timers can understand what you're saying.

thats all, no biggie

Darth Sauron
****s sake leave him alone. btw, for sombody saying 'type normal' the word is whoah*
no wo wo wo.

Seems the star wars forum isnt as friendly as i first thought....

Darth Sauron
Ush, sombody, close this thread its just sickening.

God, I wish all of you were welcomed like that....just becasuse he is new doesnt mean he doesnt have feelings you know.


Yes, well, one way or another, this thread has run its course. Do try and be less aggressive in future- and I like things to be kept solidly on topic around here. Closing.

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