Lil's Absolute Fashion Disaster!

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lil bitchiness
OMG! I hate rain! mad

Today was rain's glory over me, i hope that goddamned cloud that poured all that rain on me is happy! mad

Ok, I had to go and meet a friend, who was a guy as it happens, and the most horrible and embarrassing thing happened.

I set off from home nice and early, and i wore my light brand new ''Criminal Damage'' trousers diva which i just bought. They are very light, as they are for summer time. cool

So I set off and this one time i decided to get a bus to the city, seeing how me driving there would have taken forever (thank god for the bus lanes), and this one time i decided to take a bus, it decided to rain. And I dont mean little rain, I mean it was pouring down!

I got absolutely and utterly soaked, but thats not the worst of it, my trousers, my super light sexy Criminal Damage cream trousers, got absolutely positively soaking wet...and since they became wet the also became...SEE THROUGH! Argh!! mad Could it have gotten any worse!

Thank god I wore my white under ware, and to think i was thinking of waring the red ones...oh the humanity!

So, im stood there, waiting for my friend, absolutely soaking wet, my hair is half wet, half dry, which is worse than it being totally wet, my pants are soaked and see through, and are sticking to me, my sneakers are full with water and every time i walk, they make a stupid noise! mad

mad My friend was cute, by the way! mad


I rule
Whoa that must suck shock

NO!! thats horrible cry

u hate me?!?!?!

could have been worse.....

could have been acid rain...

could have been worse.... could have been no underwear yes

lil bitchiness
Thats not very comforting Spencella cry

yeah it is yes it could have been soooo much more embaressing

MC Mike
I'll punish the rain god! crazy

Darth Sauron

Thats why we have weathermen yes

it hasn't rained in California for 3 months....maybe 4. big grin

Lesson of the day class??? No underwear!!!

The humanity cry *faints*

Times are hard for you babe! winkiss

lil bitchiness
It was beyond tragic! Stuff like that warent supposed to happen to lil bitchiness cry

Darth Revan
Rain is the shiznit. Unless it rains on Milla of course diva

you know, b... i tried to paint a horrible picture of you from your description but i ended up wiping drool off my chin droolio

can't stop the rain smokin'

no idea why i said that. i just always thought it sounded cool so i posted it...

Moral of lils story:

God pisses on people who use public transportation! yes

Master Revan
i wish i had that rain here in phoenix! sad

lil bitchiness
mad You earth muderermad

Im trying to protect our mother earth by using public transport and reducing polution mad

John> It wasnt sexy...that was the problem cry

lil bitchiness
I love rain when im inside wrapped up in a blanket with hot choclate and Daryl..or wrapped arround Daryl its all the same droolio

Oh pahlease! Save the nature talk for your next Gaia meeting! *snap snap*

You like riding the bus cuz the smell of decrepit hobos gets you hot! stick out tongue

lil bitchiness
I dont live in Texas, hobos here dont ride buses! stick out tongue

Besides, riding a train and a bus is what students do...diva

You need to visit England Tex, there is a world outside Texas! winkiss

lil bitchiness
Thats why i want you so droolio

laughing out loud

stick out tongue

Darth Revan

that is quite impossible droolio

lil bitchiness
Thank you John! diva

i just noticed that i f*cked up my droolio... so i'm gonna try it again...

Tired Hiker
You should have wore the red underwear. It would have been sexier. erm

Ohhh that's a shame, lil sad

no expression

*is sad for lil....*

*kills self*

no, wait! kill one of your cocks instead!

no expression then i would be lying if i said no animals were harmed

but you're done making your signature. it's all a technical loophole.

thumb up sweet *kills cock*

woo hoo! Happy Dance

big grin

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