Worst Cast for Kill Bill!

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Do you think this is the worst possible cast for Kill Bill?

Queen Latifah as Vernita Green

Anna Nicole Smith as Elle Driver

Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) as Pai Mei

Adrew Dice Clay as Budd

Margaret Cho as O-Ren Ishii

Fran Dreshcher as Sofie Fatale

Willie Nelson as Bill

Paris Hilton as The Bride

Can you pick an even worst cast? stick out tongue

Paris Hilton as the bride...OMG,that would ruin the movie...

Ben Afffleck as Bill

Matt Damon as Budd

Gwyneth Paltrow as the Bride

Martin Lawrence (in drag) as Vernita Green

Bea Arthur as Elle Driver

Linda Hunt as O-ren Ishii

Jessica Alba as Sofie Fatale

Orlando Bloom as Pai Mei

Jim Carrey as Bill

Robin Williams as Budd

Nicole Kidman as the Bride

the black woman from scary movies as Vernita Green

Penelope cruz as Elle Driver

Ming Na as O-ren Ishii

Famke Janssen as Sofie Fatale

Andy Dick as Pai Mei

lmao!! this is hilarious!!
i'll have to give it some thought

I have to say that I agree full heartedly that Ben Afffleck as Bill would be so horrid! lol!

The only good part Ben might had played would be a member of the Crazy 88. Wears a mask and get's kill in 2 seconds. He's perfect for the part. stick out tongue

Keanu Reeves as Pai Mei (he knows Kung Fu... my ass)

William Shatner as Budd (actually, that could work)... ok, how about Orlando Bloom (he's a pussy while Budd is bad ass)

The fat black b*tch from "The View" as Vernita Green

I agree with Fran Dreshcher as being bad for Sophie

The little girl from "Dickie Roberts" as the Bride's daughter

Kelly Ripa as The Bride

Michael Moore as Bill

Hugh Heffener as Bill

Mike Myers as Bud

Pamala Anderson as The Bride "aka. Beatrix Kiddo"

Dakota Fanning as "Amanda Whorehouse"

O-Ren played by that dude who played leader of crazy 88 and pai-mei

Elle Driver played by Julia Roberts

Anna nicole smith as that chick who shows off **** in the bar.

Raven plays Vernita Green

(sorry having a off day wit spelling.)

Pamela Anderson as Vernita Green

J.Lo as Elle Driver

Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) as Pai Mei

Johnny Deppas Budd

Margaret Cho as O-Ren Ishii

Fran Dreshcher as Sofie Fatale

Will Smith as Bill

Micheal Jackson as The Bride

Clay Aiken as Bill
Clay Aiken as the Bride

I'm not sure which would be worst

Royal Knight
William Shatner as Bill laughing out loud...now that would be funny

Oh crap, that last American Idol winner (the black chick) would be a horrible Vernita Green.

HAHAHA! That really is Funny!

The movie will be call..... Kill Kirk Vol.1 stick out tongue

WindDancer has the worst cast so far.

Rossanne-the Bride

Bill Gates - Bill

Johnny Knoxvile - Pei Mei

Janet Jackson - O Ren

Oprah - Vernita Green

Louie Anderson - Bud

and Orlando Bloom as Sofia Fatal

Ha! We have a new champion! (Louie Anderson...you nut!)

How about...

Jerry Reed as Bill

Julie Hagerty as the Bride

Yeardley Smith as O-Ren

Gary Coleman as Budd

Cloris Leachman as Vernita

Bob Denver as Elle

I think that Emma Watson would make a great Go Go Yubari. wink

andy dick as bill...

that would be terrible!

how about andy dick as pei mai

Arnold Swarzenegger as Bill

Would be hilarious with his accent.

The Bride-Hilary Duff
Bill-Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Budd-Pat Sajack
Oren-Britney Spears
Elle-Lindsay Lohan
Vernita-Tyra Banks
Sofie-Vanna White
Buck-Bob Barker
Pei Mai-Andy Richter


I can soooo see Hilary cutting her way through the Crazy 88

lmao.. that would make a great kill bill spoof.. if they ever did a hollywood quality one..

and she'd have to cut her way through lindsay as elle->fighting over bill just like they fight over aaron carter.

Lord Soth
George Bush as Bill

Jeb Bush as Budd

Missy Elliot as Vernita Green

Paris Hilton as Elle Driver

Jessica Simpson as O-Ren Ishii

Jim Carrey as Pai Mei

Linsay Lohan as Gogo

Cheech Marin as Hattori Hanzou

Dakota Fanning as B.B.

Darth Sauron
Mculkin as bill wink

....I've never thought of that before,wow....hmm...Lohan dressed up like a school girl....

Ronnie Van Zant
Larry the Cable Guy- Budd

Bill Engvall- BiLL

Ron White- Pai Mei

Jeff Foxworthy- Earl McGraw

Ronnie Van Zant
if yall dont know who these fellers are watch the blue collar comedy tour or blue collar TV

It already had a pretty awful cast with the exception of a few actors. Come on - Carradine? Anyone remember Kung Fu : The Legend Continues?

And why has no one else noticed that in Kill Bill Vol. 1 at least 95% of all asian men in the movie wear masks - ala Bruce Lee as Kato in the Green Hornet series. Supposedly they never shot any scenes of bruce with his mask off because America wasn't ready for an Asian actor. Isn't that racist? Why would Quentin propogate this cultural blunder? ANSWER: He probably didn't know, he was too busy stealing other people's ideas and using his Hollywood pull to effectively make a boring "Mix movie".

i think the worst cast would be eddie murphy playing everyone like in nutty professor or whatever that films called


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