Give a Shoutout to your good friends on KMC and tell how much they mean to you!

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Here are my shoutouts!

Mysitfyer- Good times grl! Best friends forever!rock
TheTerminator- Hey there SexySkater! Your ma Skater Boi!love
I Rule- Nice and Sweethappy

Darth Revan- we need to sacrifice more things man wink no expression

VAMPY!!!! I WANT MY BOOK BACK! I'M LEAVING ON SATURDAY! so you have some time. i know you don't read it.

Samurai Girl
Scottie your my world...and i love you make me laff your the best...........well second best but u know wat i mean

Alrighty, time now for...:

Nicci, where oh where to begin, such little time, yet so much together, your the best, even better then myself stick out tongue

FJ always the wild one, and John obsessmuch. stick out tongue

Korri, first off: Neo Obsessmuch, and always an adventure with you, AND I WANT IN THE KMC NEWSPAPER! eek!

And others who aren't always here.


Ok..lets ne nice nowyes

Samurai Girl
i was

i was nice no expression

I could have been nicer stick out tongue

Yes you wereyes....throws dog treatlaughing out loud

Lil' Backfire
big grin

Samurai Girl: kisses Im never letting go.
RaventheOnly: EVIL! evil face
Linkalicious: You stud!
Delicious1: Whats the story, Morning Glory?
Princetongrl: Smile. big grin

Lil' Backfire- Indeed

Samurai Girl
scott- im not letting go either...

kofmaster, you are not a loser, even in vamps said that.
Lil' Backfire, the wedding is on august 22. i don't know if i already told you.

no expression stay away armenia stay away from those bunnys

uhhhhhhhhh eerm hey *walks out*

PRK- i still haven't found your duckie no expression where the hell is it! droolio

HH- i dont know but dont cook the damn this or your looose you man hood droolio

droolio droolio droolio droolio [/

paola- you are my favortie and the best mod ever!

Lil' Backfire
HockeyHorror: You are a cool guy... you bastard. laughing

You are my nizzle fo shizzle

no expression i support all forms of violence my nizzle dizzle big grin no expression

Lil' Backfire
Word... I feel you, I feel you.

*Secret gangster handshake*

Lets go pull a little 187 up in some hataz asses, OG.

fo shizzle no expression

Samurai Girl
scott winkiss

johnie leave sum bloody rooby racks or your arse is grass.

byeee both

Kella- How are you my wonderful sister. You r0ck.

SeptemberRain- Hey, you're my best, and basically ONLY real guy friend on here. Im really close to you.

Ok here is mine:

JP-*poke* I love ya lots hun, you're a good friend

Sniper-Don't lose the collection. wink

John-*hugs and kisses* love ya babe

Sean- *10 minute wet* you're one of my best friends on here

RJ-here's some chocolate for the road *hands it to him* wink

Robbie-You blonde stick out tongue j/p You're a good friend too

FJ-Fun times girl wink What about our mud fight? laughing out loud and good luck with you know who

Syren-Sisters forever. Love ya lots girl

Misha-You're still my friend too. All of our past guy chats were lots of fun stick out tongue

Charz-I love ya girlie, you're a good friend smile

OK, I know..the list is long, but hey..too bad stick out tongue

I rule
Yay Im blonde no expression Which is not true but thanks chels smile

mines are sexyblonde my babygirl,yuna33,fallenjedi and *thinking* stick out tongue

happy...thanks theterminatorx

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