Anyone seen The Last Unicorn ( 1982)?

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It's a great and underappreciated animated fantasy drama about a unicorn who thinks she is the last of her kind as she adventures into the dangerous but magical world beyond her to find the others of her kind, along her way she meets a handful of characters including a wizard who magically transforms her into a beautiful human maidan to fool the bad guys who have the unicorns of the world secretly hostage, then when a local prince falls in love with her, she must make a 3-day decision of weither being in love and human forever or save the unicorns.

It's a unique and one-of-a-kind animated movie that has an appeal to both genders and adults alike, it has the voices of Mia Farrow, Christopher Lee, Jeff Bridges, Alan Arkin, Robert Klein ( from " Tales from The Darkside: The Movie"wink Angela Lansbury, and Rene Aubejenos ( from "Star Trek: Deep Space 9" known as Odo), a cool soundtrack by "America", sadness, humor, adventure, romance and not to mention, one of the sexiest cartoon chicks any guy will see and she even gets half-naked in this movie too big grin

I strongly recommend this underappreciated cult masterpiece including the original novel by Peter S. Beagle, there is going to be a big budget live-action remake due out in 2006.

Similar movies recommended if your a fan of TLU ( Last Unicorn for short): " The Secret of NIMH" (Another 1982 animated fantasy masterpiece), " Legend", " The Dark Crystal", " Labyrinth", " The Princess Bride", " The Wizard of Oz", "Return to Oz", "Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory", " Howard The Duck", "Army of Darkness", " E.T.", " Excalibur", " The Flight of Dragons", " The Hobbit", " Harry Potter", " Mulan" and " Lord of the Rings".

I never knew that Robet Klein played the voice of the butterfly in "The Last Unicorn", and that he was in "Tales from the Darkside: the Movie". In fact, it's something Robert Klein would like to forget, especially when compared with his vast career in comedy and theater.

In Roger Ebert's movie glossary, he mentions that a video box for a movie will sometimes give the most recent contribution of an actor, even if it's from an atypically bad movie that doesn't fairly compare with the actor's otherwise distinguished body of work (Laurence "The Betsy" Olivier).

Here is a sample of that glossary, chock full of movie cliches. Funny stuff!

And, just so I can keep the thread slightly on-topic: although I didn't see "The Last Unicorn", I did see (and enjoy) most of the others you listed at the bottom. Fantasy realm movies are far and few between these days (Harry Potter and LOTR being the exceptions, of course); I wonder if, after the current trend dies out, what the next one will be.

Oh, ye-es. And let us not forget the live action version which should be released next year. While Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is taking over the role essayed by Alan Arkin in the animated film, they are trying to bring back as many people as they can from the animated version, including Christopher Lee, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, and Rene Auberjonois

*chokes to death*

this was one of my child-hood favorites and now that I'm older I can appreciate the beauty of it.. the animation is.. some of the most beautiful work I've ever seen.. all the red bull stuff was just.. magnificent.

I miss that movie. It's so unbelievably beautiful *sigh*

I think i saw it when i was like 5 years old.

The last unicorn is one of my favourites, as are practically all the films you mentioned Johnlindsey, the flight of dragons and princess bride in particular, I love the music for those films as well, I'm a bit worried about the music for the live action version of TLU, though the unicorn looks pretty cool as do all the settings, costumes etc. I've been keeping track for ages on the website.
P.S. I think Neverending Story should be added to your list! wink

I have not seen it, but i did read the book.

Freddy Lover
i did when i was little...

i remember a movie called the harrod experiment with james whitmore, a good actor in my opinion. i never really forgave him after he made that movie, but he won be back after shawshank redemption. it was the first and only time i ever recall walking out on a movie 1/2 way through, on the experiment movie, not shawshank!

Heck yeah.. I used to LOVE this movie when i was a tiny child. Viewing it now...some of it is a bit scarey. I loved America's music.

I LOVE the Last Uni.....(** nostalgia sets in **)

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