WHo would make an awesome bad guy or vampire?

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Okay... I seriously am having issues with this question.

Who would make a great bad guy? More specifically... who would make a great vampire bad guy?

Then who do you think would best play the good guy against this bad guy?

Any ideas?

like a calbrity or ur book

me the bad guy, me the good guy, alter ego ness big grin

BOPRecruit 16

Colin Farrell
Stephen Dorff
Scott Cooper
Brad Pitt
Johnny Depp
Viggo Mortensen
Michael Rosenbaum
Brett Scalionn (of Fuel)
James Marsen
Aaron Stanford
Riley Smith
Ian Solmerhalder
Johnny Rzeznik (of the Goo Goo Dolls)
Adam Guther (of Three Days Grace
Leonardo DiCaprio
Myles Kennedy (of Alter Bridge)
Brendan Fehr
Shane West
Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback)
Kiefer Sutherland
Dallas Smith (of Default)
Wesley Snipes
Hayden Christensen
James Franco
Dave Navarro (of Jane's Addiction)
Mehki Phifer
(...and more...)

chilled monkey
Jessica Alba or Alyson Hannigan would be really good as evil vampires. Adrian Paul as well. He played a good vampire once, so he'd be great as a bad vamp.

Princess Re
hmm....a girl with powers? or one that can kick a**? or me???

shane west? really? i dont think so confused

Princess Re
keanu reeves???? i think he would rock!

i had Viggo as the good guy....big grin

I thought maybe Oded Fehr as the vamp bad guy....

Gary Oldman was the best vampire ever in my opinion...but that's just me. stick out tongue

its for a story I'm working on....i need to imagine faces to my guys... otherwise I lose inspiration.... I'm weird like that...i dunno.

Christopher Walken and Colin Farell.messed

BOPRecruit 16
Female Vampires (Good/Bad)

Kate Beckinsale
Julie Benz
Jada Pinkett Smith
Amy Lee
Michelle Rodriequez
Sophia Bush
Liz Phair
Catherine Heigl
Majandra Delfino
Ashley Scott
Dina Meyer
Alyssa Milano
Rose McGowan
Eva Mendes
(...and more...)

Who's Oded Fehr, Kella? confused Could you post a pic or something? I might know him by his face...

sure...lemmie go find one...but uhm...if you've ever seen The Mummy with Brendan Fraser...you've seen him. he was the Madji with the tats on his face. I'll find a pic. big grin

Oooh! I know who you're talking about. I loved the Madji guy. yes

here's a pic of him. big grin

Yeah, I know who he is now. He looks like he'd be a pretty good vampire. yes

yeah...i likey. So him as a bad guy and Viggo as the kick butt good guy? Ya think? I got some really good ideas from the others on here... so maybe I could work it out...I don't know.

That sounds good. stick out tongue

I think David Bowie would be kool

ooh yeah...David Bowie would rock!

Merry Lover
Yeah, but he seriously sucked as Sirius... sad

A good vampire would be Viggo Mortensen...Sorry Kella big grin
And the good guy against him... I dunno...

BOPRecruit 16
gary oldman has played a vampire before? blink when and what movie?

definetely JAMES MARSTERS as bad vampire..
for good guy it should be DAVID BOREANAZ... (i luv them both but Spike rocksss)...

Angelina Jolie would be a perfect Evil Vampire mistress.

Vin Diesel would make one mean looking vampire. Not the romantic type but the kind that is more vicious and destructive.

Uhm..Bram Stoker's Dracula. blink He rocked in it. Definitely born for that part. messed

Anthony Hopkins would make a great vampire! smile

ooh....you're right....big grin

Hey all I have to say is Kate beckinsale makes a great vampire!

David Bowie would but cool but i think Stephen Dorff only because he has played a bad guy before and he did a really good job

yep..Stephen Dorff rockss too..
he was great as Frost...

brad pitt
tom cruise were great in interview with the vampire and i agree angelina jolie looks like a ecvil vamp ta me

Little Vamp
WRONG! she makes a GREAT vampire! Happy Dance Happy Dance

Wesley Snipes

Uhm...That's exactly what she said. confused

Who would make the best vampire? hmm..Me and Joaquin Phoenix...So we could live eternally and be together for all of time and he'd never grow old, Nor would I. His gorgeous looks and shy factors would forever remain.

THE G-O-D Happy Dance BRAD PITT Happy Dance as ~BAD GUY~ in #FIGHT CLUB# and as ~VAMPIRE~ in >Interview with the Vampire< stick out tongue

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