Review : American Splendor

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American Splendor


Paul Giamatti... Harvey Pekar
Hope Davis... Joyce Pekar

Based On: The comic book series "American Splendor" by Harvey Pekar


American Splendor is the story of a little-known working-class everyman, and firs-class curmudgeon, Harvey Pekar. Pekar finds love, family and a creative voice through the underground comic books he creates, but still can't manage to find the quicker supermarket checkout line. Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff. Also appearing in the movie are the real Harvey and Joyce, comic book renderings of the couple, and cameos by some of Harvey's closest friends. In this truly original, ultimately heartwarming film, you will find yourself deeply immeresed in a world of American Splendor


You really have to be in a mood to watch this movie, that is if you're infatuated with seeing the negative side of everything --as I am. The word 'depressed' tends to pop up alot in this movie. If you're looking for a 'ulimatley heartwarming film' (as said on the BACK OF THE BOX) you won't be too pleased with the summary that was given. You can't help but feel for this character -Harvey Pekar- and knowing that he was a real person makes it even harder not to care. At first you think 'my god this is the most self-centered character I've ever seen' but by the end everything he did really makes sense. It's sad when you see yourself relating to Harvey Pekar.. he's not one you'd want to relate with. Near then end, I really didn't see why they didn't end it at such moments. It's narrarated by the real Harvey Pekar, and so much of his dialouge near the end is made to sound like the movie is winding down, the scene fades and you expect to see credits but it goes on for another fifteen minutes. I'm sure the people who were writing the movie thought it was the kind that you want to know what happened to the character in the end, about everything. But really it didn't feel like one of those "well in the end I learned".. so an ending like that wasn't very appealing.


I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars.. it was entertaining and the characters were well presented but the ending was a bit shabby and they really shouldn't mess around with what it really is on the back of the box. It's really meant for someone who has been reading into the phrase "Misery loves company" --that is, if you're depressed you'll probably enjoy this more. This is anything but a "ultimatley heartwarming film" I do applaud Paul Giamatti though.

Note: I wasn't recommended this movie, the poster was hanging in my local video store and everytime I saw it I said to myself "I should rent that" and finally did. I recommend this but it doesn't come as a shock to me if you've never heard of it before.

I think this topic has been done br.

anyway i thought this film was the best film of the year of 2003.

it's been done? damn.

great movie yes

havent seen it no

see it.

its awsome

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