To Boldly Go Where No PC Has Ever Gone Before.....Back In Time!

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Darth Sauron
My pc has seriously gone back in time

The wallpaper changed to what it was months ago....all files i creted since then have been deleted
My Msn password has changed to what it was then
ICQ and virus scanners i have wont open because -they didnt exist then-

Help cry

scan for a virus or ... have you done a system restore?

Darth Sauron
I cant scan for a virus....i dont have a virus scanner anymore

I try to get one but it needs an email address to send a confirmation link to, i cant get in there as my password changed.

System restore? How would i go about that?

that avg free one, just make a new hotmail account wink

shock that's weird...

Darth Sauron
I cant
thats the problem

It says page cannot be displayed.

To get a hotmail account again i need avg
to get avg i need hotmail

Its a vicous cycle of time traveling machines

Its like terminator...only im not dead....yet

Darth Sauron
Y'dont say. Im sitting here shitting myself all over the computer...maybe thats the problem stick out tongue

clear your cookies and check again

or go on another pc, create an account there, download AVG, place it on CD ROM, get to your pc, install it from there and do a run

Darth Sauron
Or i could just get another special persons email address and send it there and they give me the link and number yes

Which means i dont have to leave my computer chair (13 days straight now stick out tongue)

Also, i have a screenshot of something
I tried to run the IE 6 startup and it says that it was replaced by older files by a program i ran
I havent ran any program!


Is what it says it is.....

you mean... you miss that DLL?

if so, get it here:

Darth Sauron
I dont know, i have it...well if i go to start-find-files- Its there.

But this is what it says
what do you make of it?

I take your not on XP?

well, did the restart?

but from what I read, it needs the newest file there is, so if you download the latest version it should be ok

Darth Sauron
I have shut my pc down and started it up like....three, four times since then....

well, did you download the DLL ?

Darth Sauron
Im waiting for Avg to finishes downloading again
Then will delete any viri
Then will come the downloading many things smile

and spyware check...

Darth Sauron
Im doing it wink

Spyware was horrifying last night
I checked and i was registered to things i have never heard of.....

the disadvantages of seeing porn huh wink

i told him not to click on that link...really sauron what is the fascination for ? stick out tongue

Darth Sauron mean there are disadvantages fear

Sweet jesus!

Fea- Liar, you gave me the link stick out tongue

Btw---what is this baby?

Install Sygate Antivirus Personal Software, this program have this dll file, when you install this software (demo version) search the archive IDSTRAFFICPIPE.DLL and copy this file in cermwindows\system\

Darth Sauron
And where would i find sygate anti virus personal software?

I take

Darth Sauron
That bloody downloader swizz thing!


Three times it has infected me

Must...kill it.....

make sure you install sygate's firewall...pretty fair program

you what in the what now?

Fanor lost me^^

try to install adaware and spyblaster too

Darth Sauron
Well trojan horse downloader swizzila

infected my computer twice before this

And now its on my PC three times,,,,Healed and virus vaulted it.

God-damn these viruse making people....

laughing out loud

MAN YOU ARE... I mean.. Here!!

it sounds horrible sad
i hope you'll figure it out.

(i would reinstall windows laughing out loud )

Agent Elrond
get a better firewall, or avoid risky sites, ie porn

Jedi Priestess
I'd really like to know where you peeps pick all this crap up all the time? I have never in the 7 years I have been online picked up this kind of computer disabling crap. messed

Silver Stardust
Did something in the registry possibly get messed up? Because our comp did some funky time travel and it just turned out that my stepdad had been messing with the registry (no idea why he did...but he did).

I have to ask: are the current date and time correct? Just curious...

Darth Sauron
Actually sil star, thats what happened
i started it up, and you know the windows screen thing where it say 'you didnt shut your PC down properly'

Well one similar to that came up...and was saying 'checking/updating registry'

Then *poof* Back to the stone age.

TOH they are now, but before they were like....'daylight saving hours' and sometime in march

Darth Sauron
Hey yerss, i cant find the anti virus sygate i cant get that dll file sad
Do you have a direct link?

Darth Sauron
Holy shit, my speakers have been deleted....

Darth Sauron

may i suggest sth?
get a second disc, copy al the important files (eg documents)
and format disc c and reinstall windows or linux or whatever you have there.
i promise it will help
you'll have nothing on your comp. but at least it will work smile

sorry, only saw it now

and no, it's not available for download, it belongs to specific programs

Darth Sauron
Can i download a program with it in?

Im not deleting everything clovie, i would be killed by parents.

If i can only get the speakers working again
and this dll file.....I will be ok.

that sygate one... heard panda has it too, but I wouldn't count on it

Darth Sauron
thats what i asked for, a direct link to the sygate download sad

I cant find it at

you don't have to delete it..
only reinstal erm

(i hate having comp problems. i hate having any problems, always someone is doing it for me)

Darth Sauron
Yeah, but you said i wont have anything left, trust me, i will muck it i think its best to just try it another way stick out tongue

if you do it in a wrong way.
you'd have to copy all important files to the other disc or wirte them on cd or dvd or sth. erm

Stealth Agent
oh my god that is the most ****ed up computer ive ever heard of

Hey open up the computer stick your hand in it and see if it go's BACK IN TIME

Darth Sauron
I did happy

Now i have a medievil armour glove on it....thats odd stick out tongue

I take DS, that the DLL is suited for any kind of firewall
just try and download the firewall Raz gave a link to in the note

Darth Sauron
Thank you yerss hug

always a pleasure to help a jedi no expression

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