Best Summer Movie

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vote and tell why

"The Manchurian Candidate", just because it was an all around fantastic political thriller, without being biased or heavyhanded in any way. In addition to being well acted, and gripping.

Spiderman 2, but when I see AVP that will probably be it

Stormy Day
I cant believe Anchorman got in the poll and "The Village" didnt erm

Mancrian Can. or Bourn Supremacey because manchurian was so good i didnt blink and cuz denzel owns all otha actors and bourne supremacy cuz it was good and its the only time i like matt damon

I say Manchurian Candidate as well. How is that not there yet Collateral is?

cuz it just came out so not many have seen it

But its been out longer than Collateral.

I enjoyed Dodgeball most out of all those choices.

1. Manchurian Candidate
2. Napoleon Dynomite
3. Dodgeball
4. The Village
5. Bourne Supremacy

Thats as far as I'm going to rank. Haven't seen AVP though (yet).

shrek 2 big grin

Stormy Day
The person who made this poll was nuts.

Wheres the Village.Why on earth would you replace some of the other fine movies out with "Anchorman" and "Collateral" ?

That movie was hilarious big grin

The village did not live up to its potential, it was a big letdown, like most of the movies this summer were. Best was Collateral, had the best acting, great action scenes, and Tom Cruise as a bad ass villian.

Stormy Day
The Village was aweomse.Great movie acting,story,diolage,and some chills but the movie is suspense not horror.

The manchurian canidate, because Of the writing, dialogue, acting and ability to involve the audience in the film. No other movie this summer has been able to engross the viewer as well as the manchurian canidate. The bourne cupremecy was a well written action movie and kept you interested and guessing, but the acting in mancurian beats bourne. Spiderman 2 was a fun ride, but it all actuality that is all it was, a ride. This isnt a bad thing it is a great hollywood flick but doesnt challenge or invoke much thought, but it did have a way to arouse the emotions.

every other movie listed in my opinion isnt even worth mentioning. I havent seen AvP yet but i say that remark with confidence. Collateral was probably the biggest upset for me. I mean what a dry dull movie. Napolian dynamite tried to hard, and left me feeling empty at the end. Anchorman was funny for the most part, but the other part left me asking why i paid to see this, i had already seen all these jokes before. Shrek 2.... sick

and as to the village. Yeah it had some decent acting, but this was all. The entire movie was written around the ending which left many holes in the meat of the movie. It was a very monatone movie that led up to an anti climax. I'm not saying this because i was pissed to find out all wasnt as it seemed, because truthfully i kind of liked where it all went, but the execution of it was very un entertaining

Good points RagesRemorse:
Manchurian Candidate - agreed
Bourne - agreed
Spiderman 2 - agreed (even though less my type of movie than most)
Collateral - Definitely agreed
Napoleon Dynomite - Disagreed but thats just a matter of opinion. Its the type that either appeals to you or doesn't, not meant for all.
Anchorman - Had really funny parts but a ton of jokes that fell flat as well (tried too hard in other words)
Village - I liked the Village but I'm glad to see that you didn't criticize it just because it "wasn't horror" like most seem to.

well remember everyone, i did forget some, but u can only have 10 on a poll for one reason. Also, i have not seen the Manchurian Candidate, so i kind of forgot about that one. As for the village, i did not like it that much so i did not put it there.

Remember to vote everyone.

Agent Elrond
Spiderman 2
I, Robot
The Village

That's all I saw, so I can't say which is the best


Mr Parker
Borne Supremacy gets my vote although I have not seen The Manchurian Candidate yet.

Dogeball was freakin funney

Anchorman was way better then The Village.

i agree

nah go Spiderman2 for me

I only saw Spider Man 2, Dodgeball, AVP, and Shrek 2. And half of I, Robot (the other half I walked out the movie) So I'm picking Dodgeball.

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