Anyone else love GoGo(I think thats her name)

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I saw KB VL1,and shes just so cute.She reminds me of Mitsuko from the cult classic Battle Royale .She instantly became my fave character although she dosen't live to long>_<

her real name is chiaki kuriyama. she's hot!

ya shes hot!!

She sure is...and it is her in Battle Royale
Any links to sites with pics of miss Kuriyama

just do a google image search. tons of 'em.

OMG it *is* wonder she was so fimmiliar!

Ronnie Van Zant
Yea Id say that I have a healthy obsession with Chiaki

Excuse me while I sacrifice a mule to her statue and 3 cows to the spirit of Ronnie Van Zant


yeah, shes pretty hot.....

Red Superfly
I thought she was a freaky looking dog.........

Ronnie Van Zant
she looks almost completely difernt anyware else, similar in battle royale but she just looks, differnt most anyware else

well, she's a pretty hot dog... get it? hotdog-- hot do-- no expression

Ronnie Van Zant
huh huh git-r-done thats right

Chiaki was in Battle Royale but she wasn't Mitsuko (She was suppose to play Yuki Yubari), she was Chigusa.

Yeh,i know.I looked her up!I can't believe I missed her out the first time!

its kinda funny you say you love her soo much but dont even know if GoGo is her charaters name laughing out loud
but yeah she is hot as hell though

yuki is gogo's sister

Go-Go (chiyaki kuriyama) is one of the youngest hottest women around. I also like the girl from crouching tiger. Wouldn't that be kool if they were in a movie!

Ronnie Van Zant
that would be kickass

I thought her character in Kill Bill was fantastic, and she is excellent in Battle Royale. No wonder she was picked by Tarantino.

I reallly like Gogo... Awesome character, loved her fight with the bride.... cute girl... i suppose you could say that i have a secret obsession for her, considering that nobody sees the wallpaper of my laptop....

yeah, she definitely had one of the best fights in both movies. I love the way she spins the ball around her neck before lobbing it.

And this is my wallpaper:


EDIT: Dont think u can see that link, as its in my album, passworded
Ill try and resize

Well its basicely this one, only mines mirrowed and without the whole kill bill, personal bodyguard shit.

Yes, I agree, she is a great character, so extreme and exciting and Chiaki Kuriyama is a great actress, it is a testament to the script writers abilities, and the actor/actresses skill when they can turn a relatively minor role into a show stealing cult phenomenon....... cool

I don't really like Gogo as a characet. De facto she is HOT! All movie is full of hot women droolio

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