The Matrix: Revelations

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Hey again!!! This is the home of the 5th Matrix, Revelations. I dunno know when I'll begin posting the first part, but it will be soon. If your new to my story and you want to read my 4th Matrix, then go to The Matrix: Reconquered by joelsef. Well, I'll post a few pointers of the story in sometime in the next few days. Peace.

Ok, heres some basic pointers of the story...

- Smith enters his life cube and makes his function permanent. He exits the Source and waits for the arrival of the Zero.

- Mange, under the influence of Smith, gets Zero in a choke hold with a gun to the 5 year old's head. If anyone were to stop him, then he would shoot Zero. Mange takes Zero into the Matrix to meet with Smith

- Smith gives the OK to the Machines, and the attack on Zion draws ever nearer.

- Neo is torn between saving Zero, staying to help defend Zion, and travelling to the Machine mainframe to eliminate Smith's code from the Machines. In the end, he decides to...

Whoa, almost gave it away there! Look for the first part of The Matrix: Revelations soon!

The Ones
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well school starts tomoro so posts wont be as frequent, but heres the first part of revelations!

A feeling of being splashed in ice cold water flooded over Smith. He appeared to be inside a cube shaped room of class, no doubt the inside of his life cube. The room was empty. There was nothing in it. Smith put his hand to the wall. It felt like normal glass.
"There's nothing here," mumbled Smith as a horrible feeling of failure swept over him. "No switches, no buttons, nothing. How am I supposed to work this place?"
He tapped on one of the walls. A dull ring resounded in the confined space and took several minutes to die down. Smith was getting very anxious to discover how to work it. 'I wish I had a computer or something,' he thought.
Nothing happened. Suddenly, a computer dissolved from thin air right in front of Smith. Smith smirked.
"Of course, this place is my mind. A bit empty to be mine, but all the same I can apparently... think anything up I want. I could think anything here I wanted. How bout the Zero. Can the Zero come here. No, he can't because I havn't net him so I can't think someone here that I have no mental image or body for. How can I make this function permanent. Ahhhh... yes. I need what I already have, a computer. Perhaps I can alter the Matrix code from there."
Smith sits down at the computer and begins typing. Soon, he has a WORD document open in front of him with nearly 1000 pages of computer code, the code of the Matrix. "My code, my code," he said absentmindadly while scrolling through the pages. The pages on command shifted to page 666, where Smith's code was written.
"I got no idea how to make this permanent. But then again, maybe I do and I just don't know it."
He smiled as the code noticably changed. His function was now independent from the One's, so it could be altered to become permanent no matter if Neo died. Perfect, everything was going perfect for Smith...

Morpheus and the gang were sitting in th Zion Mainframe room. No one would believe them that the Machines were about to attack. No one would listen. They were condemning themselves to a horrible fate at the hands of their old masters.
"Well, Morph, whadda we do now?" asked Taze through a yawn.
Morpheus, for once, was speechless. His little bout with Graynes was still annoying him. And if Morpheus was bothered, then it was something to worry about.
"Morph..." said Link hopelessly.
"There's only one thing to do," said Neo. All heads turned to him. "And its the only plan we've got that may work."
"Any plan is a start," Pandora added.
Neo nodded at her in recognition.
"There are three aspects to this war. One, is protecting Zion from the Machines. This is where I trust Morpheus and the rest of you, you'll do good."
"The attack could happen at any moment," Link said. "I was watching the code this morning, and a piece of the red code won't fade away like the others. Smith has probably made himself permanent already."
The others murmered nervously.
"Ok everyone!" said Neo over their voices. "Link maybe right, but we still have time. I doubt Smith is out of the Source yet."
"How do you know?" asked Ramsey.
"He's right!" said Zero proudly. "I know it too, Smith is still there."
No one argued with Zero because of the incident from the pervious night.
"Anyway, the second part of my plan involves me," said Neo pointing to himself. "I've gotta go to the Machine Mainframe and remove the Machines from the control of Smith. Then... I'll shut them all off for good."
"Neo..." said Melonious breathlessly.
"I've gotta do it, and have I ever been wrong in what I have to do!"
"No," she said shortly and put her head down.
Neo sighed. "Put your head up Melonious, we need all the spirit we can. Ok, the third and last part of my plan involves Zero here." He grabbed ahold of Zero shoulders tightly. "Zero," he said quietly," You've gotta go to the Source-"
There were several gasps of disbelief, and Neo half-expected Morpheus to yell at him, but he didn't.
"You gotta go there because your the only one who can reverse Smith's permanent addidtion and remove my code as well. Raz, Ramsey, Pandora, and Taze will escort you to the Source. Any trouble you four," he said while looking at Raz and the others he'd said. "And you get your asses out of the Matrix. I trust Zero, he'll do fine."
Neo sat back down and looked at the table. He expected to recieve bad comments for his plan that he had just made up 2 hours ago, but Morpheus said," Good plan, Neo. It's the only one we've got and I think that it just might work."
Neo looked up slowly and smiled a little. At the other end of the table, Mange was wearing a slight smile too...

Like I said, I school for me starts tomorow, so my posts won't be as frequent as they have been. Sorry bout this, but I'll still get them posted. More Revelations soon! rock

The Ones

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hey guys, The Ones pointed this out to me. Humans from Zion and Humans born after Revolutions don't have a plug to go into the Matrix, therefore, how can Zero get in and stop the Revelation from happening in Smith's favor? Well, they can get in the same way they get out, telephone. Dial MATRIX to get in, WORLD to get out. Easy enough? Moving on. I'll try to explain this in the story somewhere but if not ill post it later. More story tonight!

This is a short one but its good

There was a dark hallway deep in the Zion Mainframe. There were no lights to cut through the blackness of night that was all around Zion. A figure was creeping along the hallway, obviously not wanting to be seen. He scurried to the door at the end of the hallway and pullet out a small, metal shaft. He inserted it into the keyhole and a soft CLICK issued forth as the lock was succesesfully picked. As the door was pushed open, several hundred computers showed that this was the control room for Zion's defences, just where he wanted to be. The man shut and locked the door behind him so he could be alone. He was in. All he had left to do was wait for the right time. Once Smith was out of the Source, he would disable all the EMP's and the defences, leaving Zion open to Machine attack. Once Zion as destroyed, Neo with it, hopefully, then the Matrix would reset. All Humans would be destroyed, but the Matrix needed to remain intact so he had something to fall back on if all his Machine's were destroyed. Smith would soon be free to control the Universe with the Machines at his command. Things had to be carefully planned, so the man had to suppress his urge to disable the defences at that very moment. ' I must wait,' he kept thinking. 'I could at least find the right computer' he thought. 'Yes, so I am ready to finish this, once and for all'
The man began walking across the room. He past a spot where the computer light illuminated his face. It was Mange, or rather Smith...

It's the weekend guys, so look for more soon! Sorry bout the length, but I gotta go, so look for more over the next two days. Peace!

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Ok, finally, more.

Smith was standing in the Source, looking at the rows of glass cubes. All of them seemd fairly dusty, except for one of them. This one seemd to draw Smith in; he wanted to grasp it and hurl it to the ground. He wanted to crush the remains with his shiny black shoe and never see it again. He walked toward the shelf that housed this cube and expected it to be Neo's, but instead, it was labeled 'Zero'.
'Thats him,' thought Smith. 'That's the one that I can't let live; the one that must die. I could end this all right now, in here, but that can't happen because it would ruin my plans. Time to get the hell out of here.'
Smith walked away and the shelves disappeared. He felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck and found himself on the seat near the Architect's room.
"Now is the time!" he yelled aloud. "Now, I can accept fate with open arms, and put my plan into action!"
Smith walked out one of the doors in the room and exited out into the back room behind Hel Club. The Twins were standing there, motionless, as if waiting for his instruction.
"I have a job for you gentlemen," said Smith nonchalantly while pacing the room rather fastly. When I bring the Zero in here, you know who-"
They nodded. Smith flashed a crooked smile.
"Very well. We will wait here for his arrival. At this precise moment, I will be disabling the shields in Zion. This is a little twist in my plan. Soon, the time will be right, and I will rule all."

The Ones
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sorry The Ones, i know i havnt been around inat least 4 months! but im gonna get back on more often and finish up my story after i look it over again and decide where to go from there. but sorry again its been a while, and i cant believe i let this story go for so long, but i will post more. ill be back as soon as i can to add on to Revelations

I am rereading my story right now. By tomorow I should be able to post more. Sorry once again for the long wait.

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At last, Mange found the computer he was looking for. It was a medium sized gold plated one resting against the right side wall. There were silver letters on the very top of the super computer that read EMP: DO NOT TOUCH. Mange smiled at the order that he was obviously not going to follow. He began to walk directly towards the EMP computer, and he knew that at this very moment, the fate of the Universe was resting on his actions. Suddenly, he doubled over and began screaming. A piercing noise unlike anything human rang throughout the Control Room. Mange brought his head up and there was a hole in his forehead that was bleeding slightly. But it wasn't bleeding normal blood. It was bleeding red code letters...

Neo awoke groggily when he heard a slight noise coming from somewhere on the other end of the Compund. When he heard it again, but louder, he threw on a robe and quickly ran out his bedroom door and towards the origin of the noise. He ran smack into Raz who was patroling the halls. They both fell over.
Sittin up, Raz said," Neo, what's the problem man? Where's the fire?"
Neo quickly stood back up. "Didn't you hear the noise, Raz?"
Raz looked quizically at Neo. "What noise, Neo?"
Neo just looked at the ground. He heard it again and dashed off. Raz called something after him, but Neo didn't hear it, he didn't want to hear it. All he knew was that something big was happening.

Mange shakily looked up from the ground and saw a figure made entirely of bright red code, constantly streaming across his whole body. The figure laughed at Mange and then spoke.
"Well done Mange, you are truly a tough person, you, uh, managed to fight me off. Although it really doesnt matter because I'll just disable then shields of Zion myself...

Neo was running faster than he had ever done before, even when he was late for work one day and ran up 30 flights of staris. He came to the door for the main control room. It was wide open.
"NO, don't, NO!!"
Neo's blood froze when he heard that voice. Mange. He immediatly began runnig toward the noise once again...

Smith's hand was on the disable lever. Mange sat hopelessly behind him, unable to completely break the mind hold Smith had on him. Everything else seemed to disappear around him for Smith, except for his red hand on the lever. He was once simple pull away to stripping Zion of her last defense. His brain sent a nerve impulse to his hand muscles. The muscle contracted and he pulled the lever down, just as an object slammed into him.

It was Neo, but a little bit too late. The lever was pulled, only it was still in Smith's hand when he slammed him in the side. Yes, the lever was broken off, and immediatly the sense of security left Neo was he realized that he had arrived too late to save Zion's defences. He and Smith crashed to the ground and rolled into a metal pole. Smith mised the pole barely, but Neo's skull cracked hardly against it. The world came spinning down and blackness washed over his consciousness.

Smith stood up and looked down at the lever in his hand. He laughed for a long time, until he looked at Neo's unconscious body. He smiled wickedly and kicked Neo numerous times out of pure hatred, and ecstacy. However he looked up and scowled because Mange was slowly crossing the floor towards the alarm. Running at full speed, Smith collided with Mange's body just as his hand reached the alarm switch. Smith disappeared inside of Mange and he fell to the floor. Only seconds later, he stood back up and looked around. This was better than perfect. Not only was the shield disabled, but Neo was out of the way, temporarily anyway.
"I must find the Zero now," pondered Smith happily. He brushed off his clothes and walked toward the door. Before he left though, he turned up the heat on the thermostat to its highest level, locked all the doors, and then walked out of the room, shutting and locking the last door behind him. 'Neo can die for all I care, my function is independent from his. In a few hours, the temperature will be well above 85 degrees, way more than these humans have felt for years...' Mange, the Smith, sauntered into the hallway and called out for Ezekiel, the Zero, telepathically. It was early in the morning, and most everyone was still asleep. Zero waled sleepily out of his room. Mange drew out a gun just as Raz walked into the hallway behind him...

Three shots rang out in the period of a second, one right after the other. For a while, no one knew who fired the shots or who was hit, so everyone had to stand and look. Raz had fired two shots, and one was lodged in Mange's back, who was currently staring at Zero, who was holding a gun as well. Looking down, Mange realized that he had another shot wound in his stomach, which was now bleeding profusely. Still, Raz's other bullet was no where to be seen. As Mange began to bend over, Raz realized where his other shot was. He put his hand up to his head and felt a warm wet liquid. He looked up and saw that his bullet had deflected off the walls and punctured a pipe above him, which was leaking hot water. He then felt the back of his head and looked at his hand. It was bright red. His other shot had ricoched off the solid metal walls and found a home in the back of his own head. Still, the bullet never pierced the skull completely, so he was going to be ok.
Before anything else could happen, Morpheus ran out of his room and grabbed Ezekiel. Mange looked up and screamed. Red code came out of his mouth and wrapped arouned Zero's arm. Morpheus held on all he could, but Smith was too strong. Zero was sent into Smith's arms. However, Zero still had the gun, and he twised his arm and fired two more shots into Mange's abdomen. Blood poured out of Mange's wounds and splattered all over Zero. Looking up, Zero could see that Mange wasn't finished yet. But before Ez fired his final shot, Mange swiveled around and the shot went right through Raz. He looked down at his second wound with horror and fell over backwards.
By now, Mange believed that Raz was dead, but he had just enough life left in him for one final revenge shot. He lifted the gun slightly and aimed for Mange's head. He pulled the trigger but nothing happened. Out of shots, what an ironic end. Laughing slightly, Raz took his last breath, saw a shot rip through Mange's head, smiled, and died...

Mange crumpled over, almost on top of Zero. The red blood flowed unnoticed into another room. Morpheus ran over to Zero and hugged him.
"Are you ok, son?" he asked.
Shakily, Zero responded. "I'm ok, but I dont wanna do this anymore, I'm scared."
Morpheus became stern. "Ez, son, you are our only hope. We need you. If you give up, then it'll be worse than dying. Please son, you have to-"
Morpheus winced and fell forward slightly. Tech was above him, smiling wickedly, and there was a knife in Morpheus's back. Zero screamed. He screamed for the people of Zion. He screamed for the people of the world. Tech grabbed his shoulder just as everyone came rushing out of their rooms.
"STOP!!!" he shrieked. Everyone halted instantly. "No one moved, or I will kill the boy right now!"
Neo suddemly stumbled into the hallway behind Tech. He was out of breath and his right arm was cut pretty badly. "Why don't you just kill him now Smith, you're gonna kill him anyway in the Matrix."
"You know what Neo, you're absolutely wrong. If I kill him here, what good will that do in this world??? If I kill him in the Matrix, then there will be an imbalance again, because my code is independent from yours, Mr. Anderson. It's like I have a permanent wieght on my side of the scale, and all you've got to back you up is a little 6 year old nose wipe! Once he dies, there is an imbalance. The Matrix crashes. The One is reset, only this time there is unmeasurable pain, because I will always be. I am the Negative-One, and I'm here to stay, Matrix or no Matrix."
"What about all your copies in the Matrix. All of those will be gone too."
"Yes, Mr. Anderson, I suppose you're right. But where will they go, yes, the Graveyard. That's where you'll go to Neo. Right to the goddamn Graveyard, the hellhole of this whole DAMN SYSTEM!!! I'm going to break free Mr. Anderson, and you can't stop me!!! I have copies in this world. I don't give a damn if the Matrix is gone. All I know is that both of you will go with it, and there's no coming back from the Graveyard my friends, there is no coming back!!"
Silence followed, and everyone was staring at the two foes. Smith realized something as he looked down. The Zero was gone. He looked behind him. Morpheus was holding his knife with a look of pure hatred on his face. With one fluid motion, Morph brought the knife down on Tech's chest, puncturing his heart and killing him instantly. Smith screamed intolerably and ejected himself from Tech's dead body. He looked next to him and saw Taze holding an anti-virus gun.
"Go to hell, you godamn piece of s**t," he stammered as he pulled back the lever on the gun. Smith grimmaced once again as his body was pulled into a tiny blue ball. Neo walked up and crushed the ball with his foot. Everyone thought that particular Smith was dead, but no one saw his thin line of red code slide toward the control room and into the Matrix...

One thing I need to mention before the next post. As Raz was about to die, his gun WAS out of bullets. It was Morpheus who shot through Mange's head. Oh, yea, and I started to call the Zion main building the Compound. No difference, just a way to vary up the words. Just clarifying big grin

All time seemed to be standing still in the hallway where all the action had just taken place. Morpheus was slightly shaking, not only from his knife wound, not only from the fact that three crew members were dead, but fromthe fact that Zero was gone. Everyone wanted answers, and they wanted them now.
"Neo, how where were you my dude?" asked Link. "I mean, you came in kinda late..."
Neo looked at Link with a tired face. "I know, I know, I'll explain everything."
"Good," added Taze. "But make it quick, because right now isn't exactly an opportune time for story hour. That blue ball you crushed released Smith's code. He could be anywhere right now in the Compound."
Neo nodded. "First off, I heard a voice scream earlier in the night. I ran out to see where it was coming from when I ran right into Raz. He said he didnt hear any voice, but I knew what I heard so I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I ended up in the Zion Mainframe with Mange laying on the floor and Smith about to pull a lever. I slammed into Smith as hard as I could to try and stop him, but I was too late. The lever snapped off, and then everything went black. Next thing I knew..."
"That will be all for that Neo," said Morpheus. "Right now, someone has to find out where my son is and go in to help him. Uh, lets make it Taze, Pandora, and, uhhh, Ramsey. Neo, you must go to the Machine Mainframe as fast as you can. Link, monitor the Matrix until your eyeballs fall out." Link smiled and saluted Morph. "The rest of you, and I guess that means just you and me Melonious, have to prepare Zion for war."
Once again, there was silence. Suddenly, everyone heard footsteps from the corridor. A man by the name of Scope ran into the hallway. He was shaking like a leaf.
"Moprheus, sir, I-uh, I wwwas in th-the Mainframe, and the EMP is uhhh- disabled, the lleevvve-r is bb-broken. And the Machines are cllos-closig in fast."
"Damnit," mumbled Morpheus. "That means this plan has to work right now. Link, take Taze, Pandora, and Ramsey into the plug in stations. Neo, are you ready my friend?"
Neo nodded slightly.
"Good, but I must tell you something first. If you turn left and follow the hallway, you will walk over some sewer grids. If you lift up the third one, it's solid red, then there is a tunnell that will take you directly to the Machine Mainframe. It was established once peace was made, but some Machines might still be in there. Still though, it's a lot better than going outside through the whole army. Are you ready?"
"Yes," said Neo quietly, but confidently.
Morpheus gave him a pat on the back. Neo returned the gesture with a nod and took off into the hallway...

"Ok, guys," said Link with a superior-sounding voice. "Taze and Pandora can eject into the Matrix at free will, but we all know that our dude Ramsey here, well, he can't."
Ramsey's face remained expressionless.
"Rigghht then, I'll send Ramsey into the Matrix as far as I can put him, directly outside the door to the Architect. Getting into the Source will be your problem, I'm afraid, but if you're lucky, Zero might be just outside the door now..."

Zero looked up at the building. It was a new sight for his young eyes. The whole building was made of red streaming code (similar to the green code that Neo now sees the Matrix as).
"I don't wanna go through the whole building," said Zero to himself. "Maybe I can jump."
"Maybe you should step down, you annoying little youngster," said a voice from behind Zero. Without even looking back, Zero jumped as high as he could. His body was launched into the air up towrads the middle floor of the building. Zero braced himself for impact, btu he glided seamlessly into the wall. He ended up in a hallway, where the walls were white and the doors were sky blue...

Ramsey sat down in the recling chair that would soon not exist as his mind would soon be shot into a computer program, the Matrix. Link looked at the code and saw that Zero was in the hallway leading to the Architect's door. "I can time this perfectly. Once Zero is opening the door, I can send you into the Matrix Ramsey, and Pandora and Taze will eject into it as well. When the door is open, there is a loophole where I can pass you through it by wrapping the Zero code around your digital readout. Basically, you wont set off the security system. Right now though, we just watch and wait..."

Agent Smith burst through a pure white ornate door. Walking fast, he rounded a corner and came face to face with the Twins.
"Gentlemen, there is a slight change in plans..."

Neo ran down the small, dank hallway as fast as his legs could take him. The hallway curved many times around giant poles, and the ground was anything but level. He passed over a sewer grate.
"One," panted Neo as he continued to make his way closer and closer to the Machine Mainframe...

"Scope, can we set up multiple, smaller EMP's to take the place of the giant one?" asked Melonious hopefully.
Scope looked disappointed through his dirty face. "No, we already have all the EMP's in use. To make more we would need more time."
"Just what we don't have," remarked Moprheus.
"But, there is something," said Scope. "Something we didn't have before."
He walked out of the room briefly. Mel and Morph looked at each other with confusion. A few seconds later, Scope returned with a bottle of clear liquid in his hand. "It's a mixture of two radioactive elements. One was discovered about 200 years ago. It's called Plutoneum. The other was discovered a few days ago by our top scientist, Dex, aptly named Dexoneum. When they are mixed, it creates a solution that in harmless to humans, but when applied to metal, well, watch..."
Scope took out a small baster and sucked up some of the liquid. He put one drop on a metal desk. Instantly, the liquid ate away at the metal, not stopping until it had completely devoured the desk.
"The ashes can be used to make more of the liquid, which we'll call Zioxxin. So, we basically have an unlimited supply of this stuff. Like I said, it's harmless to humans, when used in sparing amounts. I mean, if you bath in the stuff, then you might grow a second head. But if you apply a tin layer to your skin, then whenever somethin metal touches you, the whole ting will disintegrate. Only problem is, afer that, you need to reapply the liquid. So you see, we'll eventually run out of people, even if we do have some perform suicides, because this stuff can only be made from the ashes. And to get the ashes, we need people, because anything metal will of course disintegrate."
Morpheus looked at the bottle. "Well, at least its better than nothing. Right now though, all of us our pressed for time. Scope, get all of the Zioxxin you can to the battle stations. We need to prepare for war."
Scope nodded and ran out of the room...

Outside, about 200 miles away, the sun's light was blocked out by a swarm of millions of shiny, silver, living beings. They were Machines, and they would be arriving at Zion within the hour. Riding on one of their backs was one copy of Agent Smith, staring into the distant horizon, knowing of what was to come...

Zero walked anxiously down the white hallway that seemed to go on forever. Looking nervously left and right, Zero tried to calm himself down. Suddenly he stopped. Turning around, he faced one of the many doors. The fingers of his hand, which was resting against his body, was holding up three fingers, then two, then one, then...


Zero quickly hunched over as the Twins crashed through the door to his left. Expecting them to trip, Zero had ducked, but the Twins merely transformed and glided seamlessly through Zero's body. Transforming back, both Twins looked at each other through their deeply tinted sunglasses and smiled weakly.

"Now we see what this kid can really do," said Link, back in Zion. Pandora and Taze anxiously watched the code and waited. Another assistant of Link's, Jod, waited behind Ramsey's seat in preperation for the time when he would plug him into the Matrix.

The Twins made a dash straight at Zero, and then they split and began running on opposite walls. Zero pulled out two small, silver handguns and opened fire on the Twins while backing up slowly. When the bullets passed near the Twins, they just transformed until the bullet passed through, and transformed back. But these were special bullets!! They didnt notice that the bullets remained inside their transparent bodies.
Closing in on Zero, they circled around on the ceiling, transformed back, and made a lunge at him. Zero, being only six, was caught off guard by this maneuver, and was thrown to the floor, his handguns scattered to the edges of the walls. One of the Twins kicked him up while the other one right hooked him. Struggling back to his feet, Zero made a mad lunge for the guns, only to have them kicked away by one of the Twins.
Zero backed up, and began to run straight at the Twins. Using his immensely fast speed, Zero put on the illusion that he was winding up his fist for a punch. As he drew in close enough, he faked out the Twins, did an insane front flip, at the peak he ran on the ceiling, touched back down, and ran for his guns, the only way he could win. Just then, a door opened to the side of him and Agent Smith walked out with a gun in his hand.

"GODDAMN!!" yelled Link in the control room. "NOW!" Taze and Pandora ejected into the Matrix and Jod plugged in Ramsey.

Smith pulled out a gun and a gunshot was heard. Zero, sweating bullets and whimpering, looked down at his chest, but foun no wound He looked up and saw Taze, holding a huge gun, with smoke coming out of the end. Smith had half of his face ripped off from the musket-sized bullet. After a quick fix, there was a giant stare-down. Smith was looking back and forth between Taze & Pandora and Zero, and the Twins walked up behind Zero. Taze, Pandora, and Smith were wielding guns. It seemed like an eternity before anyone moved. Then, Ramsey burst out of a door behind everyone, and a few people looked back. It was then that the crucial battle to get Zero safely into the Source began...

Neo was beginning to get tired, and he wondered how far the third sewer grate was. Thoughts of how Zero was doing in the Source and how preperations for war were going were flashing constantly inside his mind. As he rounded another corner, he spotted the second grate, and then the third one was immediatly after it. Upon reaching the third crate, Neo had to hunch over, resting his hands on his knees. THe sweat dripped off his forehead and down into the sewer. Panting heavily, he attempted to pick up the grate. It slid easily off of the hole and Neo placed it gently beside the hole.
He jumped down quickly into the hole after judging its depth. His feet touched the ground about 15 feet below the hole. Thank goodness it wasn't all too dark, their were a few blacklights on the ceiling overhead, which was also dripping with fluid. Running in the only direction he could, Neo moved closer and closer to the Machine Mainframe. He wondered whether or not the Machines would continue attacking after Smith's code was removed. Only time would tell.

Several thousand citizens of the city of Zion were gathered on the top of the giant metal wall surrounding the city. Several thousand others were down below, and a few hundred more were in the pipeline system that ran under the city. Morpheus seemed to be presiding over the whole resistance effort, but things did not seem to be going over too well with the people. Most were tired, or didn't feel like fighting, or didn't believe that this was happening again. Most all of them were in metal mobile suits, while others were in small, fast vehicles. The extremely old, women, and children were being covered in Zioxxin before the men. In the distance, there were still no visible traces of Machines, but everyone knew from recent reports that the Machines would arrive within the hour...

Where the freak are some comments?? sorry to get agitated but i didnt come back and finish the story without expected some comments...

anyway, heres the first of 4 major battles that ends the movie... The good guys: Taze, Zero, Pandora, Ramsey. The bad guys: Smith, the Twins. Here we go...

Smith opened fire on Ramsey while opening a door behind him. Ramsey allowed the bullets to travel right through his now transparent form. Pandora fired at Smith, who ducked quickly inside a door as bullets ripped through the blue wood. Taze took a shot at the Twins, who shot both shot back. Taze's bullets missed as the Twins transformed, but one of the Twins' bullets sliced a little bit off of Taze's shoulder. Wincing, he futily fired back, but only to keep them distracted while Zero raced fearfully down the hallway towards the Source. Pandora turned around after she realized that Smith was gone and looked at the current scene. Realizing that Taze needed help, she through her handgun aside and raced toward him. Taze began do race for a door beside him while dodging the Twins bullets. He opened the door and ducked inside. Pandora swiveled her head around and saw the Twins, back to normal, rushing after Zero, who was almost to the Source. Just as he was about to reach the door, Smith burst out of one to his left, but Zero dropped and slid under his feet. Smith turned around and fired at Zero, but he only got off one shot, because Taze jumped out of another door and tackled Smith. The Twins turned around and saw Pandora standing in the hallway looking on with awe. Just as the Twins were about to fire, Zero frantically pulled out his special gun and pushed a button. One of the Twins got off one shot before they both exploded from Zero's special bullets. Smith turned around and Pandora shot him right in the head, but she was clutching her stomach, which was bleeding profusely. Smith quickly got out of the body and his code disappeared elsewhere into the Matrix.

Oh yea, I found something as I was lookin back on the story. Back when Mange was stealin Zero in Zion, and Morpheus got stabbed in the back, the wound wasnt very great, so thats why he aint dead.
Having that said, here more, if anyones out there..... out theerree........ oooouuuttt ttthheerreeeeeeee... confused sad sad

Taze shakily looked up from his position on the ground. Zero was sitting a few feet in front of him, competely ot of breath, but otherwise in good health. Sitting up, he turned around, breathing heavily, but then stopped breathing for a second. Pandora was lying face down on the floor, and there was a pool of blood around her abdominal area.
"Oh, man, oh, man," groaned Taze in distress. He crawled over to Pandora and flipped her over. He gasped loudly and jumped back. Her eyes were bright red and open. Her mouth was twisted in an ugly grin.
"ZERO, RUN!!" yelled Taze as Pandora rose and stood directly in front of Taze. Zero was just a few feet from the door to the Source. Getting up as quick as he could, Zero ran for the door. Pandora delt a killer blow to Taze's neck with a fakeout. Determined to keep his consciousness, Taze fought back.
Zero's mind was racing faster than he was actually running. Once I reach the door, he thought, I must seal it, permantly. He put his hand on the doorknob and opened the door. Pandora screamed, but the scream was not in her voice. The voice was that of a man in terrible pain. She ran past Taze, but Taze pulled out his anti-virus gun and hesitated for a slight second. Because he hestitated, Pandora looked back and threw a ninja star (yes, a ninja star) at Taze. Taze was completely caught off guard, and would have been killed had a door not opened to his right and Ramsey burst out of it. The star struck Ramsey in the neck, and sliced open his carotid artery and his jugular vein. He instantly fell to the floor in a waterfall of blood. Taze wasted no time firing his gun at Pandora, which connected just as Zero shut the door behind him.
Pandora fell down a split second later than Ramsey, and she was contained inside a little blue ball. Taze hurridly walked over, picked up the ball, and put it in the containment slot no the side of the gun. HE then fell down and began crying.
Zero looked at the back of the closed, black door. There was no turning back now, and he attemped to seal the door. Focusing all his mind on having the door disappear, the door suddenly melted into the wall right before his eyes.
Morpheus, Melonious, and Scope looked out into the sky. They were soon joined by two top warriors, an older looking man named Pope, and a younger man wearing a mask named Joker. The sky was competely black in front of them. Turning around in his heavy mobile warrior suit, Morpheus began his speech.
"Well, I don't think any of us thought that this day would ever have to come again. But now that it's here, I feel that I should address a few things.
We have a plan that is currently being put into action. My son Ezekiel, the Zero, is not traveling to the Source inside the Matrix, to do his necessary business. Neo is currently on his way to the Machine Mainframe, where he will remove the code of Agent Smith from the Machines and save the city of Zion. Once that is done, Neo can fight Agent Smith, and we will be forced to terminate the A.I, lest the turn on us by their own free will. We have just received update from our technology man Link that Zero is currently in the Source, and our radar confirmes that Neo is less than 400 yards from the Machine Mainframe. But war is upon us, and WE MUST FIGHT TO SAVE OUR RACE!!!! TO BATTLE!!!!!"
The city of Zion roared with consent and with a passion. The Machines were basically on top of the city right now. The Second War of Zion has just begun...

seriously, does anyone care about a Matrix story anymore?

Neo turned the corner in the winding underground passage and came face to face with the spread metal tentacles of a sentinnel. He practically stopped breathing and didn't even take a step back.
'Shhkstclkt AI148765G' he thought, although he didn't know where the thought came from, or what language it was in, because he didn't even speak the language of the Machines (it has no vowels and is only made of base consanants that each mean a certain thought). All he knew was that the Sentinnel folded up its tentacles and fell asleep on the damp floor. Amazed by his ability, Neo gathered up more strength and followed the passageway deeper into Machine Territory...

Joker swiveled around in his suit and slammed a Machine to the ground with his huge metal arms. He turned around again and speared one with a sharp point protruding from his left gun, and then blew it off in a flurry of bullets. One Machine jumped on his back, but Morpheus picked it off and hurled it away. There was no time for thanks, because there were more and more Machines pouring into the city past the guard, and meeting up with a storm of bullets from the resistance down below. Melonious was entrenched in a small crevice in the metal along with Scope and Pope.
"It's like hell out there!!" screamed Mel, in order to be heard she had to yell as loud as she could.
Scope stood up in his suit for a moment to take a shot at a few Machines, then ducked back in the trench. The smell of metal and dead bodies and sweat and blood was all mixing together and creating a horrible odor.
"Stay strong Mel," mumbled Pope, who wasn't all too enthusiastic about fighting. He had a large bottle of Zioxxin in his left normal hand, stopper off, ready for any unlucky Machine to pass his way. Mel stood up with Scope and looked at the chaos up above. Hundreds of thousands of Machines were flying around the battlements like locusts, and an occasional human powered Machine could be singled out in the havoc.
"Boy, its crazy isn't it," yelled Mel to Scope. "I can't even think of where to begin to fight"
Scope looked at her and smiled. Mel was lost in his blue eyes when Scope's head was punctured by a large Machine talon. Blood gushed out of every body opening on Scope's face, and his suit fell down to the fray 100 feet below. Mel screamed and couldn't move, but then a splash of a liquid fell upon the Machines' hard hide, and it sent out a porecing signal as it rapidly disintegrated. Pope was down below, semi-smiling at Mel, his bottle of Zioxxin ony half full now. She came back down to where he was and began crying...

Morpheus was fighting side by side with Joker, whom he had grown quite fond of his fighting skills. They were fighting off the Machines pretty damn good, because Joker had only a slash on his knee and Morpheus had a small cut on his forehead and a small wound on his chest. Still though, humans were falling three times as fast as the Machines, and the pace couldn't be kept up, because the oncoming Machines were impervious to normal bullets. Special lasers were being distributed by helper robots (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A.I. THE ROBOTS ARE CONTROLLED FROM WITHIN ZION). Morph and Joker were getting slightly weary, but the battle was only just beginning...

Hi joelsef:

I have just discovered your story and I think is great big grin

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Same here joelsef, you may not remember me, but I remember you. Continue the story, there are a select few, who enjoy the continuing story of the matrix.

haha wowwww its been a while since ive been here. vim dude, how could i forget ya? yea, ill try and get back to this as soon as i can, gotta lotta stuff goin on. thanks for the interest.

Yeah and when you get a chance check out Metal Mouth! Its a new, original idea, well I think its original anyway.

Hi joelsef:

Any chances that you post the end of the story?


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I'm afraid it's not likely. He hasn't posted here in over a year.

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