Nominations for August's Movie of the Month

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A movie that you nominate must have been out for a month already.

You can not nominate a movie that was on the previous poll.

I'm still thinking of what I'll nominate. confused

if it was out at film festivals does that count?

I nominate Braveheart

Stormy Day
*Sigh* more of BC's ridiculous rules...

Ill nominate Kill Bill Vol.2

I nominate One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

I 2nd.

Stormy Day
eek! happy

Are we really going to starts this again StormyDay? if you don't like my rules then leave. You can nominate Kill Bill 2 next month, I'm beggining to think your personally doing this just to get on my nerves and pick a fight.

Botankus disscussed it with me and we both agree.

Stormy Day

Kill Bill Vol.1 was nominated last month.

And The Butterfly Affect was out on dvd only a few weeks before it was nominated and now your having a cow about Vol.2!

Just to make the thread subject provide the best detail possible before it's viewed, I think next month's thread should have the subject:

"Nominations for September's Movie of the Month a.k.a. 'The Stormy Day Mod Revolt'"

And I will 2nd One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next.

Primitive Screwhead #1
I'll nominate Magnolia this month.

Dario Argento
I'll 2nd that smile

This thread should be a "Sticky" and replace the thread about the nominations for July's MOTM, IMO. It's falling off the page at times.

I'll 3rd "One Flew..", just because these kids need to build an appreciation for one of the greatest actors of all time.

Not ****ing Orlando Bloom.

Mr Zero
Quit picking on Stormy - poor kid is only eight years old and doesn't understand. Stormy: ignore the bullies - go ask Mommy to help you with the rules.


Do we get to nominate our own and second someone elses choice, or is it one person one vote?

How many seconds does a film need to make the final voting cut? Whats the point of 3rding a nomination? Any? None?

Magnolia is a good choice - but i'll be wasting my time this month by nominating the 1933 version of King Kong.

Stormy Day
*sigh* at least I act older than you.

Ca,Whats "One flew over...." about?

Primitive Screwhead #1

Oh... my... God.

Stormy Day

Primitive Screwhead #1
You really haven't heard of this, Stormy?

Stormy Day
Ive heard of it and know its with Jack Nicholson but I really dont know what its about or anything other than its suppose to be a really good movie erm

Primitive Screwhead #1
You need to log off now and go to your local rental store and pick this up. Like CA said earlier, you ought to gather an appreciation for some of the older films that veteran actors such as Nicholson worked on long ago.

I guess that means I'll exercise my seconding motion on Cuckoo as well... not that it needs another vote of support. So I've done my duty for August now.

Stormy Day
I may rent it later today.

Mr Zero
Ok kid - OFOTCN is a product of it's time: made in the mid 70's and based on (the remarkable) Ken Keseys 1962 book of the same name it's about a man faking mental illness to avoid prison and his "adventures" in the asylum they send him to for evaluation.

The whole thing is not only a great drama but a grand satirical metaphor for America at that time and the world in general. The "hero" of the piece is a rapist and so an Anti-hero, arguably Jack Nicolsons finest moment.

Stormy Day
Would you quite calling me a kid...thanks smile

Mr Zero

Stormy Day
Anather intentional mystake will yu ever stop pointing tem out? roll eyes (sarcastic) this is geting 2 funn

i nominate Brianna Loves Jenna smile

Keep up the nominations guys! eek!

I nominate
X-Men 2: X-Men United
big grin

2 things real quick: The above statement is true. I'm not accusing you of this, Stormy Day, but if you see a lot of people's favorite movie list nowadays it usually has about 80% movies that have come out after 1990. People need to realize that movies before that time are not considered "old-fashioned" and some of them can be quite shocking, too.

Also, Stormy Day, if you're upset about people calling you "kid" then I would have to say that maybe when people are replying to you all they have to go by is your Haley Joel Osmont sig to look at and it's hard not to associate "kid" when posting to you.

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