I Love Being A Senior!

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This year is gonna be so great...today was my frist day, but i didnt have to go to most of my classes cuz i had to register w/the school...
anyways....i only have 4 classes on campus, so i get out at 12 o'clock! its so cool! i also gotta take an online class thats easy as anything and then a class at a private tutoring place...but those two are gonna be simple...so im really happy with the way everything turned out htis year...and on top of all that, my dad's gonna buy a new car soon, so i might get to drive a flashy car to school if he lets me drive it! (next semester's gonna be kinda crowded w/7 classes, but who cares? i live in the moment)

Moo Cow

Royal Knight
my senior year was good too...good luck in schoolsmile

if the car is really nice they'll key it

Tired Hiker
Your a Senior Citizen? confused

^ laughing out loud when i frist read the title i thought that to laughing out loud

Tired Hiker
stick out tongue

Moo Cow
laughing out loud

Tari Ringeril
confused darned old people xD luvs yah and good for you... -*hates being a tenth grader*-

rifle osama

*so does I* ....*remebers shes a 11th grader*

I'm going to be a freshmen. erm

just dont be a dum freshie n it'll all b good...n not too many people key cars at my school- we have a Z3, and M5, a lotta lexus IS300's a buch of souped up imports (celica's, civics, RSX, etc.) and a G35i and some 3000gt's, also last year there was a GTO (as in original pontiac) so im not worried about it if i get to bring it to school...but i'll prolly jus drive it on dates n stuff...but only if i like it better than my burly jeep grand cherokee...that thing is TOUGH!

My first week of school is no classes no expression what a waste of time stick out tongue

I'll try not to be. stick out tongue

i dont start till sept 1

i'm in my sophmore year, and hating it

Agent Elrond
I start my senior year of HS in Sept, after Labor Day. Should be a good year, I hope. After that, college messed

senior year is the best year.

Sun Ce
i'm in 12th grade happy

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