A Nightmare on Elm Street 8 Freddy's Return

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PLOT: Paige and her family have moved onto Elm Street and life is good for them. But then Paige's brother begins to complain about having horrible nightmares, then suddenly he's found stabbed to death in bed. Soon Paige begins to have horrible nightmares about a man in a red and green sweater with terribly burnt skin and razor fingers, as Paige struggles to keep alive shes thrown into a mental hospital with more troubled teens, but who's this man in thier dreams?........Freddy's back...........

Just a hort post now.

Paige stepped out of thier Ford Anglia and onto the drive-way of 1428 Elm Street, thier new home. The house looked if though it had stood there for a couple of decades but had been remodeled as fashion dictated. Paige had long brown hair, blue eyes and was fourteen years old. "Paige, sweety help you brother with the bags." he mother ordered. Paiges brother Sean was nineteen and had inherited his fathers dark-brown eyes and unlike Paige, had blonde hair. The house smelt stuffy and musky and had an odd feeling to it. If only she knew the truth about 1428 Elm Street like the police and other parents of Springwood did, but they had tried to forget about that.......lock it up like some dirty secret.... She climbed the steps and found a new bedroom for her at the top of the stairs. Her father came in carrying her younger seven year-old sister Sarah. "Nice to have a room to yourself for a change?" he asked.
"I guess...." Paige muttered. She hated this place if the truth be told, she missed her old friends, her old house......this was just a new place she had to get use to. She unravelled her scruffy scarlet sleeping bag in the middle of the room and tucked her bag away in the corner. Her parents told thier stuff would not arrive for a few days. She lay down and dosed for a few hours, moaning about the new changes in her life.

After a few days thier stuff had arrived and it seemed school was in order. Paige slung her bag-pack over her shoulder and walked down the hallways of Springwood High, many students glaring at her and her brother. She didn't look back, instead she stared at her knees. Sean turned down the corridor and off to his first class. Paige wanted to scream 'Don't leave me!' but she knew it was to cowardly, and she didn't want to make an impression like that on her first day. Her class mates were a creepy bunch, a lot of them just ignored her, while others turned around to get a glimpse of the new girl, Paige thought it was best to keep to her self at lunch, so she found a spot under a shady tree protecting her from the summer-sun. Out in the distance of the field she saw her older brother tossing a football with some other teenagers. "At least hes made new friends" she sighed.

"So, where have you moved into?" a young man named Micheal Treburn asked Sean.
"My parents just bought a place over on Elm Street" Sean replied, tossing the ball around the circle. "1428 Elm?" Micheal gasped.
"Yeah, so?"
"I heard a girl went crazy in there, her mother was killed in a bedroom, she also saw her boyfriend get butchered across the street." Micheal explained. "By some Fred guy."
"Cut out the bul$hit! Fred? Fred who?" Sean roared.
"Hey buddy calm down! Fred.......Freddy Krueger, town legend. He was a child killer before he died." Micheal explained while the others listened, not all of them had heard this story.
"So?" Sean asked, dropping the football.
"So, a lot of parents got pissed off, they tracked him down and fried the poor ba$tard alive."
Sean didn't know what to think, was this story true? the story about this man? about his new house? it all seemed so strange.........

More later.

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You don't need to say dumb, you could just say 'I didn't like it' roll eyes (sarcastic)

Besides, it's like the first post, did you really think anything interesting would happen?

I personally loved it big grin nice job

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