Disappointed by BUDD

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Darth Vicious
I was really disappointed by BUDD, specially at the bar when his boss was giving him brief about being late i thought for sure he was gonna kill him in a horrible way but he did NOTHING then i was expecting a big fight between him and the bride but again nothing and to top it all off he died by being bitten by a snake, i was expecting much more from BUDD specially since he ws the only guy in the squad i figured he was gonna be the most sadistic of them all besides Bill and even more so after finding out he was Bills brother, i was very disappointed by BUDD sad

Well,actually i'm NOT disappointed. Put yourself in Bill's position,you live in a trailer in a godforsaken place. Besides that,he was dumped by Elle Driver (i suppose so....) and she went with BILL. Trust me,if a girl dumps you and goes with your brother...it HURTS.

On top of that,Bill did some bad things in his life and it didn't pay off. As for his brother...BILL,he's some kind of legend. He has the money,the women...he got it all. So i quess he's a little jealous about BILL.

Why am i saying all of this? Because if you had this kind of life,you just don't give a f""" what your boss says...it just doesn't matter. He's barelly surviving....that's why he accepts his fate. I think that was a pretty cool chapter you know,BUDD doesn't kill Beatrix but burries her alive....to get back at Elle. Since everbody knows Beatrix can do the impossiblewink. anyways,i'm not disappointed.

Darth Vicious
Damn what movie did i watched?, i only asked because i missed all that part about Elle being Budds ex, im still disappointed by Budd

BUDD is da bomb..... hez the only1 who ever got close2killing uma thurman lol..

Darth Vicious
Not really, Elle had the best chance at the hospital in Vol.1

but she was unconscious...do think that should qualify

I thought Budd was awsome, I'm glad he wasnt some super ninja. He was creative, Rock salt, Buried alive, I thought that was pretty sadistic. Also he likes johnny cash. I gotta vouch for him.

I was disappointed by how little time Budd got to be in the movie. He's the best.

Darth Vicious
I didnt expect Budd to go ninja on the Bride but i did expected some sort of a fight between the two, maybe a gun fight, something memorable or at the very least i wanted him to kick his bosses ass, kill everyone at the bar.

Budd was great

I mean hes just portraid as being kinda of a loser (though a cool one) who gave up all the hitman stuff and hit the bottle.

When I first saw vol2 I was totally taken by surprise when Uma opened the door to his trailer.

And the reason he didnt kill his boss is the nasty looking shotgun 2 inches to his right.

But I didnt think he was gonna kill him.

I thought that Budd was disappointing actually. I guess i expected more after Madsen's role in Resevoir Dogs as Mr.Blonde, i went into kill bill 2 expecting a similar, sinister sort of a role. All i got in return was this chubby, Johnny Cash fan who took crap from his boss.

Yeah, well he could have started an argument, but you know that would have been pointless, it would just drag the movie.

Or he could have threatened him or even attempt to kill him and get his brain blown out. And you know that would have been silly.

But thats just my opinion.

Darth Vicious
His boss wouldnt have done s**t, first off Budd was fresh, he had just arrived at the bar and his boss was already too high to even aim right the shotgun plus no matter how much of a loser Budd became he mustve had all the reflexes and skill of a hitman specially one of the deadly Vipers, he punked out nd everyone knows it!

You dont have to be a surgeon with a shotgun at that range.

And I dont think his reflexes are what they used to be, considering he's been out of it for (possibly) years.

I might be wrong, he could be practising his reflexes every day.
But it doesn't really look like it.

Anyway, Budd was perfect imo.

Darth Vicious
I think his reflexes and instincts were still sharp otherwise he wouldnt have gotten the bride specially since she made no sound at all, he just got too soft!

His instincts were intact, you see him turn off his lighter, as if he had just senced something. And he later became even more suspicious when the dogs (wolves?) started barking.

And he knew she was coming cause Bill told him, so he wipped out his shotgun and waited.
It aint very hard to hit someone from point blank (especcialy with rock salt).

But there is no indication that sais he's still one of the best assasins in the world.

you think that's bad?

Imagine if she just went into the trailer and killed him without a fight. Atleast Budd nailed her with the rock salt. And did you see him pointing that mace at her!!!!

he's a sick f*ck....he just wasn't in shape.

Was I the only one that totally knew that Budd actually kept the Hanzo sword?

I didnt know

How did you know?

funny feeling....you just don't give up a sword like that.

especially for a mere $200 dollars. I'm surprised Bill didn't call his bluff.

Yeah, that was indeed a bit odd

Cause he did know it was worth at least a million, he wanted to piss his brother off by telling him he sold it for like less then nothing, while it probably cost Bill a fortune to have it made

But at the moment watching the movie I didnt really think about it

I dunno if Hatori Hanzo is particularly swayed by vast amounts of money. I mean...the guy has enough swords in his attic to make him rich enough to own his own country....

yet all he owns is a sushi restaurant? I'm sure those swords were created as some sort of gift or something. I wish they would have made that part of the movie a little clearer.

Why did Hanzo make the sword for Beatrix? He said she owed him it...but why? what was said or what deal was made?

Guess: Hanzo made Bill a sword. Bill became a murdering bastard, Hanzo didnt agree. So he sympethises with the Bride's aim to kill him, also because Bill was a student of Hanzo's and he's using Hanzo's training to murder other people.

As he's Hanzo's ex-student, he ows the Bride at least the chance to get even. So he gives her a sword.

Just speculating.

EDIT: And yeah, it was probably a gift to Bill, as he was one of his students.

But still its worth a million, and selling it for 250 hurts (to both actually).

imagine how bad ass those sushi knives were.

I'm sure he wasn't using the Ginsew knives for cooking...

"I can tell you, without ego, that this is my finest knife"

*cuts huge pile of sushi with one slash*

do you think budd would see the worth in wasting his boss and the stripper in his office? think of all the unnecissart complications that would crop up from it. like budd could be bothered with that shit

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