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Alias Neo
In the Beginning-

The Year is 2005, Britain is on high alert after a major bomb attack in Los Angeles in the last few months of 2004. The British Government, promising that security measures would be improved in the country, to stop these things happening . But the there was a gap in the security. March 23rd. Plymouth Town Center was completely destroyed in an attack. Many people became angered by the fact that the government were meant to be stopping these kind of things form happening. The Government, once again promised that this kind of thing would never happen again. But still another attack, a small nuclear device stolen from Manston Airfield. On the 17th May England had suffered it's first nuclear attack. The small City of Canterbury in Kent was destroyed along with towns all round suffering fallout. Thousands of people took to the streets in London, protesting against Parliament. It only took 5 people who were standing in the crowds, they fired weapons into the air. The crowds become angry and violent. Riot Police were the victims. People were being killed in the streets and left their as the crowds kept rioting. The police had no choice, special armed units arrived. They fired. Hundreds died, innocent people, children, all because of five people. But they had started much more than a riot. People all across the country joined together against Parliament. They called them selves the resistance.

A new civil war had started in Britain.

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Alias Neo
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Alias Neo
Chain Reaction-

"why are u taking it out on the government? why not the people who did these things?" asked the prime minster as he stood in front
"you were meant to stop these things!"
"We want a new government!"
"u shouldn't have send troops into Iraq!"
these were just a few of the comments that were being shouted by the protesters.
This is only 3 days after the riot in London, things are all ready starting to spiral way out of control. reports of more protests were coming from all over the country.
the silenced sniper rifle fired a single bullet, which shot from the end of the barrel and to-wards the head of the prime minster. It missed by a few millimeters. The PM dropped to the floor and look up at the 2 men dressed in black making their escape across the rooftops. Police burst out of all the doors most of them rushed into the crowds and starting throwing people to the ground and hand cuffing them. the rest of the police officers jumped into cars and followed the two assassins.
"Keep going, don't stop!"the second assassin shouted.
the rooftops stopped. they could only go back.
a helicopter flew into view.
"assassins! you have no where to go, drop your weapons and lay face-down on the floor"
the two assassins just stood there.
the pilot warned them again. but still they did nothing.
the side door open and a police officer lent out he grabbed a MP5-K and fired , the first assassin fell to the floor, he turned to look at the second assassin, but he had already drawn two pistols.
The police officer fell from the helicopter.
two nylon ropes dropped from the side of the helicopter.
the assassin grabbed the MP5-K.
four armed officers slid down the ropes . bullets flew in all directions as the assassin fought the officers. the assassin stopped firing, and dropped to the floor as a bullet flew through his chest.
"this is officer 2, suspect is down, repeat, suspect is down"

hitmen, assassins, weapons dealers and mercenaries, started to come into england from all over the world. The resistance had hired them to train, equip and ready the resistance gangs. the British army and police were unprepared for this chain of events. the resistance and changed, it was no longer and a few gangs, it was now an army.

Stealth Agent
i liked it at first but if your gonna write s tory you shouldnt write 'U' write 'You' Alotta spelling errors. Also at the end of the second story you need to put more feeling into it. its like boring

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