Has anyone seen Cable guy?

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Did anyone see Cable Guy, with Jim Carrey?
I saw it on tv like a week ago, and it was pretty weird and little depressing (also funny in some scenes). If u did see it, what do u think?

I saw it. Matthew Broderick is a pimp.yes

Red Superfly
I love this movie too, so under-rated.

It bombed in the theatres, but I think if it got released TODAY it would do better.

I think it was a little too ahead of it's time.

It didn't bomb. Marginally it did exceptionally well. It cost 47 million to make and grossed over 100 million worldwide. It was a hit.

I really like The Cable Guy, I didnt even know about until about a year ago.

lil bitchiness
I saw this move, and it wasnt anything special...not or me anyway.

To me, it redeemed Jim Carrey, who, after two "Ace Ventura" movies, "The Mask" and "Dumb and Dumber", had dug himself so deep into the one-track pony pit, I didn't even see it in the theater. A few months later, though, I rented it out of boredom and was pleasantly surprised.

Broderick's part would have likely been played by director Ben Stiller if the movie had been made 3 or 4 years later, seeing as how they both have that "persecuted nebbish" schtick down pat. But I still consider it a well-made comedy (if somewhat sappy at the end).

Red Superfly
That's the EXACT same thing I was saying to my bro last night - it's almost as if Matthew Broderick was playing Ben Stiller.

And, I just assumed it didn't do that well.

I was watching Jonathan Ross when he interviewed Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson around the time Starsky and Hutch came out and he said something like "I actually loved The Cable Guy, I thought it was amazing - it didn't do that great though did it?" and Ben Stiller agreed.

I thought cable guy was funny.. I saw it a while ago.. dont really remember much of it now

I liked it. Very underrated but in years to come it may be revered to as Jim Carreys most interesting film.

It grossed $60 million domestically

$102 million world wide

$19 million opening weekend

$47 million budget

I hate this movie, its a bad Jim Carrey film.

Mr Zero
Or - in other words "Its one of only two Jim Carrey movies that are worth watching"

I saw it in the cinema when it came out and when he covered "somebody to love" was the ONLY person laughing - which was pretty embarrassing because I was pissing myself.

I remember liking this movie when I last saw it (about 2 years ago). Not his best film, but possibly the most unique comedy he's made.

Dumb and Dumber is his best movie to date.

that means it made only 55 million dollar...that is a bomb for a jim carey movie...espicially at that time when he made like 4 movies in row that made over a 100 million in the US alone....i loved the movie though...i almost pissed my pants when he dunked the ball on jack black

Originally posted by SlipknoT
Dumb and Dumber is his best movie to date.

amen , in this movie he comes off as really really gay.

DeVi| D0do
Dumb & Dumber is great. And I love Ace Ventura too...

I've never understood why this film is bashed as much as it sometimes is. There's nothing wrong with it. Not Carrey's best, but definitely watchable.

I enjoyed this enough. Sure, there are better movies he's made but this is a decent one as well.

i love that movie i think its one of jim carries best hes my fave actor

Originally posted by DanieLs_4_Ever
I hate this movie, its a bad Jim Carrey film.

Yeah, but then again your opinion blows... wink



but I liked this film alot, the best scene is the "medeivel times" scene. OMG i laughed for a long time.

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