Wes Anderson

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Mr Zero
The world - and thus by proxy this forum - is divided into two camps: Those who appreciate the work of Wes Anderson and people who can't even wipe there asses properly.

Which is to say that the preview for The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is online and - hey guess what - it looks like gold.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - linky

I agree, I loved all of his films. I can't wait for his new one.

"Bottle Rocket" was a little hokey, haven't seen either of his other 2 movies.

Mr Zero
True. But after than - oh yeah...

Dude you have to do a little renting - WA is doing fine work: i think you'd like it.

I've wanted to rent "Rushmore", but I'd have to conquer my disgust for Murray.

Mr Zero

Groundhog Day?
Where the Buffalo Roam ?
Ed Wood?
Mad Dog and Glory?

Not even counting The Royal Tenenbaums* and Lost in Translation... hes one of the USA's fine old tradition of character/comedy actors, why the disgust?


"Osmosis Jones", "Garfield", coupled with his "indirect" pretentious whining about his Oscar snub, for "Lost in Translation".

..and I don't think he's been funny since, oh, say, "Kingpin".

Mr Zero
Hey - Osmosis Jones is ok... well the animated segments are... Yeah I know the Bill M can be a little up his own ass - but for me - personally - being as how I spend a great deal of my time up my own ass, i dont mind that so much.

scott hiwersh
Just bumping to say there are some pretty cool images and clips on Yahoo movies... I think this looks pretty good, and Murray is great, period.


I think that link should work...

Bah. Murray is washed up, and the trailer I saw looked Kaufman-esque.

scott hiwersh
Well, I guess I just like Anderson, so I am looking forward to it. Did you not like Lost in Translation? I think Murray still has it in him. Regardless though, Willam Defoe or however he spells it looks hilarious in this one..

Ou Be Low hoo
Wes Anderson is currently making the best, most original movies in Hollywood.

Bottle Rocket - good.
Rushmore - Excellent.
The Royal Tenebaums - Excellent.

I can only hope 'The Life Aquatic' continues this trend.

"Royal Tenenbaums" was style over substance, IMO. I grew really tired of the self loathing after, oh, say, 30 minutes?

Ou Be Low hoo
Ahhh...but did you not appreciate the irony of the self-loathing? For me, the fact that the narcissim was ironic made it charming and ultimately lovable.

It took you 30?
After 15 I was seriously contemplating walking out of the theater.

My 3 worst movies ever:

2)The Royal T.....s

laughing Blankman was so dumb.

Ou Be Low hoo
In reference to numbers 2 and 3...there's no accounting for taste.

Irony is only effective when it's ironic, if you catch my meaning. When it's *shared*, it loses its appeal. yes

I appreciate the cinematography and approach, but I was literally saddened by the Tenenbaums. "Bottle Rocket" was quirky fun, and I was going to rent "Rushmore", but keep forgetting.

Clearly on your part.

Ou Be Low hoo
Agreed...My taste is quite delicious, even if I do say so myself.

Ou Be Low hoo
I guess that one man's fish and chips is another man's tooth and boot. I love everything about 'The Royal Tenenbaums'...I just thought it was charming, funny, irreverent, sweet and beautifully made.

As your doctor, I recommend you go and rent 'Rushmore'. NOW!

Originally posted by Ou Be Low hoo
'The Royal Tenenbaums'...I just thought it was charming, funny, irreverent, sweet and beautifully made.

Well said...I loved The Royal Tenenbaums for many reasons too. Other people I've spoken to found it dark and sad, but I thought those qualities only worked towards it's humor
Great film

Ya Krunk'd Floo
Man-o-man-o-man, I've yet to see a Wes Anderson movie that hasn't made me say: "Suck my balls! That's a great movie!". Rushmore is one of my all-time favorites, The Royal Tenenbaums is close to perfect and I have recently gained an even greater appreciation of Bottle Rocket. Also, The Life Aquatic is just beautiful.

However, I'm a little worried about his next movie. It's an animated adaptation of Roald Dahl's 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox'. It's a great book, but I'm not too hot on the animation idea. Anyway, I hope it succeeds.

I'm with the lovers, I adore his films, Rushmore is my favourite, and Life Aquatic is just stunning.

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