If you could Make a book into a movie, which one would it be?

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I was just wondering if you could make any book that you have read into a movie which one would you chose?
Here are mine.. Dragonlance, dark angle, the phatom tollbooth

alien Probably the Wheel of time series because it has a great story line great characters that you want to want to love or hate, and if they did make a movie of it then i hope Peter jackson does them because he did the lord of the rings movies pretty well.

Peter Jackson is just great... I would want him to do dragonlance
I just thought of another book that would be cool as a movie... the last hero by Terry Pratchett
I have not read the wheel of time series yet, but I have know some people that did read it.. Have you read all of the wheel of time series?

Primitive Screwhead #1
Weaveworld by Clive Barker

Midnight Predaotr

Hm...ender's game, it's a good one. Also the tomb by f paul wilson, but i just noticed they are already making one, so lol.

what's The Tomb about?

Survivor - Chuck Palanhiuk

Mr Zero
phantom tollbooth movie

And a jolly fine little movie it is. (Great book also.)

Wow! I did not even know that. Guess I will have to see it.

Mr Zero
it goes from film to animation and back... it's very charming.

i would say the Pendragon Series by D.J.MacHale although those books are getting popular so maybe there will be movies in the fiture about them

Enders Game smile

Agreed, hotsauce, Pendragon series, but it would PROBABLY take longer to make than the harry potter movies because one, it's long, and 2, the flumes and as in Veelox and book 4, the lifelight. But if they're gonna make the pendragon movies, I want the full thing down to the last comma, not like the hp things where they skip everything.

Mexican soil

By the cohn brothers

Merry Lover
Either Winter of Fire or Secret Sacrament, both by Sherry Jordan.

Chuck Palanhiuk- for the person who mentioned this author, a few of his books are getting made into film, I know Choke is, and I'm pretty sure Lullaby is too.

As for a book, I want to see Bitten by Kelley Armstrong made into a film.

Oh ahh, but it is. smile it was said that Angelina Jolie was going to take the role, but its just disappeared.

big gay kirk
V for Vendetta, but only if its done properly, not turned into some Hollywood mess... also Watchmen, under the same proviso.... How about the Earthsea books...? Or the three witches books of Terry Pratchett.....

I love Terry Pratchett, and earthsea I heard was good. Earthsea is on my reading list.

I have never read one of Pratchetts books, I keep meaning to but never get around to it.

Well for starting out with Terry Pratchett, I would suggest The Last hero.. its good to start out with..

I would have to say the Golden Compass series, it is much better than harry potter , although it is not in quite the same mold, but luckily it sounds as if they are making it into a movie.

I have not read the Golden compass.. but i did read about it.. It sounds interesting, its amoung many of my books to read

Yeah, I would suggest reading that series, especially if you are into the fantasy genre of books.

Sci-fi is doing a miniseries in December based on these books. I posted something recently about it. the trailer's on sci-fi's website and it looks pretty cool. I'm kinda surprised a movie/tv miniseries has never been done before. Anyway, this looks to be pretty cool...

Well you should .. they are very fun to read

i would like to make a movie out of that book X-men mutant empire. or star wars rogue squadron or X-men emipres end.

X-men mutant empire sounds interesting smile

it is intresting i got that book like 8 years ago. and i finished the book this year. and when i went to my book store they laughed at my face when i asked to know when they would be getting mutant empire book 2 sanctuary.

I love x-men in general though

i wanna get this book x-men chaos triligoy but i can only find the last one. and in my dreams i finally found the first book but then i woke up.

Mr Zero
I'm opposed to books being turned into movies in principal - howeva...

The Golden Compass (as you americans insist of calling the first book in the Dark Materials saga...) or Northern Lights to give it it's correct title - made a very fine play so It might just work as a movie, but lets face it I doubt that the USA is ready to send it's children to a movie franchise that advocates underage teenage sex and the murder of God. Pullmans other books - the Sally Lockheart series - would make fine period/detective drama.

Did someone say that sci-fi was turning V for vendetta into a movie? Please provide proof!!! Of all Moores work this is perhaps the one that would actually work best as TV/movie drama as it has a clear mostly linear narrative and is largely character based. I'd like to see it done well, but dread to think what a mess it would be done poorly. ("Whadaya mean we dont get to see the heros face? Whadaya mean he's not a HERO?) It could get very bad.

Only the first, Northern Lights, was any good.

Mr Zero
Oh how very wrong.

Well where was the merit in the Amber Spyglass, as a conclusion he gave us Puppy Love! sick ranting

Mr Zero
A fitting (and very brave as an author ) example of young passion, and lets not forget the Murder of God...

The 1st book is the strongest, but I'd never agree that its the only good one!

Anyway - waaaay off topic!

Not sure about 'brave' really; it's not as if the church would try to kill him for it, in fact they were no more vitriolic than Gene Siskel would be as a matter of course. Salman Rushdie certainly was brave though!

Well I would read them anyways.. just so I found out for myself which one I like smile

I think america would accept them as movies, I mean there's been movies about little kids possesed by the devil and was very popular, so I don't think that's a problem. I don't think they would make the movie for a younger age group, most likely 13 and up. So why did they change the title for the U.S., I've only heard the series called the dark materials, and the book called the Golden Compass, never the Northern Lights.

any terry pratchett book... preferably 'the last hero'

... just need an actor to play Rincewind... no one's good enough schmoll

Mr Zero
Big difference between an adult film about possession and an all-ages film about killing God: But nevermind.

The books working title was "The Golden Compass Says..." When the american publishers decided to go ahead they didnt like the fact that Pullman had decided to call the first volume "The Norther Lights" (figuring no dout that most americans wouldnt know what the northern lights were) and simply named it what they liked - also printing it without Pullmans own illustrations.

Mr Zero
you and your crazy Terry Crapshit obsession...

You dont like Terry Prachett?

Mr Zero
He has a wild imagination - but he's just not funny and his writing style is clumsy and amateurish - so... no.

You are the first person I have heard say that Terry Prachett is not funny, and clumsy

Mr Zero
Im unique on so many levels.

Thats a good thing

Are you serious they changed the name because they didn't think Americans would know what the Northern Lights are? I really doubt that. People are very dumb yes, but I think the majority of people know what they are.

I'd say noughts and crosses by malorie blackman

A good movie of Fahrenheit 451

Mr Zero
ya never know -


Mr Parker
Red Storm Rising and The Cardinal in the kremlin by Tom Clancy.Its a tragedy they have not made movies out of those books yet. mad Especially Red Storm Rising which would be good for a tv mini series. mad

I would probably have to say the Sword of Shannara. It is similar to Lord of the Rings, but I would like to see it on the big screen.

I have heard of it.... its on my big list of books to read also..lol
Who knows when I will get to read it because I have lots of other books on my list before it, and also whenever I get the time

That's good their making a movie of Fahrenheit 451. The dog chase scene is made for the movies. I hope they don't screw it up.

There are so many Sci-Fi books they can make into movies. A good version of Dune has not come out. Neuromancer would probably make a good movie.

Their are so many good ideas in many books.. but if they made them right is the real worry

I'd like to make Peter Jackson make a movie of the book Mahabharata, cause it's my favourite and he's the one who could do it.

Peter Jackson can do anything right.... he is the man

The Abhorsen series.........and the Sevenwaters Trilogy...........and Spirit Fox!

Spirite fox ..does the animal of a fox in it? and if so what part does it have in the book?

BOPRecruit 16
re-make: the dead zone, the outsiders. and make movies of the other vampire chronicles books.

So your into vampire books??? are you into vampire movies as well?

I never was into vampire books because i did not think anyone did them well.

i would make pendragon

I would be very interested in seeing China Mieville's books (mainly the Scar and P. Street Station) made into movies, they would be quite amazing, in a possibly horrible way.......

Uh.....any book.....
The Odyssey

The last siege of Byzantium. (Not actually a book, but it would be cool.)

It is not a book, then what is it?

Mr Parker
Then some movie company needs to get him on the phone and do Tom Clancys Red Storm Rising and make a tv mini series out of it damnit!!! mad Im sure your right,that he could pull it off as well.

I think he researches his stuff more, and works harder. I really want him to do dragonlance.

I think they should make

Invisible Monster (anyone else read that)
it is by Chuch Palenchuck (sp?)

he is the author of Fight Club -- and some other really great books

Jackie Malfoy
The best books to be made into a movie would be "This Present Darkness" and "1984!"
and lets see there is another one that would be good.Oh that is right how about "The Child called it" and that is about it for now.So far the books that I liked that was turn into a movie really stinks.So I am hoping that they wil do a better job with these books!JM Happy Dance

Sense its from the same author of fight club, does it have a lot of violence in it?

I've always wanted to see VC Andrew's "Heaven" series done. Maybe not the last book with Heaven's daughter, but the others.

Have not heard of it.

If at all possibel, it would be cool to see an awesome interpretation of Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. The book was amazing and it would be interesting to see how Hollywood could put it on the silver screen.

Is that a horror type of book?

Dragonlance, the Dragons of Winter Twilight (or whatever it is) series would be suitably epic.

Though it would be nearly impossible to pull it off without making it lame arsed and cheesey

Mr Parker
actually there has been a 1984 movie made.You didnt know that?

I just love Dragonlance books love, but my favorite are Legends trilogy and chronicles. Any of the dragonlance books would be hard to pull off.

1. A Little Princess:All of the current adaptions are nothing like the book. I want one that is faithful.

2. The Hobbit: One of my favorite books

3. The Phantom Tollbooth

4. The Cobra Trilogy by Timothy Zhan

5. the God Emperor of Dune:The fourth book of the series, the only one besides the first that I like

6. Timothy Zhan's Star Wars books: Never going to happen, but would be awesome

7. The Cheney Duvall series by Gilbert Morris

8. The Russians. Not sure of the author, but it is historical fiction.

9. The Foundation books by Asimov

The sandman series

you mean the comic book sandman?

'The wooden sea' by Jonathan Carroll

Sorry never heard of it. sad


i dont see how they could do justice to it on screen though.

Then read it! Great book by one of my favourite writers happy

I'll add it to my list. My list is very long though.

The Hardy Boys Series
Phantom Of The Operah

Not The Wheel of Time, I thought that series sucked, Jordan had great ideas but they went nowhere.
I would like to see The Sword of Truth by Goodkind as a movie, his first three books of the series blew me away, but from the fourth they started sucking as well. I doubt it will make a good movie though, they will probably screw it up (unless I got to direct it LOL).
Any Terry Pratchett, but they should do it as animation, preferably Pixar, not Disney (too many flippin songs).
David Gemmel: Either Waylander or Druss the Legend, preferably by the guy that did Gladiator (and please don't make it an all ages).
The Dark Tower, by the King of fiction.
Although most of these books would probably lose by being made into movies, they are perfectly fine the way they are.

guitar girl.i would LOVEEE to play Molly.

Sword of truth would probably be good, and so would anything by Terry pratchett. Good thinking smile

Actually they've made Pratchett's Music with Rocks in into a movie (I can't remember the title). It's a movie in two parts and it's animation. I thought it was okay, but not great. It really lost something.

I think Pixar might have done a better job.

Pixar is kicking butt lately.

Stealth Agent
Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers


House of the Scorpion by dont recall the author

Stealth Agent
just remembered House of scorpion by Nancy Farmer

Stealth Agent
oh yes one more book i'd like to make into a movie. Harry Potter oh wait they already F*ucked that franchise up mad mad sad sad sad doctor

Reborn Again
It's already a movie, and has been several times... it was a silent film first.

Ender's Game

Sleeping dragon would be fun to do.

Lord Soth
The entire DragonLance Saga....rather impossible to achieve in one lifetime, but still

I agree smile

If anyone has ever read Peter F Hamiltons The Nights Dawn Trilogy, it would make a GREAT series of films - think LOTR in outer space.
with possessed humans
and aliens
and talking spaceships
ok nothing like LOTR but GRAND in scale - Anyone wanna gimme money to make a series?

Hmmm second thought one of my fave books of all time
NEROMANCER!!!!! by William GIbson
Anyone who has read this should agree - unfortunately the Matrix got there first, and all the plebs who HAVENT read the book are going to go *squeky whiny voice* " but its ripping off the matrix, it even has a perceptual reality called the matrix u cant do that whinge...."*SLAP!*

The matrix stole from the book fools! This is THE computer age bible, read it now smile

The Red Storm Rising was a great book, but perhaps it's too hard to make a movie of it?

The Secret History by Donna Tartt would make a good movie. I'll be they'll make one eventually.

I think the Wheel of Time sreies could be very nice if they managed to work it properly.

I am afraid WoT would be too difficult to make into a movie. But they have started making it already anyway, so we just have to wait for the end result.

yay wheel of time also Raiders Tide/ North Side of the Tree and Sabriel/ Lirael

the daughters of the moon series by lynne ewing...action packed books with sexy goddesses, and i could easily portray any of them...hehe, lol

much luv,

alien They are making a movie of Dan Brown's the Da vinci code with Tom hanks playing Robert Langdon.

Moon Riders and The Vouage of the Snake Lady

*sniffs* I still need to read it.

Right now I would love to make the Sleeping dragon into a movie, it would probably be hard to do.

Cirque Du Freak

Elanna Riddle
I would like Deltora Quest, by Emily Rodda to become a movie.
since 3 of the books equal one Harry POtter book i reckon it can be done.
Plus its a really good read, i recomend anyone who hasn't read it to read Deltora Quest

I think the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Oh wait its going to be alread
I am so happy.

How did i know you were going to say that laughing out loud


I have seen you post in some of the same threads as me. Also your sig gives it away to

It does? Oh indeed, yes Its true though. All Adams books should be movies. And Asimovs Robot Books should, and Clarkes.

Eh. Argh...

The Shannara books! YES! I envisioned how I would make the movies while I read the books.

I've heard of it, but never read it. sad

The Sevenwaters Trilogy

The title sounds good smile

it is very good, the three books are: The Daughter of the Forest, Son of the Shadows and Child of Prophecy, they are set in ancient Ireland, So good,

I would like to see a movie based on Catcher In The Rye

Oh and I would also like to see The Vampire Lestat as a movie also

they'd have much trouble making a movie out of pratchett. It's got too much.. i dunno..

it's a book. Even the cartoon was only half of what discworld is. You read Pratcehtt because his writing style is amazing laughing out loud

But if i reccommend maskerade or men at arms

Pratchett movies would be very hard, not sure anyone can pull it off.

not ure taht woild be posible stick out tongue

one thing i know, NONE of teh existing popular actors could play in it big grin

You have a point there. I can't think of any actors that seem like they could play any of the parts.

can you even imagine orlando bloom as rincewind?


laughing out loud How about jim carrey playing in it.

i like jim carrey...

but hell no!

hulk hogan as carrot? stick out tongue
and who would play death??

I agree with you, but I just could see him in a prachett movie

isn't he a bit...

no, wait. he's the rigth age. and he's a good actor.

but nah... jim carrey? naaaaahhh...

lemme think confused

He is weird enough laughing out loud

Now that they've done LOTR, why not the Foundation Trilogy/series? wink

Personally as long as they do fanstasy stuff I will be happy laughing out loud

yup same here, fantasy or historical stuff like Sevenwaters or The Other Boleyn Girl or Raiders Tide

Have you read the sleeping dragon, its a trilogy. I just finished it today.

no, what's it about and who is it by?

I think the Foundation Trilogy is SF isn't it, but the Catcher in the Rye would be interesting I agree. Actually I could see Nine Stories as a Movie too, that would be weird but cool.

Never heard of it. By the way . . I'm reading The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy right now smile

Transall saga

I know a comic book I would like to make into a movie. It would be hard to do. Which is justice league.

Vaya is so right it would be so awesome, Its not possible though. I think ther3e was one before but to be good it would need so much money.
And how do you like the hitchhikersguide so far?

Heheh Batman anf HHGTTG will be movies so I am satisfied for now.

Good so far. Not that far yet.
Don't have a whole lot of time to read. *sniffs* Reason why is because once I start reading thats all i want to do.

Reading is pretty cool I agree.

It sure is. You can read about almost anywhere, and you can pretend to be there. Most books I read its like you are really there.

MC John 117
I might sound GAY if I say this but....
The first HALO book, "HALO: The Fall of Reach".
The way the author describes the characters.....it adds so much more reality and story to the HALO video game series, and it would probably make a great movie too.

Does not sound gay to me. I'm sure there a lots of games/books that would be good for a movie.