Theme Parks!?

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Which theme parks have you been to? no expression

California: Universal Studios, Disney Land, Nuts Berry Farm.
Florida: Universal Studios, Disney World.
Japan: Tokyo Disney Land.
Hawaii: Hawaiian Water Park

Canobe Lake Park cool

you mean Knotts Berry Farm laughing out loud

laughing out loud sorry, thanks for correcting me. stick out tongue

Well all the ones in cali i've been to big grin but haven't been to any Six Flags ever erm

Even LEGO land? eek!

eek! i forgot that one sad no i haven't been there sad it was made far after my Lego craize days sad

Cool, Six Flags looks awesome.

I just got back from Bush Gardens


California: Six Flags Marine World, Waterworld Concord, Six Flags Magic Mountain, DisneyLand
Flordia: Disney World, and some waterpark
Hawaii: Hawaiian Waters water park

i been to six flag great adventure in new jersey,six flags in mass,lake compunce, and quassy

Six Flags, Bush Gardens, Hershey Park, Dorney Park

hm, ive been to
park astorix in paris (think thats wat its called)
and euro disney eek! also in paris....( i think confused )
an i think thats all!

one in oslo eek!

and a lot in poland, but these are rather poor sad after the wheel (or how it is called, the big thing?) has fall down the clossed the biggest theme park here sad

Uh, I've been to a few, can't remember all their names right now though erm Couple that come to mind: Alton Towers, Camelot and Pleasure Island. All in England yes

all of them being in the uk i have been to
- alton towers ( the fact i live bout 10-15 mins away)
drayton manor
water world ..
blackpool pleasrue beach and
southport thingy i forgotten its name

Moo Cow
you are missing out no expression

Moo Cow
flordia: universal studios, disney world, epcot
texas: astroworld
california: disneyland
georgia: sixflags

Six Flags-Mass
Hershey Park-Pennysylvania

Agent Elrond
Great Escape, Lake George, NY

It's part of the 6 Flag Franchise. It's on 60-80 mins norht of Albany, depending how fast u can drive w/o grtting caught.

Six Flags, D.C.eek!

no expression

Hawiiian water park, Six flags, disneyworld, and Disneyland! Wild wet rides are awesome!rock

Royal Knight
Six Flags Magic Mountain-Valencia, California
Knott's Berry Farm-Buena Park, California
Disneyland-Anaheim, California
Sea World-San Diego, California
Hersheypark-Hershey, Pennsylvania
Disneyworld-Orlando, Florida
Universal Orlando-Orlando, Florida
Castle and Coasters-Phoenix, Arizona

oh and one more
Caliornia: Paramount's Great America

Hmmm...I've only been to Cedar Point. I really wanna go to Disney Land (or World)

Ohio- Kings island, and sea world
Ky- six flags

dream land : in Eygpt....
that was a pretty cool theme park....
haven't been there for a long time now....

Moo Cow
and i frogot to add that i went to hershey park, its the sweetest place on earth happy

I've been to Six Flags. I was wondering wut the buggest drop ever is for a roller coaster? I no Nitro is like 125 or sumthing

I hate theme parks.

hmm...lets see...California Adventure, Cedar Point, Busch Gardens, Arnolds park (i'm prolly the only one whos ever been there stick out tongue) Worlds of Fun (in Kansas City! just last week! smile) and Adventure Land (Iowa! stick out tongue)

i've been to alton towers, one called phantasia in germany, sandspit in prince edward island (canada), crystal palace in moncton (canada)... loudon castle in scotland and a few more...

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